Baby Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner in India 2021

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Baby Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner in India 2021

Topic : Baby Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner in India 2021

Helpful Tips on How to Clean Baby Bottles

There are so many possible ways to raise your child. Protect your babies from harm and protect them from any other health hazards through baby bottle cleaning. It does not really matter whether you choose a machine for baby washing the bottle or you decide to clean them by hand. What matters is the basic supplies for cleaning you. Prepare the basics like hot water, soap and a good brush for bottles and nipples. It is advisable to wash baby bottles after use to prevent milk on the bottle and to create a foul odor, which is difficult to get rid of. This is especially so if you are using a plastic baby bottle. With glass nursing bottles, the stinky smell of bad milk can be easily removed.


Never let dirty bottles sleep overnight. Start cleaning by heating the remaining milk and washing the bottle with warm water. It would be easier to clean the bottles with hot water instead of tap water. If you are using a dishwasher, the first two procedures will also be recommended. For those mothers who want to clean the baby bottle by hand, still wash the dirty bottle with warm water and follow the instructions above. Next, you need to fill a large basin with hot water and soap where bottles and nipples can be placed. This will speed up the cleaning process as you soak the other bottles while cleaning one after the other. Have the child brush the bottles inside and out using a bottle brush that is not too hard to take off the plastic. Bottles and nipples wear and tear due to harsh baby bottle brushes. Rotate the brush on the edges to remove filmy milk residue. It will also get rid of the bacteria that grow inside the bottle without ripening. After the brushing process, you may need to rinse with soap and dry the bottles in a bottle rack.

Baby Bottle Brush all

Bottle sterilization is recommended to children who are affected by immune disorders. Although there are communities with clean water supplies, especially those using clean water supplies, pediatricians still recommend bottle sterilization for infants up to the age of two months. The sterilization process however is very simple. Just fill a pot of water, add bottles, nipples and other feeding stuff then boil it for five minutes. Exceeding this required time may distort the size of the food supply, especially when they are made of low quality materials and plastics. After boiling, remove the item. Bottle sterilization ends in towel drying or air drying items.


Hygiene for baby feeding accessories is a sure way to prevent bacteria from causing health hazards to your baby. Bottle cleaning method seems stressful but prevention will always be better than cure. Keeping hygiene safe with the things you use to raise your baby is safe for health and saving money. Explain that baby bottle cleaning and bottle sterilization is a systematic practice of every nursing mother in ensuring proper hygiene for their children.

Reliable Ways to Baby Bottle Cleaning

Cleaning baby bottles can be one of the biggest challenges of bottle feeding aside from cost and health factors. Good cleaning needs to be done systematically and properly everyday so that the baby can get the desired hygiene. Typically, mothers find it difficult to slip into the mess of baby bottle cleaning due to misbehaving, such as leaving baby bottles dirty overnight using bottle brushes that are very hard to leave, and nipple scratches . This will cause more harm to the baby because the baby’s nipple and bottle will get scratched and soon the leak will start or the baby may get hurt.

Baby Bottle Brush all

It really does not matter whether mothers will choose mechanical dishwasher or by hand in cleaning baby bottles. Avoiding wasting time and resources such as soap, electricity and water is what it means for them to conduct processes. The best way to start cleaning is to close the baby bottle after each use. Tackling during cleaning and leaving the odor inside the bottle becomes the most difficult problem. As you rinse, the bottle is assured of milk-free obstruction and the development of odor.


Rinsing with hot water before putting all used bottles, nipples and other feeding supplies on a large basin with soap and water. This is the most economical and practical method as it will save you from resources and also give you less time for cleaning. By doing this, the bottles are already soaked while you are cleaning them one by one. Using a moderately stiff baby bottle brush, clean the edges and corners of the supply where milk residues are most frequently found. It is also safe to use a baby bottle brush with foam at the end to completely wipe the bottom of the bottle inside. After the whole process, you can now rinse with soap with warm water and put all the feeding supplies in the rack to dry the air.

Baby Bottle Brush all

However, most mothers choose to sterilize baby bottles before air drying or towel drying. Sterilization is predominant in areas where there is no water supply or if the infant lacks the immune system. On the other hand, pediatricians recommend nursing mothers to sterilize until the baby is two months old with a cleaning water system. Sterilizing baby bottle is simple. Begin by filling half of a pot with water and putting it all into the feeding supply. Then, bring this pot to boil for five minutes so that the bacteria can get enough heat to dry. Watch out for time sterilization can distort excess supplies especially if they are made of cheap materials.


Cleaning and sterilizing baby bottles is a simple task for the mother who actually takes care of the baby’s health. You may find it very taxing but eventually you will realize how it will save your child’s health and your pocket. Make little effort for lasting gains.


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