Best Epic xfer Serum Presets and Wavetables to Make Your Music SOUND amazing in 2021

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Best Epic xfer Serum Presets and Wavetables to Make Your Music SOUND amazing in 2021

Topic:- Best Epic xfer Serum Presets and Wavetables to Make Your Music SOUND amazing


Epic Serum Presets is a large collection of presets for the Xfer Records Serum software synthesizer, with 406 presets and bonus content to help artists be more creative.

Clumpy and modulated tempo-synced basses, bright and unusual lead synths, lavish and magical pads, bright and swirling effects, and more can be found in this set.

These presets will eventually evolve into your sound library and provide you with immediate motivation to begin writing. The sounds are so easy to use and flexible that you’ll find yourself returning to this complex pack time and time again to use the sounds in multiple songs, for a variety of genres and BPMs.

Here’s a sneak peek at the serum collection: –

  • Zero Sound designs knowledge required to use it.
  • 100 % royalty-free and cleared
  • EDM DUBSTEP HIP HOP + Hundred more

Macro control modulations and mod wheel assignments are featured in all patches for extra flexibility.


BASS – 130 patches
DRUMS – 6 patches
FX – 27 patches
GROWLS – 24 patches
KEYS – 15 patches
LEAD – 70 patches
MISC – 6 patches
PAD – 24 patches
PLUCK – 12 patches
SYNTH – 92 patches

Suprise for you!! If you grab your ultimate serum bundle today You will get BONUS TOO……


Total of BONUS CONTENT – 993 files, 190Mb

All of these patches and samples are 100% royalty-free, which means you can use them in your sound without stressing about sample approval issues!

NOTE: You will need to do hurry to get all these bonuses.

Unlock Ultimate Serum Bundle is backed with a 14 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not completely in love with this new presets, simply request a return within 14 days and you will get a refund of your order in full, as long as you create a track using the pack and show us you gave it a fair shot.






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