5 Adventure Sports In World To Try Before You Die

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5 Adventure Sports In World To Try Before You Die

Topic : 5 Adventure Sports In World To Try Before You Die

Adventure sports are also known as extreme sports or action sports. These types of sports attract lacs of adventure enthusiasts who want to experience the adrenaline rush. Adventure sports generally include extreme conditions such as high speed, extreme heights, etc. Read more about 5 Adventure Sports In World To Try Before You Die

People try adventure sports to bring some thrill to their life. Adventurous sports helped people to defeat their fears and be more confident. These adventure sports help in giving an adrenaline rush which results in the release of hormones in our body such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins which in return increases the motivation level of the person.

Adventure sports can be a life-changing experience for some people. Adventure sports can be done on land, in water, and as well as in the sky. An example of adventure sport is bungee jumping, surfing, snowboarding, deep-sea diving, etc. In this short article, we have featured some of the most adventurous sports in the world that you can try. Make sure you do these sports under expert supervision first.

1. Bungee Jumping

This sport is on the top of our list of 5 adventure sports in world. In bungee jumping the participant is tied with an elastic rope or band and thrown from huge heights generally from a cliff or a high bridge. Some extreme people even try bungee jumping through a helicopter or hot air balloon.

When a participant jumps off the cliff with an elastic rope tied through his legs, the elastic cord works as a spring. It keeps the person in up and down motion until it comes to a stable position which adds additional thrill to this sport. A more extreme version of the sport is reverse bungee jumping. In this, a person is on the ground and through a catapult got himself released into the sky. Bungee jumping is not for those who have heart problems as it may give pressure to heart muscles due to sudden blood rush in the body.

2. Dirt biking

As the name suggests dirt biking is biking in terrains with dirt. Dirt biking is a very risky sport with thousands of serious injuries around the world. This sport is a paradise for bike lovers and many bikers participate from around the globe. This sport is an expensive sport as you need your own dirt bike which is very costly. Dirt biking can be done on various terrains such as deserts, dirt, and even mountains.

Dirt biking needs proper gear such as a helmet, dress, boots, and daily bike maintenance which makes its audience very limited. Many movies portrait dirt biking as a very cool sport and indeed it is a cool sport. Dirt biking is generally a solo sport. Dirt biking can be done in form of a race. This is a sport of speed hence is very risky.ATVs can also be used instead of bikes.ATVs are a little more secure as they have 4 wheels with more stability.150CC bikes are used for dirt biking purpose which are very lightweight and durable.

3. Scuba diving

Scuba diving is one of the most fascinating adventurous sport in the world. In scuba diving, you have to dive deep inside the ocean with the help of an oxygen supply. People have claimed that they have a whole new look out of life after they have experienced scuba diving. The best thing about scuba diving is that you dont need any experience for it. Just one training will make you ready for your dive.

Another good thing about scuba diving is that it is not as risky as other action sports and you have a trainer with you. If you love to see marine life in their natural environment then scuba diving is for you. You can experience how fishes spend their day underwater in their natural habitat. Scuba diving is not recommended to those who have fear of water or even have claustrophobia.

4. Rafting

 Rafting is another super adventurous sport. In rafting, there is a raft that goes through the river usually downhill. River rafting is super thrilling. Many people around the globe try this get out of their routine life and fill the life will thrill. River rafting generally occurs on mountains as water is more violent and more powerful there which allows easy movement of raft down the slope.

In rafting generally, 6-8 people participate in order to balance the raft otherwise raft will flip. People who are scared of water or old age people should not try this as it can be risky. In rafting, the water is classified into 6 classes based upon their aggressiveness. Class 6 white water is extremely powerful as compared to class 1.Beginners should start with class 1, and according to your level, you can increase the classes.

5. Airsoft

Airsoft is an amazing sport. If you want to experience the war situation or you want to experience any shooting game in real life then airsoft is for you. Airsoft is a sport that includes exact replicas of real guns and uses BBs instead of bullets hence it is completely safe to play.

Airsoft was originated in Japan and then got famous later. Airsoft is actively played in the USA, Canada, and United Kingdom. The guns that are used in this sport are very realistic and are powered by electricity. Airsoft can be played by anyone from kids to adults. Airsoft is still haven’t reached India. In countries like Australia, airsoft is banned due to the type of guns airsoft needs.

Airsoft sport needs proper protection such as helmets, gloves, boots, and masks since the BBs can be shot at up to 120 m/s.These high-speed BBs can give you severe injuries. Airsoft can be played indoor or outdoor. Jungles, fields are some areas where airsoft can be played outside. Airsoft is a team sport.

The electric airsoft guns are known as AEGs and they are pretty expensive. Airsoft is truly an adventurous sport that will give you the real feel of a warzone. Concluded 5 Adventure Sports In World To Try Before You Die

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