Best Food Processor in budget in India 2021

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Best Food Processor in budget in India 2021

Topic : Best Food Processor in budget in India 2021

Food processors have become an essential part of the kitchen as they have made cooking much easier. Within a short period, you are done with all the kitchen work, which takes up your entire day at once. Those who spend most of their time in the kitchen for the preparation of cooking meal will know the importance of food processors. Read more about Best Food Processor in budget in India 2021.

Best selling budget food processor in India 2021 is something that assists you in cooking and at the same time makes your job easier. A good food processor is the one that can mix, grind, chop, and mix food. In broad terms, a food processor will complete most of your repeat pre-meal preparations. Therefore, you can read this article for Best selling budget food processor in India 2021 to get information related to best food processor.

What is food processor used for?

Best selling budget food processor is such a kitchen appliance that easily and quickly slice, shred, mix, grind, chop, and puree almost all types of foods. Some food processors now-a-days can even assist in preparing cake batter, beating egg whites, making juices, dough kneading, etc. In broad terms, a food processor will complete most of your repeat pre-meal preparations.

Ways to use Best selling budget food processor in India 2021

The food processor has a motor inside, a transparent jar and a blade inside it that does all the work like slicing, grinding, chopping and food mixing etc. There is a feed tube on top of the food processor in which you have to put the things that you have to cut, grind, etc. It only works when all the tools are well connected. If something is not fitted properly, it will give you an alert. This is true from the safety point of view. To get a good result, take care of temperature, tools and everything else.

These are simply some of the matters you could make with absolute ease and a bit of creativity, to harness the power of your meal processor and placed it to work.

Types of Best selling budget food processor in India 2021

There are different types of food processors based on the operations they perform. You can see that the device name closely matches the type of operation that it performs.

  • Mixer Grinder

The mixer grinder is a food processor, as it processes raw food in a simple form, it is a paste or a fine powder. There are many types of food processors, which are structurally different and made from different materials.

  • Choppers

Choppers, also known as cutters, are used to cut, chop vegetables and fruits. It consists of a jar with stainless steel that makes it capable enough to handle chopped tasks. They are very helpful when it comes to serving fancy salads, or salsa, in no time Read more.

1. Inalsa – Best Selling Budget Food Processor in India 2021


  • Power Consumption: 650 Watt
  • Appliance weight: 7 Kg.
  • Elegent rotery knob
  • ABS plastic body

This food processor is from India’s most favorite small home appliances brand. This power kitchen food processor is sufficient to do almost all the process of chopping, grinding meat & vegies etc. With this, the company has provided 8 different types of attachments.

The main vault has a capacity of 1.5 liters and the motor is 100% pure copper. Therefore, it is useful for a large family. With its help, a large amount of non-stop food can be processed at a time. It comes with 3 speed setting with pulse function, so you can control the function speed of chopping, shredding and grating with the pulse function key.

Its various jar attachments do the job of whipping eggs, making slices of fruits, vegetables, cutting chapping very well, with its specially designed machanism. From which the quality output is obtained. The design of the device is attractive and the shape is compact. A large switch is provided to operate at the front.

The food processor comes with Processing bowl, Centrifugal Juicer with filter, Chopping blade, Egg whisker, Slicing Cutter,Fine Shredder,Coarse Shredder,French Fry Cutter,Coconut Shredder,Kneading Blade,Blender Jar, Multi-Purpose Jar. The company is giving a 5-year warranty on the motor.


  • Famous brand
  • More power
  • Big main bowl
  • 8 different useful attachments
  • Three different speeds
  • Attractive design
  • 5 year warranty


2. Usha Multipurpose Food Processor

Best Selling Bidget Food Processor in India 2021 | Homeesolutions


  • Power: 1000 watt
  • Appliance weight: 7.76 kg
  • Plastic with SS finish
  • Useful in Whisking, Chopping & Atta Kneading

This processor is from established Indian brand Usha. In this, the company has provided 13 different types of attachments. It is a heavy duty with its copper motor that consumes 1000 watts of energy. It has an extra citrus and centrifugal juicing attachments.

It is compact with 3 different speed settings and 12 different applications. Its two big jars and 1 big bowl cater to all your needs. The rotary switch on the front side can be used efficiently. It operates easily. An inbuilt dryer has been provided to dry the blade and disc, which gives you extra convenience.

