10 Best Electric Massagers In India 2021 – Reviews

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10 Best Electric Massagers In India  2021

Topic: 10 Best Electric Massagers In India  2021 – Reviews

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In your hectic daily work schedules, monthly targets, and deadlines, it is impossible to allocate several hours to take care of those sore joints and the overworked muscles to stay relaxed

A good massage with a personal massager can relieve your stress and release the painful knots by improving blood circulation. Why should you break the bank on spa sessions when it is possible to ease the muscle aches and eliminate stress at the comfort of your home using a handheld body massager? Electric massagers are godsend devices that can help in alleviating tight muscles, joint pain, improve mobility, and promote sleep.

We present to you the list containing the ten best electric massagers, which can make a great addition to healthy living.

10 Best Electric Massagers In India  2021- Use In Home

1. Dr. Trust Physio Electric Full Body Massager


  • Be it a full body massage, burning extra body fat or skin tightening, this electric body massager from the world’s best brand, Dr. Trust can handle it all.
  • This handheld device is based on the Japanese Shiatsu massage technique for relieving body pain, muscle tension, fatigue and stress.
  • It is offered with four twists and replaces massage heads for offering deep tissue massage, remove dead skin through mild scrubbing, scraper effect massage and for removing muscle fatigue.
  • The massager powered by a copper motor comes with a protective mesh cover to prevent hair and skin damage during a massage session. The sturdy body has a grip handle and an ergonomic design to reach all the areas of your body easily.
  • Item Weight – 1 kg
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH – 20 x 13 x 24 Centimeters
  • Net Quantity – 1 count
  • Included Components – Massager
  • Generic Name – Massager
  • Manufacturer : Nureca Limited

2.  NutriGlow Wine Facial Kit With 5 In 1 Face Massager

The NutriGlow 5-in-1 face massager is offered as a part of the NutriGlow Wine Facial kit that contains a serum, face pack, cleanser, face cream, gel and scrub to make your skin glow.

The facial massager comes with five attachment heads to cleanse the skin, remove makeup, massage facial skin, promote muscle tone, and refine the texture of your skin.

The products in this facial kit contain the goodness of grape extracts, which is the major ingredient of the red wine known for reversing the signs of aging. The 5 in 1 face massager and the red wine facial kit is an excellent choice to reverse the signs of aging. The other key ingredients in this combo pack are red rose extract, patchouli extract, and vetiver grass extract to fight acne, hydrate, rejuvenate, and calm your skin.

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer  – No
  • Product Dimensions – 24 x 20 x 11.5 cm; 1 Grams
  • Date First Available – 21 June 2018
  • Manufacturer – NutriGlow

3.Lifelong LLM27 Powerful Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

The Lifelong body massager is an excellent choice to alleviate pain from body parts like abdomen, legs, hips, shoulder, neck, back, and arms. This versatile massager comes with four attachments. A frosting head to remove callus from the feet, wavy head for increasing blood circulation through deep tissue stimulation, scraping head to remove the dead skin and ball head for massaging specific areas for better relaxation.

This massage device is built with ABS and TPR material to exhibit heat resistant properties, and the copper motor assures unparalleled performance. It has simple button control, mesh cover to protect the skin, long wire and grip handle for added convenience.

  • Colour – Brown
  • Brand – Lifelong
  • Material – Plastic
  • Power source type – Corded Electric

4. HomeFast Handheld Personal Body Massager for Pain Relief 

Don’t be fooled by the toy-like appearance of the Home Fast handheld massager that is shaped like a dolphin in funky and glossy red color. This electric massager comes with a long chord, has infrared light for effective massage, and an open/close button on top to change attachments.

It comes with four different attachments to relieve muscle aches, joint pain, and neck stiffness. The unique design of this personal massager makes it easy to massage any part of the body to get relief from sore muscles and body pain. This product is useful to enjoy magnetic massage therapy as well as hammering massage therapy.

  • Colour – Cherry
  • Brand – HealthSense
  • Material – Plastic
  • Power source type – Battery powered, USB Cable

5.  Unique Rechargeable Cordless Personal Body Massager

The Unique body massaging device flaunts a cordless design to make it a convenient choice to carry it wherever you go. It is crafted out of odorless, phthalate-free, and toxic-free silicon material of medical-grade to stay soft on your skin. This massager comes with a flexible massage head with 360-degree rotation to massage those hard to reach body parts.

The water-resistant body makes it easy to maintain and can be used while taking a bath too. The honeycomb design on the body provides a good grip to hold, and it has 20 vibration settings and eight-speed levels. Charging is easy with the USB port at the end that lets you connect with your laptop and other mobile devices.

  • Colour – Black
  • Brand – GOLDCHIP
  • Power source type – Battery Powered

6. Weltime Full Body Massager

A stylish body massager from Weltime and made from ABS natural plastic. This massager is perfect for a powerful body massage to give you utmost relaxation and much needed comfort after a long tiring day. The massager includes 4 replaceable heads or attachments known as Sand head, Wesh head, Wave head and Roller head.

Weltime massager is all in one superb machine for your slimming, toning and relaxing needs. This machine has been designed to give you best experience, relax muscles, ease back and neck pain and improve blood circulation as well.  You can use this massager on your calves, leg, buttocks, abdomen, upper back or arms.  The special oscillating feature present in the massager penetrates deeply into the inner layers of your skin and helps to breakdown unwanted fat and burn calories. Speeds can be adjusted as per comfort and experience level in a range of 2200-2500 RPM.

