10 Best Exercise Cycles in India 2021

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10 Best Exercise Cycles in India 2021

Topic: 10 Best Exercise Cycles in India 2021

Regular exercise and physical activity play a critical role to get a fit & disease-free body. Exercise equipment like a treadmill or an exercise bike/cycle makes it easy for you to be consistent with your workout regime. And if your goal is mainly to reduce belly fat or shed some body fat, you should look for “best exercise bikes/cycles in India” or “best gym cycle in India”.

An exercise cycle/bike is also known as the stationary bike. Taking your decision to buy an exercise bike is a great start whether you want to reduce body fat, lose weight, get stronger or make fitness a part of your routine. Read more about 10 Best Exercise Cycles in India 2021.


The simple act of riding a stationary bicycle 30 minutes a day, about four to five times per week will help you to actively manage a healthy lifestyle.

If your aim is particularly to reduce belly fat, cycling on a stationary bike is a very effective way. Make sure, you exercise regularly to achieve the goal. Also, don’t forget to add a healthy and well-balanced diet to get results faster. This way, you will burn fat on the stomach for sure!


I have enlisted only those who have a good rating, good customer feedback, and good features. Choose one of them according to your needs.


Manufactured by famous brand Reach, this exercise cycle is a good quality cross-training bike that provides a high-intensity full-body workout. This is the best exercise cycle in India with moving handles.

Yes, you can use stationary handles to do lower body workout and full-body workout is possible by using moving handles. The bike has wide pedals with adjustable straps to ensure your comfort and safety. Because you can easily slide your feet while riding this exercise cycle.

It is featuring dual function arms that let you strengthen your upper body while pedalling. Its belt requires less maintenance and its LCD shows your exercise metrics. The seat is very large and comfortable. you would not feel any muscle aches or stiffness of the back. The best thing is it is very affordable.

Key Features

  • Bike type- air bike
  • Back support-  no
  • User weight-  100 kg
  • Provide a full-body workout with moving handles
  • LCD digital monitor
  • Belt-drive system
  • Pedal with strap
  • Cushioned Adjustable seat
  • Affordable
  • 1-year warranty


Cockatoo CUB-01 is from the brand Cockatoo and made in India. It is one of the best selling upright exercise bikes in India. This simple stationary bike is a wonderful choice for those who wish to do low-impact intense level cardiovascular workouts without putting any tensions on joints.

It is a piece of perfect and affordable equipment for your home gym to burn calories faster. It helps you manage your fitness. A half an hour workout on this magnetic exercise bike can make you lower your blood pressure, control your sugar levels, prevents heart attacks and improves the strength of your joints.

This exercise cycle offers upper body workout which enables you to work on your upper body muscles better. You can get different levels of workout intensity with the 8 level resistance. The height of the seat can also be adjusted.

Key Features

  • Bike type- Magnetic Upright Exercise bike for fitness
  • Back support- no
  • Brake system-  magnetic
  • 8 level magnetic resistance
  • 3 kg flywheel for smoother cycling workouts
  • Max user weight- 100 kg
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • 6″ LCD monitor
  • Easy installation
  • Good service


Kobo Exercise Spin Bike is the product manufactured by Kobo which is a leading fitness brand globally expert in manufacturing exercise cycles and other fitness gears with unique features. This exercise cycle is a good quality exercise spin bike helping you burning extra fat from your body.

The bike is built with a heavy frame and you can move the bike around because it has the wheels on the front stabilizer. Kobo spin bike makes very little noise and gives you a smoother ride experience with 18 kg flywheel. Its multi-level resistance allows you to change the settings and push down the brake to stop the wheels immediately. There are adjustable handlebars, pedals, saddle, and straps.

You can count the heart and pulse rate. The digital LED monitor is awesome with the auto switch-off option that lets you see all the stats like distance, time, speed and calories burned.

Key Features

  • Bike type-  spin bike
  • Back support- no
  • Seat shocker system
  • User weight-  120 kg
  • Transport wheels on the front stabilizer
  • 18 kg flywheel
  • Digital LED monitor
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Easy to assemble
  • Robust design
  • 1 year warranty


Cardio Max JSB Magnetic Upright Bike (HF148) is a multi-purpose bike from JSB Healthcare- a Delhi based brand with over 30 years experience manufacturing in health products for home use. You can use this bike for general exercise, slimming, overall fat reduction, burning belly fat and cardio training. It can support up to 100 kg of weight.

The display features Time, Distance, Speed, Pulse, Calorie, Total Distance Travelled, Scan and a Hand Pulse Sensor. For the various intensity levels of workout, there is a tension controller with sixteen different levels and to provide you with the safety from slipping. Pedals have been designed as non-skid with adjustable foot straps.

The cycle also comes with one year of guaranteed JSB National Warranty.

Key Features


  • Bike type- upright
  • Back support-  yes
  • 4 kg flyweight and 3 cranks for a smooth cycling
  • Portable
  • Good Display
  • Looks great
  • Max user weight capacity: 100 kg
  • 16 level tension controller
  • 8 resistance levels
  • Backrest support and back handle
  • Non-skid foot pedals with adjustable foot straps
  • 1-year Warranty


Fitkit FK717 Steel Airbike is another one of the best exercise cycles in India to lose belly fat and overall weight at home. This good rating bike is from a well-known brand ‘Fitkit’. The exercise bike will help you burn calories in less time because of its multi-level resistance system that provides the workouts with a various intensity suitable for both beginners and advanced users. This spin bike Fitkit FK717 comes with Free Diet Plan and currently can be listed as one of the best spin bikes in India.

