Best Horizontal Water Geyser In India Features 2021

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Best Horizontal Water Geyser In India Features 2021

Topic : Best Horizontal Water Geyser In India Features 2021

Water heating is a process of heat transfer that uses a source of energy to heat water above its initial temperature. Typical domestic uses of hot water include cooking, cleaning and bathing and it is heated at a temperature of 60 degrees or less for domestic use. In industry, water heated to steam have many uses and running the industrial machines. There are various categories of geyser available in the market. Read more about Best Horizontal Water Geyser In India Features 2021.

  1. Horizontal geyser- These geysers are used if a person has space constraints.
  2. Vertical geyser-Vertical geyser is cheaper and more energy efficient
  3. Solar Geyser- These geysers are eco-friendly and save energy but are costlier
  4. Instant geyser- Generally used if need instant hot water and do want to store it. Because these geysers do not have any storage tank and come only in vertical shaped

In this article,  we will discuss the features you should keep in mind before buying a horizontal water storage geyser for heating water.

1).  Auto Cut-Off Function

Auto cut-off function shuts down the water heater automatically once the pre-set temperature is reached. It prevents geyser from idle usage and keeps the water heater from any kind of hazard.

2). Weather and Moisture Proof

Before buying a water geyser make sure it is IPX4 water-resistant rated to prevent against weather and moisture. Because this feature can help to withstand water splashes. Also, check it has resistance against corrosion for long-lasting use and has Feroglass dry powder coating technology on its tank.

3). Flexi Pipe

The water heater comes along with a Flexi Pipe which is made of stainless steel and this makes it super durable and long-lasting and is ideal for a bathroom environment. The pipe has an 8 Bar working pressure and is suitable for both hot and cold purposes.

4. Built to Last Long

Make sure that the tank of the horizontal geyser is ultra-thick super cold-rolled plates which are built to last long. Moreover, it must consist of anode rod with steel core protects the enamelled tank from rust and corrosion.

5. Capacity

If you are living in a nuclear family then you must prefer 15-litre storage capacity geyser and if you are living in the large family then you must prefer water heater with large capacity that you can receive continuous hot water supply for your daily requirements.

6. Variable Temperature Control

There are many brands that manufacture geysers with variable temperature control feature. This feature allows you to control the temperature of the water with its built-in capillary thermostat. You can set the temperature of the water from 35 to 75 degree.

7. Mounting Design and is ideal for a bathroom environment.

There are many individuals who have space constraints in their bathroom so in order to deal with this problem you can prefer horizontal geyser over vertical one because they are specially designed for this purpose. Moreover, they give a premium look which will definitely complement your bathroom.

8. Whirl-Flow Technology

For faster heating of water, many companies have fitted water tubes with Whirl-flow technology which protect direct contact between cold and hot water flow. Moreover, this feature also enables optimized energy-saving.

9. Adjustable Knob

This Water geyser is designed with an efficient and adjustable knob that allows you to set the desired temperature conveniently. The temperature settings range from 35 degrees C to 75 degrees.

Now here comes the main part why should we prefer horizontal geyser over the vertical one?

In India, there are many people who have space constraints have low ceiling sin their bathroom and kitchen and vertical water geyser occupies lots of space and gives a traditional look to there bathroom. So companies like havells, bajaj, orient, Usha manufactured horizontal geyser to deal with this problem moreover horizontal geyser gives an aesthetic look to the bathroom. Further horizontal geysers are more efficeint towards hard water in comparison to the vertical one and do not continous maitance for regular use.

Despite of having advantages there are many drawbacks associated with the horizontal geyser.

  1. Costly – Horizontal geysers are more costly than a vertical geyser. They only come with high storage capacity therefore if you are living in a nuclear family then you should go for a vertical one.
  2. Energy efficent – Vertical water heaters are more energy-efficient than horizontal one and they take more time to heat water
  3. Time efficient- There are many vertical water storage geysers that heat water instantly. But horizontal geysers come does not come with an instant heating feature. They take time to heat water and are not time efficient. So this concludes the topic for Best Horizontal Water Geyser In India Features 2021.

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