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Presently, most of the people need a pocket computer which fits in their pocket. And if you buy Apple watch, then your dream will full fill. Think if you get a computer on your wrist! How do you feel? I know that feels great and it also offers you superior quality extra advantages. From the last few years, Apple Watch has proven that it can also come to feel indispensable. Now, if you are planning to buy an Apple watch, then you have to know about its all series and need to analyze which one will be best and why! In this article, we will offer complete details about different Apple watch series and specifications!

Apple watch series 3

Apple watch series 3 contains some exclusive features which you will not get from other previous series. It includes GPS and optical heart sensor. Using this watch, you can able to do exercise easily. It also has Apple watch app inserted. It includes S3 with a dual-core processor.  It has some exclusive features like it is completely water-resistant even your sweat can’t enter inside the watch. It does not expose its metal part option.
It builds with an aluminum case. Apple 3 series does not include a sim facility. This watch is running with the latest software watch OS 6. It is upgraded and important as well.  This Apple 3 series launched in the market 2017. Apple 3 watch includes optional cellular connectivity. It includes S3 chip and more RAM as well. The model of the 42mm watch looks stylish and people will notice definitely in your wrist. This watch is thinner and smooth.  But the design of the watch is almost the same as the previous watch.
This apple S3 includes a dual-core processor and it also offers a more 70% faster service. In this series, you will be able to listen to anything from siri instantly. In this series, the entire processing will be more responsive.
Do you know Apple watch series 3 price in India? The price varied from one eCommerce site to another. But within July 2020, the price of this series is Rs.20,900 approx.

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Apple watch series 4

This is another updated version apple launched for its users. It also has a GPS tracking system. And this series includes a 30% larger display. It also includes optical and electrical heart sensors. The New Apple watch series includes a new display and a new heart rate sensor. Series 4 includes 40 mm and 44 mm dial rather series 3. This is the latest and it includes several attractive features and advantages. The price of the product is also reasonable. You can get now from the eCommerce website price Rs.41,900 approx. This is an entire touch screen and good for the outdoor and fitness.  You can also add ECG features by updating software for this series.
The model is ideal and stylish as well. Listen to music and strap on this stylish watch.  You will be able to view messages, photos, track your fitness using this watch easily.  Its design is stylish and comfortable as well. If you love the workout, then this Apple watch is perfect for this. It is designed to connect more active and healthy. It includes a new electrical heart sensor and it also has a haptic feedback system. It also includes a proactive health monitor system.  You will get from this watch low and high heart rate notification, emergency SOS. This watch also helps to improve your health condition. It has a compressive activity tracker as well. It’s very easy to connect. It has an aluminum case watch and includes a black sports band.
The Apple watch series SE price in India is also negotiable. You may buy from an online site within Rs.42,000 approx.

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Apple watch series 5

If you want to buy an updated Apple watch for yourself, buy this Apple watch series 5. This is stylish and includes exclusive updated features that you can’t get from previous models.  It has a heart monitoring system and if you wish, you can buy this product includes like previous series GPS. So, if you wish, you can use this GPS and track any address easily. It also includes an on-retina display. This is a completely waterproof watch and it also sweats resistant. It can’t go inside the watch any sweat or water. So, this is completely protected and good for the people. You can track your heartbeat without keeping your phone in your pocket. It automatically connects with WI-FI and it will also provide several other benefits. Apple watch series 5 price in India is also reasonable. You can get it from online within 44,000 approx. You can buy from any eCommerce website and get an attractive offer and discounts as well.
Apple watch series 5 has a noise app sense. Using this noise app you will identify when the roar of the crowd reaches a high level and during that time, you may open your headphone because your ear needs some relaxation. Apple Watch 5 provides you an app whose main motto is to make your healthy. Proper apps remind you after a certain time your daily routine and you will be able to perform those easily.  It makes you healthier and fit and strong.
In Apple watch series 5, your finger can able to tell you a lot about your heart. This watch built into the Digital Crown and the back crystal work together to read your heart’s electrical signals. You just need to simply touch Digital Crown to generate an ECG waveform within 30 seconds.  This ECG app indicates whether you have irregular rhythm or normal rhythm.

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It’s all about the Apple watches

Apple watches always inspire a healthier life. Though this watch you can able to monitor your heart rate and if something goes wrong, you may identify easily. Using the Apple watch, you will be able to keep track of its menstrual cycle and identify whether the noise level will rise or not! The noise level creates bad impacts on hearing. Throughout your day, you can add complications like Heart rate, breathe, and noise pollution and make them top of mind throughout. This is the first watch that works for you.
Sometimes, high or low heart rates and rhythms can be dangerous for your heart. If you get all the details related to your heart, then it will help you. Using Apple watch you will be able to monitor your heart condition and identify whether your heart is in good condition or not! As per that, you may concern with your doctor and make a decision.
Apple watch series 6 price in India is complete value to money package. There are more than 7 different colors available along with different variant available for Apple watch series 6.
So Why wait..!! Get Yours..

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