The capacity of the large bowl is 2.4 liters which makes a perfect fit for a big family. The capacity of the Blender jar is 1.5 liters. There is multipurpose jar which has a cavity of 1 litre and a chutney/sauce jar of 0.5 litres. Hence, this food processor of Usha is a multipurpose appliance with a premium SS finish. You do not need to buy a mixer grinder or juicer separately when you buy it. Which saves time, money and space. The company is offering 2 years warranty on the equipment.


  • More power
  • 13 different attachments
  • Big jar and bowl
  • Multipurpose equipment
  • Attractive design


3. Bajaj Food Factory – FX Food Processor


  • 8 kg weight
  • Medium power range
  • 3 speed with pulse
  • 18000 rpm moter
  • LED indicator

Bajaj is a well-known brand in India. Its appliances have been used in Indian families since long. The company’s processor is 600 watts. It can neither be called less nor more. It is definitely an ideal tool for a small family. Two stainless steel jars are provided with the machine. It is good for wet and dry grinding. For making the juice, a large bowl is provided with a juice feeding attachment. The binding of the motor is copper. It can be operated in three speeds controls with pulse function.

The body of the food processor is polycarbonate plastic. In which indicators are placed near the rotary switch on the front side. The Bajaj food processor possess the twist and lock mechanism, which has to be applied properly to start the food processor. The attachment jars provided are unbreakable polycarbonate food grade plastic with lid.

The processor also has an overload function which protects the motor. All the functions of kitchen can be done with this processor. The blending blades is made from sharp and high quality steel. Along with is provided spatula The company is offering 2 years product warranty and 5 years warranty on motor. If you do not have a mixer, grinder, and juicer, then you must buy this compact multipurpose machine.


  • Famous Indian Brand
  • Medium power machine
  • Twist & Lock safety machanism


4. Morphy Richards – Icon Qudra Flow Food Processor


  • 6 different high quality blade
  • Quadra flow technology
  • Elegent juicer
  • 4 KG appliance weight

This food processor from Morphy Richards is on the market with the shiny finish of Caper Blake. In this, the company has used a 1000 watt motor. There are 11 different attachments with this device. With which you can do almost all the tasks of daily kitchen. There are 6 different types of stainless steel blades for different tasks.

Square shaped jars of different capacities of the equipment are intended Quadra flow technology. It is in different capacities. The large processing bowl is of 2.4 liters capacity, Blending Jar is 1.5 litres, Grinding Jar is 1 litre and Sauce jar has 400 ml capacity. Which you can use quite well for a medium size family. The rotary switch at the front can operate in 3 different speeds. With which you can get the desired work or results. The service network of the company provides good after sales service. This device is getting a 2-year warranty.


  • 11 different attachments
  • 6 different types of blades
  • Jars of different abilities
  • Attractive and compact design
  • Three speed rotary switch


5. Philips – HL1661 Compact Food Processor


  • Power chop technology
  • Dishwaher safe
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy base stand
  • Weight 6.6 kg

This Philips processor is 700 watts. Its motor is equipped with copper binding. Which makes it clear that it will give good service for a long time. A large bowl and other useful attachments are provided with the device. Body is made of ABS plastic. it’s tempting. The capacity of the large bowl is 2.1 liters and 1 litre jar. This is lower than other brands. But this will complete your daily work well.

Small jars are also useful for making chutneys, shakes and other wet or dry grinding. Philips Electric Hand Mixer is also popular. The device has separate blades for kneading dough, grinding spices and extracting juice which makes the work easy.

On the other hand, quality output is available with Multipurpose Jar – 1 Chutney Jar-1 Blender Jar-1 FB Bowl-1 Juicer Attachment-1 Chopping Blade-1 Atta Kneading blade-1 Slicing insert-1 Shredding insert-1. The rotary switch of the processor is available with two speeds. It has been installed at a convenient location. Body being traditional is also attractive. It is a low-end storage processor. You can clean all the accessories by placing them in the dishwasher. 2-years warranty is provided by the company on quality equipment. Conclusion Best Food Processor in budget in India 2021.


  • Attractive traditional design
  • Jars and bowls useful for daily work
  • Speed rotary switch


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