It has powerful 14 lbs (around 6 kg) flywheel weight to make it a versatile exercise bike. You can do both cardio and strength training at the same time. It allows you to do upper body exercise and work on abdominal muscles along with your legs at the same time. This spinner exercise bike has 110 kg supported weight and can easily handle the weight of people around 90 kg for intense workouts and 100 kg for mild workouts. It also has an LCD monitor display and the scan mode on the display is works like something that will let you decide whether you want the remaining parameters to appear repeatedly or in some other manner.

For your safety, there is a foot lock feature on the pedals to avoid accidents and injuries.

Key Features

  • Bike type- spin bike, belt-drive mechanism
  • Back support- no
  • Max user weight – 110 kg
  • Affordable
  • 6.35 kg flywheel
  • Adjustable straps
  • Free 3 month personal dietitian (3 Month) and one-time personal trainer plan+ Doctor Consultation.
  • Fit plus App available on both devices, Android & iOS
  • Lock foot pedal
  • Digital screen
  • 6 months warranty


Dolphy Spin Bike is a very good heavy duty exercise bike from the Indian brand Dolphy. It is a very stable and durable exercise cycle that can support weight up to 150 kgs. You can do both cardio and resistance training at the same time. Because there are adjustable handlebars allow you to go up and down and provide versatility in workouts.

There is a 6 kg flywheel for an effective workout. The seat is also adjustable for different height, you can move it as you want. There is also the water bottle holder and phone bucket. For your safety, there is a quick stop braking to avoid accidents and injuries. Overall it’s value for money. Warranty is not given on amazon but you can always call Dolphin Retail contact no for your doubts.

Key Features

  • Bike type- spin bike
  • Back support- no
  • Max user weight – 150 kg
  • 6 kg flywheel weight
  • Adjustable seat (both horizontal & vertical)
  • Belt-drive system makes the ride noise-free
  • Non-slippery pedals
  • Emergency brake for quick stopping for safety
  • Manually increase or decrease cycle resistance
  • Custom adjustable handlebars with built-in tablet holder
  • Transportation wheel


Lifelong LLF45 Fit Pro exercise bike comes from the growing brand Lifelong India which manufactures a variety of electronic gadgets and exercise cycle and other fitness gears. This fitness bike has been manufactured in India. This fitness spin exercise cycle is the best fit to provide you with a cardio workout, weight Loss & strength training and suitable for both home & office use. Its adjustable resistance suits the requirement of every kind of user.

Its 4-way adjustable comfortable seat is ideal for all people having different heights as you can adjust both horizontally and vertically. Yes, it’s suitable for a person up to 5 feet 8 inches. It has an LCD digital monitor and comes with a foam grip handle and heart rate sensor to track your heart rate during intense workouts.

The USP of this fitness bike is that there are a simulation app and a pedometer. This app is very interesting and enables you to engage with others and measure your progress with other people all over the world. It is a very good purchase for cyclists who need training for cycling events, for weight loss at home, and low impact exercise.

Key Features

  • Bike type- spin
  • Back support- no
  • 6 kg flywheel
  • Excellent ratings
  • 4 ways Adjustable seat with horizontal & vertical adjustments
  • User weight- 120 kg
  • Quiet belt-drive system
  • 1-year warranty


Welcare WC1588 is an excellent exercise cycle from Welcare India which is a top brand for exercise cycles and other gym equipment in India. This exercise bike comes with all the necessary features such as adjustable magnetic resistance, easy seat adjustment, and pulse monitor.  Its convenient 5 kg magnetic resistant flywheels work smoothly.

This sturdy and stylish bike with speed tension controller offers easy seat adjustment which fit the needs of the users with various heights. You can also increase and decrease the resistance by twisting the knob if you need to change the pace to reach your fitness goal. And, with priority display, you can control which data you want to watch closely.

Overall, it is one of the best recumbent bikes in India. It is definitely a good purchase that would help you tone your whole body muscles. You can build muscles along with reducing your body fat. It is sold and fulfilled by WELCARE India -a top branded fitness & gym equipment store. You can call them for any further details.

Key Features

  • Bike type- recumbent bike
  • Back support- yes
  • Good rating
  • User weight- 120 kg
  • 10 kg flywheel
  • 8 level magnetic resistance
  • Adjustable handlebar & seat for the workout comfortability
  • Large LCD monitor offering priority display
  • Pulse monitor
  • 1-year Warranty

9.TRENZFIT Stylish Air Bike

Key Features

  • Brand- Generic
  • Color- Black
  • Display Type- LCD
  • Included Components- Cycle Frame , Handle , Front & Back Rod, Meter , Screws, Seat , Handle Grip, Pedals
  • Length- 93 Centimeters
  • Width- 22 Centimeters
  • Height-62 Centimeters
  • Weight- 20 Kilograms
  • Meter- Calories Burned, Time, Distance
  • Manufacturer- TRENZFIT
  • Country of Origin- India

10. LEEWAY Exercise Cycle


LEEWAY Exercise Cycle with Back Support Fix Handle Gym Bike for Weight Loss and Home Use| Cardio Fitness Work Out| Cross Fit Equipment Gym Cycle for Weight Loss Home Stationary Handle

Key Features

  • Batteries Included- No
  • Brand- LEEWAY
  • Color- Green
  • Display Type- LCD
  • Frame Material- Steel
  • Material Type- Alloy Steel
  • Meter- Speed, Time, Distance
  • Power Source- Battery Powered
  • Manufacturer- Leeway
  • Country of Origin- India


Yes, practising a good and planned workout on an exercise cycle can help you to reduce belly fat fast. Conclusion 10 Best Exercise Cycles in India 2021.

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