28 Day Ketogenic Diet Plan Challenge For Beginners 2021

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28 Day Ketogenic Diet Plan Challenge For Beginners 2021

Topic : 28 Day Ketogenic Diet Plan Challenge For Beginners 2021

Want to reduce belly fat efficiently but don’t know the best diet plan. Then definitely check our 28 Day Ketogenic Diet Plan. It is trusted, healthy, and gives positive effects on your body.

Keto diet is a concept of a faster fat-burning process by increasing the ketones in your bloodstream. For two decades the ketogenic diet follows and is one of the most popular weight-reducing diets in the world.

With the help of this diet, you not only burn fat moreover the diet is also very helpful to improve overall health. So if you are interested to know more about the ketogenic diet and also want a 28 days keto diet plan then drop down below. 

Ketogenic Diet Definition

Ketogenic or keto diet meaning is a low carb, a high-fat food menu that involves both internal and external health benefits. Moreover, the keto diet is one of the most popular meal plans specifically in the United States, according to us news and world reports.  

This diet is more commonly followed to burn excess belly fat, besides that it is also very powerful to prevent heart disease.

Scientifically, the keto diet promotes low-carb foods by increasing the consumption of fat. As a result, your body produces efficient fat-burning chemicals in the liver called ketones. Where your internal system takes fat to burn for energy instead of carbohydrates. It is a metabolic process also known as ketosis.

If you want to know, when your body goes from ketosis then follow these steps like use ketosis testing kits, breath analyzer.

Tip: – You need to follow the keto diet for at least 90 days because your body needs to adapt to this new ketones fat-burning process.

28 Day Ketogenic Diet Plan That Is Easy To Follow For Beginners

 Note: –

If you have any serious medical condition then definitely consult with your doctor before following our keto diet menu.

 Below we give a 28-day keto diet meal plan that is divided into 4 weeks. And we also give 3-4 choices for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. So, you picked one item for one time.

 Avoid ketogenic diet If you belong to this category – Diabetes patients, who take insulin / High blood pressure / Pregnant women or breastfeeding / Thyroid issue/liver problem.

 Week 1 Meal

 [ Breakfast ]

       Keto pancakes, prepared with eggs, creamy cheese, lemon, avocado flour mostly. Average homemade Keto pancake calories – 100, fiber – 6g, fat – 17g,

       Keto cheesy ham eggs, simple, easy to make, and healthy meals, just need a bite. 320 is the Average ham eggs cheese sandwich calories.

       Two cheese omelets served with spinach and black pepper toppings.

       One glass of  Keto chocolate smoothie is a fresh, healthy, and body refreshing drink for keto diet people.

[ Lunch ]

       A small bowl of Broccoli salad filled with healthy nutrients, sufficient water, and also very low in carbs

       Creamy bacon sushi that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare.

       Keto Junichi Sushi, a healthy vegetarian meal without rice.

[ Snacks ]

Veggie sandwich of collard green wraps, is a quick-made, low carb food. You can add fish, avocado, chicken, tuna, etc as a filling of this wrap.

[ Dinner ]

       A small bowl of Egg Salad, Quick made dish filled with avocado, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, etc. Average Calories -550 / Fat – 50 grams.

       Corned Beef with tomato, cabbage, carrots, onion, etc to give protein to your muscles.

       A small bowl of beef stew stays in your stomach for a long time to avoid late-night panic.

Week 2 Meal

[ Breakfast ]

       Keto Raspberry smoothie contains lower carbs than other keto drinks. Raspberries, Strawberries, coconut milk, etc are the main ingredients of this keto smoothie. 1 cup of Raspberries contains 80 calories.

       2 bowel eggs, simple but packed with essential protein. 156 calories you get from two eggs.

       A small bowl of egg salad and beacons. For those who want to satisfy their hunger with protein, fat and healthy veggies.

       Baked mushroom and egg cups are healthy, tasty, and effortless breakfast, suitable for all seasons as a keto meal.

[ Lunch ]

       Chicken and rice with Lettuce wrap inspired from an Asian restaurant that takes a few minutes to cook, wrap and eat.

