Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude Change Your Life-Jeff Keller

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Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude Change Your Life-Jeff Keller

Topic: Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude Change Your Life-Jeff Keller


Are you going to work, do you feel tired, depressed, do you lose weight? Have you given up on your dreams? The path to a happier and more successful life starts from your perspective and your outlook is under your control. Read more about Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude Change Your Life-Jeff Keller,

Whether your attitude is negative, positive, or intermediate, Jeff Keller, motivational speaker, and coach will show you how to learn to control and access your hidden potential through three powerful steps: –

THINK! Success starts in the mind. The power of perfection can change your destiny. – talk! Use your words carefully. Your way of speaking can motivate you towards your goals. – Act! Take active steps to make your dreams come true. Soon, you will become active and see new possibilities. 

You will be able to counter adversity and develop unique talents for you. Your relationships will improve in both work and personal life. You need this step-by-step program to change your outlook and your life!

Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude Change Your Life-Jeff Keller

The night that changed my life

The biggest discovery of my generation is that humans can change their lives by changing their perspective.

In 1980, I approached law school and thought I was not a lawyer for the rest of my life. After all, I wanted to do this from my early teens.

At first, everything happened according to plan. After studying a lot that summer, I passed the bar exam and was admitted to practice law in New York. My personal life was also in turmoil. In early 1981, I married Dolores, a law school classmate. I was on my way to great success and happiness.

Or so I thought.

But, after practicing law for a few years, I realized that I am not happy at all.

Sure, there were some things I loved about being a lawyer. I enjoyed helping people settle their disputes, especially when I could save them from the agony of lengthy court proceedings.

Still, there were a lot of things about being a lawyer that I disliked – and it just seemed to get me out. Moles and mounds of tedious paperwork and intent to be recorded. Constant delay and postponement. It was not uncommon for a trial to be postponed 10 times.

I got dangerous for work

I continued to work, but became more and more dissatisfied as a lawyer. I was disappointed and very depressed. To say it clearly, I did not like my life and saw no way that things were going to get better.

Have you ever done a job where you are going to work most days – where you feel the “weight of the world” on your shoulders every day?

Well, how did I feel? I was literally in pain both physically and emotionally. I looked so old compared to my years. I started having headaches all the time, and my stomach was constantly churning. Afraid that I had some serious health problems, I saw some doctors and ordered a battery of tests. Each test came back with the same result – they could not find anything physically wrong with me. One of the doctors suggested that I resort to Malox to calm my upset stomach.

Spiritually, I was dead. Nothing much mattered in my life. This day-to-day plight was also affecting my appearance. Even though I was in my late 20s, I was still 40 years old!

In early 1985, when I turned 30, I have burned shortly after. And, one particular evening, sitting alone in my den, I knew something would have to change. Don’t know what to do, I just said out loud,

“There is more to this in my life … There is more to be overcome by this sorrow and sorrow.”

Help from an unknown source

Later that night, I was watching TV in the den. It was around 1:00 pm, and my wife, Dolores, had already gone to bed. But I felt that I would not be able to sleep below. I’m looking for something to occupy my time. I am, in all things, ready for a meteorologist.

Usually, I would have changed that channel in a fraction of a second, but for some reason, I listened

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