3 Important Types of Email Marketing You Could Be Sending 2021

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Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing tool for businesses that combines convenience with technology. Today, I’m going to discuss with you that there are three important types of email marketing that you could be sending,

It provides small business people with the ability to reach more clients, which in turn can result in an increase in sales and generating more leads.

Here are some important types of email marketing

  1. Emailing Newsletters
  2. Transactional Emailing
  3. Behavioral Emailing

Most business owners today use these types of email for marketing to market all kinds of services and goods, from babysitting services to mobile phone services and beyond.

types of email marketing - Types of Email That Will Boost Your Email Marketing

Emailing Newsletters

The email newsletter is a one-off communication that may be used to send promotional messages, significant account information, product updates, and much more. Done well, an email newsletter can help build brand recognition and awareness.

In developing an email newsletter, it is important to think about an Assortment of factors, including:

  • Length of content
  • Type of content
  • Placement of the images and text
  • Design of the content
  • Call to Action button
  • Every audience is unique, therefore it’s very important to experiment with different formats.

Transactional Emailing

Email receipts, statements, billing statements, order confirmations are cases of transactional emails. They are triggered by consumer behavior.

Transactional emails pose a fantastic opportunity to turn a regular email into a path back to your website. Email receipts, as an example, generate high open and click rates.

It is up to you to implement calls to action, branding, and readability.

Behavioral Emailing

Behavioral emails are targeted messages based on a user’s behavior.

Simply put, what behavioral email boils down to is this: personalization. By getting to know your customers and generating buyer personas, you can tailor your emails to be applicable to where customers are in the buying cycle.

Be sure to use these important email marketing strategies in your business…

Here’s a list of 10 types of behavioral emails you can automate:

  • Welcome/Onboarding
  • Browse abandonment
  • Recommendations
  • Product review requests
  • Replenishment/re-orders
  • Password renewal/reminders
  • Free Trial expiry
  • Cross-selling
  • Purchase anniversary renewals
  • Re-engagement

types of email marketing - Email Marketing Success

Email marketing software, like AWeber or GetRespone, enables emails to be activated when a customer clicks a button, then scroll down a page, read a guide, or see a video.

And that is only the start. As you collect more information about a user, the emails can get more and more personalized, significantly increasing the chances that customers will engage with your website and purchase services or products.

For SaaS businesses, behavioral email marketing opens never-before-seen opportunities for upselling and switching prospects and clients.


At the end of the day, your emails should not only be visually interesting, but they need to be more interesting well.

Focus on sharing the important information in the most appropriate format depending on the type of email you’re sending.

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