       Tomato cheeseburger, a creamy, delicious, and healthy meal for your keto lunch

       Noodle salad with cucumber or serve the dish with chicken and tofu toppings

[ Snacks ]

A small bowl of nuts and seeds mix like sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, etc to get healthy and plant nutrition.

[ Dinner ]

       3-4 piece of keto crispy chicken for a healthy, delicious night meal

       A small bowl of broccoli, cheese, bacon, and vegetable salad for a satisfying dinner meal. If you’re a vegetarian then use avocado instead of bacon.

       Heart improving cheesy meatballs for a perfect keto dinner meal.

Week 3 Meal 

[ Breakfast ]

       Fruit Muffins are a popular keto meal that is sugar-free, healthy, and low in carbs. You can add any low-carb fruits like strawberry, Cantaloupe, avocado, blueberry, etc because these fruits are low in carb, protein-filled, and contain less natural sugar.

       Eggs, sausage, and avocado stacks, an excellent quick-made keto breakfast before going to the office.

       Bacon and avocado tacos, healthy, nutrient-filled, and simple to cook.

       A small bowl of burrito cauliflower rice. A keto meal that is fully packed with healthy foods like corn, beans, spinach, chicken breast, etc.

[ Lunch ]

       Keto beef ball burger with butter and cheddar, a satisfying heavy meal for your lunch

       Lettuce wraps with shrimp and salad, a healthy, veggie-filled meal to boost your energy.

       A bowl of crispy egg rolls and veggies, another healthy meal, per serving gives 420 calories.

[ Snacks ]

Homemade ferment vegetables like cabbage, cucumber, etc.

[ Dinner ]

       Baked pork chops with rosemary and pepper toppings. A juicy, flavored, healthy meal for your dinner.

       Low carb buttery shrimp for seafood lovers.

Week 4 Meal 

[ Breakfast ]

       2 Eggs with bell peppers, simple but effective ketogenic meal to start a day. Bell peppers filled with 92% water and 1 full egg (poultry) contain 74 calories besides protein, fat, and other nutrients.

       keto Ham and cheese rolls. Healthy, delicious, and low-carb protein meal for your holiday breakfast.

       Keto Bacon and cheese rolls are another ketogenic meal where you use beacons instead of ham. It is a low-carb breakfast and 1 slice of bacon contains 60 calories.

       Two Avocado egg cups, give healthy fat, low calories, and also a very pocket-friendly dish.

[ Lunch ]

       Avocado tacos with shredded grilled Chicken that takes less than 20 minutes to prepare.

       Slice ham Italian sub with pepperoni, salami, red papers, etc.

[ Snacks ]

1 glass coconut yogurt for a healthy digestive system.

[ Dinner ]

       Boiling almonds are a healthy, delicious, and juicy meal that gives 570 calories per serving.

       a small Boiled chicken soup, best for the winter season to keep you warm, energetic, and refreshing.

“ So this is our 28 Day Ketogenic Diet Plan in a 7-day format. So go through our chart to follow the diet easily if you are a beginner or intermediate with this type of diet plan. But honestly, if you know the foods that are allowed and not allowed in keto then it goes easy to plan your own ketogenic diet chart. So below we give the list of keto foods that you can add and foods that you need to avoid. “


Keto Diet Food List That Needs To Add In Your Cart

Meat and eggs category:

  1. Pork
  2. Steak
  3. Poultry Chicken
  4. Bacon – sugar-free
  5. Versatile food eggs

Fruits category:

  1. strawberries
  2. Avocado
  3. Blueberries

Vegetable category:

  • Green beans
  • Broccoli
  • Tomato
  • Lattice
  • Spinach

Healthy oil category:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Olive oil

Cheese and dietary category:

  1. Blue Cheese
  2. Cheddar
  3. feta
  4. creamy cheese
  5. Yogurt
  6. Sour cream

Seeds and nuts category:

  1. Sunflower seeds
  2. Hemp seeds
  3. Chia seeds
  4. Brazil nuts
  5. Almonds
  6. Pumpkin seeds

Keto Diet Food list that you need to avoid

  1. Peas
  2. Bread
  3. Alcohol
  4. Potatoes
  5. Corn
  6. Milk
  7. Sugar item like pastries
  8. Legumes
  9. Soda
  10. Oats
  11. Bananas
  12. Apple etc high carb foods

So these are some foods that you add and cannot add to your keto diet. But the question is, the keto diet really helps you to achieve your goal physiques. Definitely yes, if you have the right process at the right time. So below we give the benefits of the keto diet.

