5 Best Freelancing Websites In India 2021

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5 best freelancing websites in India 2020

Topic: 5 Best Freelancing Websites In India 2021

The freelancing industry is growing day by day. If you are a freelancer who looking for work or you are a buyer, A lot of platforms are available for both buyer or seller to connect and getting work done. Read more about

So which are the 5 Best Freelancing Websites In India 2021

For starting freelancing you need to have skills, like- article writing, website design, landing page design, logo design, etc. identify your skills and make a good profile with a portfolio and start selling.

These are freelancing websites in India 2021


Fiverr is one of the best platforms to start. Fiverr is a gig-based culture where you have to create a gig. you need to make a good gig/profile to show what skill-set you have, and the buyer sees your gig if your skills match their need the buyer will select you.

Fiverr is a very good platform for beginners because of the low rates of 5$. At low rates, you can find freelancers according to your need.


Upwork is another top-rated freelancing websites. Upwork is different from Fiverr it is a place where a buyer makes a request, where the buyer writes what kind of service he wants is it writing, designing, etc.

Freelancer is bidding on buyer request and show how he/ she is the best fit for this job. The buyer sees all of the proposals from freelancers and selects one freelancer according to his need.

Upwork is considered as one of the 5 Best Freelancing Websites In India 2021, expensive it charges 20% of the income you earned like you earn 100$ Upwork charge 20$ fee from freelancers.

(NOTE: Upwork is not free, Upwork gives 20 Proposals to every new freelancer for bidding on the projects. Every single proposal needs 2,4,6 connects. After the finish of the connects, you need to buy contact from Upwork.)


Freelancer is another popular freelancing website.  Freelancer is like Upwork, a bid-based system where freelancers bidding on the projects and if the buyer agrees to your skill he/she selects you.

Freelancer giver 5/6 bid free to new freelancer every week if you want more bids you have to upgrade your membership.

Freelancer is a very good platform but is very competitive. I suggest if you are a beginner then go with the Upwork of Fiverr.


Guru is one of the oldest freelancing platforms. Guru is less competitive compare to Upwork or Fiverr. Guru.com giving payment in different parameters like hourly work, milestone-based payment, etc.

People per hour

People per hour is a marketplace for hiring freelancers on an hourly basis. People per hour are Europe-based so payment is usually in euro, pound, dollars, etc. it is like a freelancer where bid based system exists.

The advantage of people per hour is pricing. people per hour give very good pricing to freelancers and also less competitive.

How to get approval in freelancing websites

Freelancing website Upwork, people per hour have a very strong system, they check every freelancer after that they give approvals. To get approval from all freelancing websites you need to follow some steps-

  1. Make a very good profile
  2. Demonstrate your skills
  3. Write good bio
  4. Give work samples

So this concludes the topic for 5 Best Freelancing Websites In India 2021

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