  • Colour – Blue
  • Brand – Weltime
  • Material – Plastic
  • Power source type – Corded Electric

7. Dealsure Complete Body Magic Massager

Dealsure Magic Massager is Bestseller in Best Body Massager machines. This impressive body massager comes with a very smart ergonomic design ensuring a firm and strong grip on the machine. Along with the device, you get 7 interchangeable massager heads and all of these heads have been designed to energize different pressure points on your body. As far as body parts are concerned, you can use Dealsure Magic Massager to treat all body parts such as waist, neck, shoulder, arm, hips, thighs, lower abdomen, etc.

You can consistently use this massager to reduce fat from belly, waist, thighs etc. All attachments are detachable and speed can be changed or modified depending on how much one head comforts you. These attachments when in use will provide a soothing sensation all over the body and relax the stiff body parts. Doing this will also result in enhanced blood circulation throughout the body and better metabolism. The feature that stands out in Dealsure Magic Massager is it works on the principles of reflexology therapy, whereby adequate physical force is applied at certain points on the body that brings relief to the user. The massager focuses on specific nerve ends which are revived by a combination of motion and pressure.

This is how the acupressure massager works by stimulating and tapping acupuncture points on the body, specially in the pain. The only drawback is this product does not come with a warranty as of now, but that does not overshadow all the amazing features this massager offers and that’s why we have added Dealsure Magic Massager in our directory of Best Body Massager Machine in India.

  • Brand – Right Choice
  • Material – Nylon, Plastic
  • Power source type – Corded Electric

8. Hesley Electric Full Body Massager

Last product in our list of Best Body Massager Machine in India is Hesley, a popular German brand that sells equipments in Health & Personal Care department. This massager has all the capabilities to give you a stunning professional massage experience in a very reasonable and affordable price. To start with, Hesley offers a full body massager in a silver colour which is apt for easing sore muscles and weight loss as well. With this massager, you can take care of your back, neck, shoulders, legs, arms, feet etc and stimulate blood circulation throughout the body.

Massager comes with 4 heads:

  • Wave head – Get rid of muscle fatigue with a softer feeling
  • Rolling head – Perfect for deep tissue massage to calm your body
  • Scrapping head – Massages the body with a scraper effect
  • Dead skin removal head – Removes dead skin with gentle cleansing

In order to ensure, your body hair does not get entangled with the massager head, there is a soft protective mesh cover. Speed of the vibrations can be increased or reduced using the regulator. As far as build quality is concerned, silver massager looks to be a very strong class device and has a very powerful copper motor.  The length of the cord is 1.6 metres which is ideal for a comfortable massage session while you plug this device.

Handle’s grip is ergonomic which ensures you can hold the massager without any discomfort. If you run into manufacturing problems which is quite difficult considering the German technology, you can avail 1 year warranty that you get with the massager.  This massager has also the top features of a handheld full body massager and the reassurance of exceptional German engineering which makes this the Best Body Massager Machine in India.

  • Colour – Silver Slimming
  • Brand – Hesley
  • Material – Metal
  • Power source type – Corded Electric

9. HealthSense Toner-Pro HM 210 Electric Handheld Manipol Full Body Massager

HealthSense is a Bangalore based popular Indian fitness brand that manufactures products in health and personal care. HealthSense has around 4-5 body massager machines in India, but HM 210 is the one that should catch your attention.

If you are looking for a cordless personal body massager with 8 vibration speeds and 20 massage patterns. A classy 800 grams massager from HealthSense that can help you in relaxing your muscles and focus on excess fat areas to reduce weight and increase your stamina as well. A perfect massager for full body needs like pain in arms, neck & shoulder, calves, thigh, back, feet, waist and stomach.

 You can choose from the 4 replaceable heads as per the body area which needs relaxation.

  • Micro Fiber massage – Ideal for heel cracks and to remove dead skin
  • Flat massage – Perfect for soft areas such as calves, thighs, arms etc and can also be used on abdomen for weight loss
  • Ball massage – Sturdy, helps in improving blood circulation. Can also be used for shoulders, neck pain and combined with essential oil of your choice for deeper absorption and toning of muscles.
  • Wavy massage – Suitable for feet, back massage, ideal to reach deep tissues

The handle of the massager is anti-slippery so you will find it easy to hold the massager for longer periods. As soon as you switch on the massager using the clockwise rotator, you will see 8 Red LED Lights which is also known to increase blood circulations and boost massage effect. With all the 4 heads, you can use the mesh cover to not let your body hair entangle with the massagerHealthSense massager is made of skin friendly ABS plastic and has a strong copper motor along with a wire of 1.6 m which is good enough for a portable and comfortable experience.

You can use the regulator knob to manoeuvre the intensity of vibrations from 1300-2700 RPM. HealthSense has been in fitness industry for sometime and has proved its worth in the Indian market. With a variety of features including innovation and elegant design, 1-year warranty we have added HealthSense Toner Pro HM 210 Electric Handheld Full Body Massager to our list of Best Body Massager Machine in India.

  • Colour – Black
  • Brand – AGARO
  • Material  – Plastic
  • Power source type- Corded Electric

10.  HEMIZA Zamkar Relax Spin and Tone 5 Head Full Body Massage Machine

  • Brand – HEMIZA
  • Material – Plastic
  • Power source type – Corded Electric

The electric massagers that we have put together here are made from high-quality materials and are fitted with copper motor for best performance. Our experts have shortlisted these ten products from renowned brands to provide you the right type of massage. We have considered factors like the number of massage head attachments, speed levels, vibration modes, infrared light, and portability to keep you relaxed and free from pain and stress. Best Body Massager Machine in India .

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