July 1, 2021

Best Helmet Brands In India 2021

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Here at Pick My Helmet, we’re here to – just as the name suggests – help you pick the best motorcycle helmet for you. We have weighed the pros and cons, searched high and low for the best products, and did the research so you don’t have to. All you have to do is consider what kind of helmet you are looking for. Just like there are many different motorcycles, there are also a number of different types of motorcycle helmets. Each with its specific purpose. 

Best Helmet Brands In India 2021

1. Vega Helmet

Vega makes some of the cheapest helmets on sale. The Karnataka-based company was founded in 1982, and thanks to its wide product range, is one of the largest-selling helmet makers in India. The company has expanded its product offerings over the years, and as of today, also sells accessories like motocross goggles, side boxes, and scarves. If you are looking best helmets under 5000, then Vega provides you the best helmets

2. Steelbird Helmet

Steelbird products are considered robust, reliable, and cost-efficient. They were the ones behind the classic golf-ball-shaped ‘bieffe’ helmets we see a lot of seniors wear today. The brand has four product lines – Steelbird, Steelbird Air, Ares, and Ignyte. Steelbird is the base brand and makes affordable helmets of half-face, full-face and modular design. If you are looking for the best helmets under 3000, then steel bird is one of the best helmet brands.

3. LS2 Helmets

LS2 Helmets found in the year 1990 that it has given the best to the people worldwide since then. It is yet another brand in India that has premium helmet manufacturing. LS2 Helmet produced greatly designed helmets for the past 25 years.

LS2 Helmets’ main aim is to offer luxurious products at a reasonable price without compromising its performance. In three different ways, the production of helmets take place;

  • Polycarbonate
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Composite bars

In India, LS2 is quite famous. The price range starts from Rs. 4,600 to Rs. 10,00 rest depends upon the variety of models and designs.

Starting Price for the helmet is Rs. 4,600 Onwards.

5. Wrangler Helmet

The Helmet producing Industry of India Wrangler is an American brand. United States of America’s clothing brand was Wrangler, but through time, it started making helmets. While making good quality Helmets, they have achieved a bit of success. At an affordable price, Wranglers offer premium top-quality helmets to satisfy their customers.

6.  Royal Enfield Helmet

Do you have a Royal Enfield bike? If yes, then a helmet from Royal Enfield is a must-buy for you. To have a Royal Enfield bike, then a stylish and comfortable helmet is a must. It gives a classy look while matching with a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

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