Best Budget Room heater India 2021 for babies

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Best Budget Room heater India 2021 for babies

Topic : Best Budget Room heater India 2021 for babies

Best Budget room heater for baby in India-For new parents this would be the challenging phase of their life as protecting baby from various problems is not that easy.

Winter clothes and oil may not help you lot as they have due to their limitation and this list for best budget room heater for baby may help you to figure out which one to pick during winter. Read more about Best Budget Room heater India 2021 for babies.

For purchasing the best room heater for your baby you need to take care of these factors-


Few of the heaters come with heating surfacing and metallic body which may give skin burn or shock to your baby and these types of heaters are extremely hazardous for your baby.


Most of the room heater makes your room warm at the cost of burning room oxygen which further creates suffocation and unease in the room which may leads to a choke or some respiratory issues to your baby so beware of this factor while purchasing any room heater.


Due to heating feature most of the heater burn oxygen of the room which decrease the humidity of the room and create higher chances of dry skin.

These are the primary factor which you must consider while purchasing any room heater for your baby in this winter.

there are 3 types of room heater are available in the market

  1. Radiant heater(Quartz heater, Halogen heater, Carbon heater)
  2. Fan heater
  3. OFR heater

Among these heaters, OFR stands out according to the above criteria and this is our final and only recommendation for babies in winter.

To check the list of best OFR room heaters for babies with video then visit this post.

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So this concludes the topic for Best Budget Room heater India 2021 for babies.


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