Automatic delete feature on WhatsApp in 2021

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Automatic delete feature on WhatsApp in 2021

Topic : Automatic delete feature on WhatsApp in 2021

Automatic delete feature on WhatsApp, How to enable Disappearing message feature on Android mobile || what’s app New Update in 2021. We all use what’s app because what’s app is very user friendly and easy to use. And we all know that to send a message from what’s app whether it is video, text, image, gif is very easy within the 1-sec message is sent. Read more about Automatic delete feature on WhatsApp in 2021.

so we assume one single individual at least 100 people in his WhatsApp and out of 100 people 50 people are sending an unnecessary message to you. and that message is logical no use so in this case our phone memory is filling up very quickly and your mobile is going to hank.

No one wants to delete the message daily or one by one message daily. it’s very difficult to delete one by one message or delete the message on a regular basis.

To avoid this problem what’s app lunch a one of the great features name disappearing feature. If you ON the disappearing feature then the message is automatically deleted within 7 days.


Here I am going to share How you can enable this new WhatsApp disappearing feature in your Android phone.

STEP 1. Open the WhatsApp chat. and go to that person chat which you want to delete.

STEP 2. Tap the contact’s name. ( you can get this option on the Right hand you click on the 3 verticle dots and then select the first option Called view contact.)

STEP 3. Tap Disappearing messages. (you scroll down then at 4th number you can get the option name Disappearing messages)

STEP 4. Select On.


If you want to turn off the Disappearing message then you have to follow the same process.

you have to open the WhatsApp chat.

Tap the contact’s name.

then you have to Tap the disappearing message.

if prompted, tap CONTINUE. and select off.


In a group, only group admins are ON or Off this disappearing messages option.

I hope this article is helpful. and if really this article brings some value in your life then it’s my request please like it’s and comments below. is it useful or not. So this concludes the topic for Automatic delete feature on WhatsApp in 2021

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