30 best Decorating Wall clocks for Home decor

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Wall clock is now become a part of home decor and being widely available in different designs and styles to emphasize your home beauty, But Market is full of variety and styles which sometimes overwhelm you and make you confused about it.

That’s why we are here to help you out by making a list of best-decorating wall clock for different home decor styles, but before that, we will help you to find out your home decor style and the best color for your home decor.

Click here for the complete list of 30 decorative wall clock for home decor

How to Find out your home decor style?

There is a lot of home decor styles are there, here are few mentions:

  • Minimalist
  • Traditional
  • Farmhouse
  • Industrial
  • Coastal
  • Mid-Century
  • Glam
  • Zen

These are some home decor styles that are widely used by home decor stylists. Before picking the best wall clock for your home decor you need to Configure your home decor style so, that your selected wall clock does not look forcibly implemented element in your home decor.

Wall hanging clock should blend with your home decor style, rather than just look apart from it. That’s why it become important thing to consider before purchasing anything for your home decor.

There are lot’s of styles of  Wall hanging decorating clocks are available like:

  • Retro Wall clock
  • Vintage wall clock
  • Printed wall clock
  • Contemporary wall clocks
  • Traditional wall clock
  • Wooden wall clock

Now, we can conclude things according to home decor style, if your home interior style is traditional, farmhouse, industrial then you can go with,

  • Vintage clock
  • Traditional clock
  • Retro clock

And if your home interior style is Modern, contemporary, Boho, zen, Mid-century or other then you can consider:

  • Contemporary wall clock
  • Wooden wall clock
  • Printed wall clock and more

Where to hang your wall clock?

You can decide the style of your wall clock according to your home decor, but deciding direction for it is very important from Vastu and psychology. Different direction Symbolize different emotions.

  • North Direction-This is the direction of water, and if you select this direction for your home then your wall clock should be blue or white and must have a circular shape.
  • North-East direciont- It is the direction of bad luck, don’t hang your clock here.
  • East direction- If you go with this direction then your wall clock should be wooden.
  • South direction-THis is the direction of fame, if your hang your wall clock here then it should be triangular or in the shape of sun rays.
  • South-West direction- it is the direction of earth, if you choose this direction for your wall clock along with your family photos then this will strengthen your bonding.
  • West direction- it is the direction of good luck and probably be the best place to hang your wall clock, and your wall clock must be metallic.


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