Best condenser microphone under 10000 India 2021

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Best condenser microphone under 10000 India 2021

Topic: Best condenser microphone under 10000 India 2021

Do you want to make YouTube, or have you just started the YouTube journey? And you want to make the audio of the video good. So you need a good condenser microphone. The condenser microphone makes your voice quality even better. So in this article today, we have brought for you the Top 6 Best condenser microphone under 10000 in India 2020. Which will reach your audio quality at the next level. So, stay in this article to get complete information about the condenser microphone. Read more about the Best condenser microphone under 10000 India 2021



How many types of microphones are there?


1. Dynamic microphone.

2. Condenser Microphone.

3. Ribbon Microphone.

1. Dynamic Microphone: This is a type of microphone that is made to capture loud sound. This dynamic microphone is used exclusively on-stage performance to capture the fast music of the instrument.

 2. Condenser microphone: This is a type of microphone that is completely opposite to a dynamic microphone. This microphone is designed to capture very balanced and melodious sounds. This microphone is used exclusively as a broadcasting and studio microphone.

 3.Riboon Microphone: This is a type of microphone that was designed to capture every little sound. This microphone was used exclusively in the 1900s. It is very expensive, so you will not buy it at all, I will give you this advice and in addition, you can also make a dynamic or condenser microphone. 

Condenser mics get their name from the “capacitor” inside that changes over acoustic energy into an electrical sign (“condenser” is an old term for “capacitor”). The capacitor in a studio condenser mouthpiece comprises two metal-surfaced plates suspended in nearness to one another with a voltage across them.

One of the metal plates is known as a backplate, which is ordinarily made of strong metal, and the other is known as a stomach, made of lightweight metal or as a rule gold-faltered mylar. The capacitor is housed in what’s known as a mouthpiece case, and it tends to be evidently found in sum when you eliminate the amplifier grille from most condenser mics.

The stomach recognizes unobtrusive varieties in pneumatic force, which make up the sound of the room, vocal, or instrument being recorded. As the sound waves vibrate the stomach, the shifting separation between the stomach and the backplate makes the voltage over the capacitor change. This voltage is the electrical sign, quickly fluctuating to impersonate the example of the first solid waves.

However, before this sign can be heard over speakers, it should be helped, on the grounds that the voltage between the capacitor plates delivers practically no current by any means. So all together for a condenser receiver to work, it needs an outside force source to enhance the sign.

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