 Keto Diet Benefits

The most common problem with any type of diet plan is hunger, which may cause excess food panic several times. But the keto diet is not the same as others, because it is a low carb high-fat diet and studies show that deduction of carbs in your daily meal help to keep you full for a long time. Which is the same as high fiber foods where your stomach goes full for a period of time. This is just one type of benefit that you exp[ect from the keto diet. Besides that, you also get other health benefits from this popular diet.

The faster fat burning process

As we discussed earlier, when you reduce the consumption of carbs, your body takes fat to burn and produces energy in muscles. It is just because high-fat content helps to throw excess water and insulin level from your body, as a result, you notice faster fat burning within a few weeks. Moreover, ketones acid plays an important role in fat burning. Where your body stores fat for energy and your liver works to burn fat efficiently.

Control cholesterol levels

Our body produces two types of cholesterol, good HDL and bad LDL. but the interesting fact is keto promotes good HDL by reducing a chemical called triglycerides. Which is produced by eating minimum carb content that influences your liver to release the mentioned chemical in a few percent. Although, keto promoted saturated fat also involved raising the level of Bad LDL between some people.

Deduction Of Blood Sugar Level

Although, we mentioned that diabetes patients who take insulin make a distance with this diet. But the fact is these patients get excellent benefits from the keto diet. Because keto doesn’t allow high sugar foods online promotes low carb and high-fat foods which takes responsibility to reduce large blood sugar spikes from your bloodstream. It helps to reduce insulin dose in diabetes patients. But we recommend that you consult with your doctor who knows better about your health condition.

Reduce Blood Pressure

High blood pressure involves heart attack, stroke, and kidney problems, all are more common diseases in this present moment. But if you control food habits, follow a good diet plan, and do regular exercise then you are safe from this type of issue.

For that ketogenic diet is excellent to reduce high blood pressure from your system. Because this diet promotes Good HDL by reducing bad LDL, besides that it is also involved to prevent obesity. As a result, you maintain blood pressure, an excess fat-burning system, and a fit, healthy body.

Improve brain functions

Want to improve your learning and memory-saving capacity, then must follow this low-carb high-fat diet. Because our brain also burns glucose when you limit the consumption of carb. Which helps to reduce  Alzheimer’s disease. Besides that ketogenic diet also promotes energy in our brain cells to improve a part of the brain called the hippocampus. Here every memory and learnings are stored.


FAQS OF 28 Day Ketogenic Diet Plan

How much weight can you lose on keto diet in 1 month?

It depends on your determination, regularity, and habit to follow the keto diet perfectly. But in general, experts say that 4-10 pounds weight you can burn in a month. If you follow the plan for the first 3-4 weeks properly.

How much weight can you lose on the 28 day diet?

A 28 days keto diet is the ideal meal plan for most people. And it’s confirmed that you can lose about 9kg weight by following this time duration plan.

What is a typical daily menu for keto diet?

The Keto diet mainly focused on consuming fat and protein-filled foods by reducing the calorie intake. Basically, average adults require 44 to 77 grams of fat and 56g of protein on a daily basis. But in the keto diet, you need to increase your fat and protein intake by at least 75% fat and 30 gram of protein. Also, avoid high carb, proceed, and unhealthy foods.


So this is all about the 28 Day Ketogenic Diet Plan that promotes only low carb high-fat foods on a daily basis. Keep in mind, if you have any medical issues then make a distance from any type of diet before consulting with a doctor. If you are fit, just want to lose extra belly fat then welcome to our keto diet plan. It’s healthy, beneficial, and increases your fat-burning process efficiently. 

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