Best Gaming Laptop Under 80,000 In India 2021

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Best Gaming Laptop Under 80,000 In India 2021

Topic : Best Gaming Laptop Under 80,000 In India 2021

First,  why you need a Best Gaming laptop under 80000Because choosing a laptop is difficult, and which is best for my usage. 

While selecting a laptop you must know why you are purchasing, because to get a better idea. Read more about Best Gaming Laptop Under 80,000 In India 2021.

For Example:-

Your IT or Software engineering student. It means you don’t need any heavy gaming laptop, just for your coding work. If you’re interested in gaming and also editing photos and videos. Then go with a gaming laptop.

You don’t want to play games on laptops, your purchasing purpose is editing and coding. So, my suggestion will be the MacBook. Because it is excellent for editing and coding. Not for gaming. 

If your budget allows then only purchase a MacBook. It will be the best choice and value for money products. For your creativity. 

Your requirement is only for coding and Microsoft Office applications then go for a normal laptop, not a gaming laptopOn your normal laptop, you can do your coding and Microsoft word/office work easily. 

What should be included in the best gaming laptop under 80000

While purchasing a Best Gaming laptop under 80000 you must have knowledge about Processor, Ram, Storage /SSD, Graphics card, Display. 


It is the brain and main component of our laptop. Our budget is almost 80,000. In this laptop, we need a Core i5 10 gen / i7 10 gen or Ryzen 7 or 5, 4000 series. 


In our laptop ram is a must get good performance and gaming experience. In ram it should be 8GB minimum and maximum is expandable. 

Storage SSD/HDD:

Storage is used to store our personal documents and other files. 

There are 2 types of storage HDD/SSD

  • HDD

In case of storage HDD to store large files and documents like project video or information. HDD is a bit slower loading. 

  • SSD

In case of storage SSD to keep our Windows and other our applications like

(Games, Editing software, and windows). The SSD is a bit of fast loading. 

Graphics Card:

It is mainly because we are searching for Gaming and Productivity laptops. So we need at least gtx 1650 or 1650ti 4GB is necessary to have for gaming and Productivity. 


In-display we need at least FHD with an IPS panel and 144Hz refresh rate. Because to do very high-level fps games and 1080p editing. So we also need good quality 14 to 15-inch displays. 

Our Requirements in a Best Gaming laptop under 80000 

  • Processor: Intel (i5 10 gen and i7 10 gen), AMD (Ryzen 5  4000H and Ryzen 7 4000H)
  • RAM: 8GB up to 16GB.
  • Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 1650 or 1650ti.
  • Storage: Hard disk or SSD is required. 
  • Display: 14 to 15 inch
  • So this concludes the topic for Best Gaming Laptop Under 80,000 In India 2021.

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