November 26, 2020

Best Bluetooth Speakers 2021 Under 2000 With High Bass

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 With High Bass

Bluetooth speakers are a boon for music lovers, especially those who like to listen to loud songs. No matter if you are at home or the gym or even on trekking, you can take it with you. Enjoy the beach party or sing a song in the bathroom, Bluetooth speakers are always there to assist you. Because of its portability and lightness, they are extremely popular, especially in youth. When we take a look at its price, they range from Rs. 500 to 50,000 and even costly. The price depends on the brand and specification. If your budget is 2000 and looking for a speaker with great bass, then here are the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 with high bass. These speakers are top-rated and it will definitely give you the next level listening experience


1. Zaap Aqua Boom


Zaap is not a well-known brand, and many of us may not hear the name before, but it is something that doesn’t need branding as its quality speaks louder than branding. Zaap Aqua Boom is a portable Bluetooth speaker under 2000 segment packed with almost all essential features.

This is the only IP65 rated speaker that is available at this price range, which ensures protection against water, dust, shock, and snow. The speaker is made up of plastic and has a durable build quality with a premium rubberized rugged exterior. It also has a metal grill on both sides of the speaker. It features a passive bass radiator to produce 360 degrees of sound.

The audio quality is pretty good as compared to its price. The mids are crisp and clear. If we are talking about the base,  it is loud and punchy. Thanks to a passive bass radiator. The speaker might look small and compact but don’t fool by its size; it is quite loud and definitely produces around 7 Watt output.

The battery backup is very impressive as it comes with a 1500 mAh capacity. A built-in mic is there to pick up and reject the calls directly from the speaker.

Overall the speaker is the best option for outdoor adventure as well as indoor usage.


Boltt Xplode 1500 


Boltt Xplode 1500 is one of the best selling Bluetooth speakers that is available in the under 2000 segment. First of all, the way they design the speaker in a bar shape is fantastic.

The front-facing side has a metal grill, and silicon material is used all over the speaker that gives a soft feel while handling. The control buttons present on the top of the speaker contain a power button, mode selection, play/pause, volume up, volume down button.

You will get all ports on the backside of the speaker. It features a USB port, SD card port, AUX port, and micro USB connection for charging. It means you can use this speaker without Bluetooth by inserting an SD card or pen drive. Surprisingly, it comes with an IPX7 rating, and you can use this speaker in the rain, bathroom, etc., with no worry. 

If we are talking about its sound quality, it’s really great. The speaker is sufficient to fill the small size room full of bass. It produces loud bass as compared to its size and price. Trebles are decent and the vocals are very clear. The battery backup is also up to mark and it can survive up to 7 hours at medium level volume.

Please note that the speaker starts to distort when you increase the sound by more than 85-90% which is normal. If you want to enjoy the true bass, keep the volume up to 85%.

Overall, the speaker is the best option for indoor and outdoor purposes too.

Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100


Infinity is the famous brand from Harman which also owns the legendary brand JBL. Infinity basically focuses on affordable budget Bluetooth speakers. Fuze 100 is one of their products having incredible bass and many other features.

It comes in a cylindrical shape having a grill all around. The build quality of the speaker is very robust. The top and bottom have rubberized material which ensures grip. Typical control buttons are found on the top of the speaker. These buttons effectively control the whole speaker.

When you play songs in normal mode, you will get a balanced base. If you enable bass mode, it gives you another level of experience with its high-quality bass. Low and mid-range are also outstanding. Vocals are crystal clear.

The speaker is IPX7 rated but not ideal for outdoor usage as its loudness is not that enough. Fuze 100 features a 750 mAh battery that lasts up to 6 hours at medium level volume. Another surprising thing about the speaker is we can pair 2 Infinity Fuze 100 speakers with Dual Speaker Connect Technology. Also, we can respond to calls on the speaker with a clear voice.

In short, Fuze 100 is the all-rounder Bluetooth speaker for indoor usage.


Artis BT222

Artis BT222 is another name in the Bluetooth speaker industry that manufactures a wide range of mid-budget speakers. When you look at its design, it’s completely different from a conventional speaker.

The cylindrical-shaped speaker is made up of high-quality plastic. 4 rubber feet are there to keep the speaker in place. The most interesting part of this speaker is the buttons. These buttons are not conventional. The volume button has a transistor type button, while the On/Off button is present in the form of a knob. Apart from Bluetooth, we can play songs by using an SD card and pen drive too.

The sound of the speaker is very clear, and you can hear every lyric that the singer is singing. Vocals are also clear and don’t have any kind of distortion at full volume. The loudness of the speaker is pretty impressive as it has 9W output. The battery backup seems less, which lasts up to 4-5 hours depending on your level of volume.

FM is another reason to buy this speaker. It really helps if you are tired by listening to the same songs from your device. If the battery is not your concern, then this could be a great option for indoor usage.

These are the top four best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 with high bass. If you are confused about the above Bluetooth speaker, let me guide you to pick the closest one.

Zaap Aqua Boom and Boltt Xplode 1500 are the best Bluetooth speakers for outdoor usage because they have all the qualities like waterproof feature, extra bass, etc.

Artis BT222 and Infinity Fuze 100 are the best for indoor usage. 

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