Best Email Marketing Strategy To Follow 2021

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An email marketing strategy is an important part of any marketing strategy. Email is a very cost-effective approach to market your goods, communicate with your customers, and accomplish your company objectives.

Do you Know?

  • Email marketing is the best advertising and marketing channel and for each $1 you spend, you can expect a return on your investment of $51.
  • A successful email marketing strategy is more than just tactics. We provide you 5 strategies, these real-life examples will show you, how Amazon, HubSpot, and President Barack Obama utilize email marketing to be successful.

Not bad, right?

Here, I’ll discuss the best email marketing strategies you can use to attain extraordinary results through email marketing.

Marketing emails function to meet the following functions:

How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy

  1. Set the desired email marketing goals
  2. Select the Essential email marketing tools
  3. Determine the target market
  4. Identify the appropriate list building strategies
  5. Divide your mailing list into segments
  6. Identify the types of emails to ship
  7. Produce a schedule for sending emails
  8. Format the email content
  9. Optimize your emails
  10. Conduct split-testing
  11. Monitor email functionality reports

1. Set the desired email marketing goals

Email marketing strategy - goal

Marketing emails serve to meet the following purposes:

  • increases customer engagement
  • raises loyalty
  • maximizes ROI
  • maintains a relationship with your clients

Thus, marketers need to create emails that are in line or other desired goals.

2. Select the Essential email marketing tools

Finding the right tools is your first step to setting up an email marketing strategy. A marketer needs an Email marketing instrument, among other helpful features.

The most popular Email marketing tools are GetResponse and AWeber. You need to choose one of these tools that suit well to your business. 

3. Determine the target market

Then, the marketer should construct their email subscriber list. To do this, you have to identify the target market your company serves.

4. Identify the appropriate list building strategies

A superb way of building mailing lists is through subscriptions.

Some email marketing tools such as GetResponse and AWeber also offer a landing page from where you are able to add subscription forms to your site and collect quality subscribers.

You could even embed subscription types on high-traffic sections of your site.

For best results use both of these email marketing list building strategies…

5. Divide your mailing list into segments

Segmenting is an effective tactic that allows you to send highly targeted email campaigns…

Email Marketing Strategy - Segmentation

Marketers can segment their mailing lists based on location, sex, occupation, age, behavior, etc…

In turn, you can make certain that you are delivering appropriate and customized messages that are appealing to customers.

6. Identify the types of emails to ship

There’s a fantastic variety of different emails that marketers send. The choice of email style is dependent on the goal of each particular campaign.

For example, if a person has only joined your mailing list, send them a welcome email address. This is a superb chance to explain the advantages of working with you. When clients have added some items to their shopping cart and did not purchase them, send them an abandoned cart email to improve sales.

Of course, Implementing this email marketing strategy for small business works very well.

7. Produce a schedule for sending emails

To ensure that readers read your promotional emails, find out the best time for sending emails.

It is, therefore, essential to experiment and determine precisely the time when subscribers are engaged. A/B testing proves useful.

8. Format the email content

For email marketing for a victory, messages in promotional emails must be presented perfectly. Marketers should choose formats, fonts, and text sizes depending on the sort of emails that they are creating.

Using GetResponse, you may use a drag-and-drop editor to make beautiful email templates that are customized to match your brand.

9. Optimize your emails

In 2017, a study done by Adestra concluded that 83.8 percent of cellular device owners open emails with these devices.

Email Marketing Strategy - optimize

It, therefore, makes sense to optimize email articles for cellular to reach this audience. A Few of the ways for reassuring that email content is mobile-friendly include:

  • Creating a short subject line in emails.
  • Limiting emails to a width of 600px.
  • Using single-column templates.
  • Displaying small images.
  • Writing distinct CTAs.
  • Testing on multiple mobile devices.
  • Avoiding menu bars.
  • Using a large font size (ideally 13-14 pixels).

10. Conduct split-testing

With A/B testing, entrepreneurs can determine what backup of their email works best by swapping out different aspects of their email, such as subject lines (the most popular option), images, CTAs, headlines, supplies, and so forth.

11. Monitor email functionality reports

Adjusting your email plan based on testimonials and feedback that you have gathered in the previous step for developing an email marketing strategy. GetResponse and AWeber give users a set of analytics that aids in estimating the effectiveness of email campaigns.


Email marketing continues to deliver success.

But email marketing has evolved. It’s no longer as straightforward as sending the same email to all.

It’s time to upgrade your email marketing strategy.

Now, you have to send targeted messages. Messages which are customized, and optimized for multiple devices.

You also must examine new elements. Trends change immediately, and what worked 12 months past might not be successful today. Be open to testing. And when you understand what functions, find ways to automate it through triggered emails.

If you employ these new changes into your email marketing strategy your clients will be responsive, your campaign performance will improve and your company will continue to grow.

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