5 best cheap top room heaters in India 2021

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 5 best cheap top room heaters in India 2020

Topic: 5 best cheap top room heaters in India 2020

Our motive is to give genuine and true information about the products so that customers could make perfect selections. I have picked up the best room heater in India at a low-priced under 5000. In this blog, I’ve described in detail read carefully. Read more about 5 best cheap top room heaters in India 2020.

We already know that in India we face different styles of seasons. You already know that winter is arriving which makes our room cold and chilled. Cooldown! Don’t worry we’re here to provide you a solution for this. You guys at the moment are looking through the diverse heating tool to get relieved of a cold.

In case you want to buy cheap durable long-lasting heating equipment room heaters are a great preference, it’s going to make your room relaxed and heat. It’s available in various prices range.

As we realize in a 1 square foot region room heater use 10w for heating. So for heating 140sq feet middle size room it will take around 1.5 hr using 1500W  in chilled winter weather.2000W is sufficient enough.

It’s just my calculation you could calculate as in steps with room length and size and the formula is given below-

      Formula= Total sq foot place x 10

I have picked the best low-cost heater on basis of its technology, durability, features, and consumer reviews.

Top 5 room heater in India 2020

1.Usha HC 812 T 2000W- Heat convector (Black)

room heater in india

Product features-

  • Twin-turbo design
  • Adaptable thermostat for temperature regulation
  • Convertible stand for peak adjustment
  • Easy convey to take care of for transportability

Most versatile room heater in the market in this price section. I have used this it’s far operating nicely you can go for it.

It is a compact heater geared up with three unique heating positions and two options for controlling fan speed and we can set temperature definitely.

It has a nighttime light pointer that is used in a dim room. It additionally consists of a protected characteristic that is a thermal cut-out alongside copper conductors in its twine which is ideal in managing excessive voltage fluctuation very well.

It additionally has a twin blade fan for finer heat distribution.

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2.Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Heat Convector Room Heater


room heater for winter

Product features-

  • Twofold characteristic used as a heater in the winter season and fan in the summer season.
  • It has a vehicle thermal shutoff feature alongside a thermal fuse which prevents excessive heating.
  • It comes with a -sided set up that’s horizontal and vertical.
  • We can customize heating via an adjustable thermostat with two warmth settings (1000w/2000w).

Bajaj supplies long-lasting and domestic home equipment and it is well known for its great products. This heater has two-sided functionality it’s far equipped with a two-way warmness placing for the temperature exchange you want.

The adaptable thermostat is a unique feature you could regulate the heat placing as in line with your want.

It has an in-built safety characteristic that doesn’t harm your pores and skin from burning and it’s far easily portable. The best safety feature is thermal shutoff and auto thermal cutout alongside thermal fuse to prevent overheating issues.

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3.Havells GHRFHAGW200 2000-Watt Comforter


room heater budget

Product features-

  • Combined carry handle for smooth transportability.
  • Adaptable vent perspective for air higher air shipping.
  • Twofold protection to save you overheating.
  • It covers around 150 sq. Ft room length appropriately

Havells comforter accompanies two heating putting at 1400w and 2000w it permit the person to pick out the preferred temperature setting.

It turns off automatically while it exceeds the preferred temperature. It has an overheating safety function that turns off the heater when it is overheated.

It has a cooling fan characteristic which makes the equipment cool. This room heater has an extraordinary unique characteristic cool-touch body feature.

The body accompanies a non-heating coating, which allows in stopping your arms from getting burned at anything point you contact.

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4. Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater 2000 W – White and Gold

room heater cheap price

Product features-

  • Long-lasting and durable plastic frame
  • Thermostat for easy temperature management.
  • A red light indicator that describes whether the heater is becoming on or off.
  • Weights are light so that you can convey it anyplace you want to.

This product is designed to warm up your room all through winters. Its thermostat maintains the room warm and you can preserve its temperature in line with your need its plastic frame makes the product appearance so elegant.

The oscillation function helps in converting the direction of its air. This product has a dust filter that prevents dust from entering the product. It’s also a good heater in this charge range.


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5.Usha FH 3628 PTC 1800-Watt Fan Heater (Black)

room heater powerful

Product features-


  • It’s ready with an adjustable two heating position.
  • It uses 230 volts of strength.
  • Thermal cut out function.
  • Fall safety switch

It has the best safety feature auto-switch turn off which works when the temperature is reached the max level its additional thermal cut off.

It is designed to protect the room from excessive heating. It has a premium look and durable. Its operating controls are easy to understand and user friendly.

I recommend it is best in overall specification and performance u can go for this worth buying product. For a detailed review check out this website. So this concludes the topic for 5 best cheap top room heaters in India 2020.

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