best office chairs brand for lower back pain in India 2020

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Best office chairs brand for lower back pain in India 2020

Topic : best office chairs brand for lower back pain in India 2020

Investing in the best office chairs brand for lower back pain in India 2020 is absolutely critical today with work from home getting popular.Read more about best office chairs brand for lower back pain in India 2020

In this blog post we will explore the reasons for lower back pain and how to select the appropriate chair to help get rid of this ailment.

Due to the shifting trend of WFH, it is become even more noteworthy to get a great office chair for home use.

We must invest in taking care of our body so that we can give our best at work. If your job involves sitting for long hours at work and this is giving you a serious back pain, then it is time to consider buying a new office chair that is suitable for your back.

Getting the right chair also increases your productivity and health.

Let’s look at the best office chair brand in India in 2020 that are designed for lower back pain.

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Top 6 best office chairs for lower back pain in India in 2020

1.Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

First on our list is the Herman Miller Aeron Chair. Herman Miller is one of the most popular chair brands globally.

They make chairs that high performance and ergonomically designed with strong research. These chairs are built to fit the modern working space.

aeron best office chairs brand for lower back pain in India 2020

This highly recommended office chair is made of a graphite base. Apart from an almost perfect ergonomic design, it has a wide range of adjustments knobs for flexibility. This means that it can easily adjust to your body type and support it perfectly.

The Aeron Chair has adjustable arms, height, lumbar and back tilt with lock. It has a dual posture fit back support and backrest has eight latitudinal zones with wearing tension. In short, it will keep your posture intact and get you high on comfort.

It does not have a cushion seat, but the mesh is highly comfortable and promotes good air circulation.

This chair is great when working long hours. The company gives a 12 year warranty(one of the highest) and a 10 day replacement.

Our Recommendation:

Herman Miller is hands down the best office chairs brand for lower back pain in India 2020. Aeron is a perfect office chair. Only drawback(if you consider it one) is the price.

However, the long term benefits will outweigh the cost very quickly. It is the best office chair if you have lower back pain.

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2.Herman Miller Celle Task Chair

The Herman Miller Celle is an ergonomically designed chair from strong R&D by Herman Miller. It is one of the best office chairs in India.

herman miller celle

This highly durable office chair has a graphite finish base. The back tilt angle is adjustable and can lock in place to give proper back support.

Also, the adjustable lumbar support gives your back the flexibility and stability at different positions.

The seat itself can be adjusted according to your requirement. Another important feature, especially critical in office chairs, is the adjustable arms.

You can adjust the arms so that you can keep them at 90° whenever you are working.

The Herman Miller Celle has an upholstered cushion for extra comfort.It comes with a 12 year warranty and a 10 day replacement period

Our Recommendation:

The Herman Miller Celle is a super chair and there is no reason not to buy it(except the price of course). Once again, the long term benefits hugely outweigh the cost of the chair.

If you are serious about taking care of your health and posture, go for this chair.

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3.Misurra Xenon Mid Back Ergonomic Chair

The Xenon Chair is an ergonomic office chair that has all the necessary features of an ideal chair. It has a mesh seat that is extremely ergonomic and ideal for long seating hours. 

It also helps heat go out by having good airflow. It has an adjustable lumbar support and a depth adjustable seat which are very important features that help resolve lower back pain.

The Xenon Chair has adjustable headrest and arms that provide flexibility and support.

The chair does have a multi point tilt lock at a maximum angle of approximately 135 degrees. This allows you to change position times according to your convenience

The seat and backrest are highly comfortable allowing to your to work for long hours.

Apart from all the great features, this chair has a trendy design and a modern look.

Our recommendation:

If you are looking for an economic version of the Aeron, you can definitely go for this chair.

It does well to relieve lower back pain due to the lumbar support.

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4. Unimaple Ergonomic Office Chair

The Unimaple ergonomic office chair is a Mid Back Swivel Ergonomic Chair that has an Adjustable extra smooth Mesh Backrest.

The back frame is made from polyproplene and the height can be adjusted to 128 cm through a smooth pneumatic system.

Further, the back can be tilted and has a single position locking mechanism. IT can be tilted from 90 – 120 degrees.

It has a comfortable cushion seat that is height adjustable which is great for maintaining the eye length.

The Unimaple Ergonomic Office Chair  has Armrest  made from PU and is height adjustable which is really great for the comfort of your elbows.

It has a Chrome Steel Base with Nylon Castors that are  wear & tear resistant and Dust & Dirt protection on the Floor.

It can take a maximum load of  up to 120 kgs and has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our recommendation

This is a perfect chair for both home and office use. The flexible components make it a suitable choice for people with back pain in India

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5. DFC Rigo Executive Office Chair

The DFC Rigo Office chair is one of the most comfortable office chairs. It has 2 inches of padded seat for high comfort.

The mesh structure makes it highly breathable which helps in working for long hours at a stretch. 

The high quality rolling castors and steel chrome base make the DFC Rigo Office chair highly sturdy and safe to use.

The seat height can be easily adjusted as per your viewing through the pneumatic mechanism.

Further, the back support can be adjusted in a 4 way direction. It can take a maximum of 100 kg.

Our Recommendation:

If you are looking for a economic version, this cahair will do the job. The finsih of the chair is not that great and may not look as appealing.

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6. Cellbell High Back Chair

The Cellbell High Back Chair has a thick padded seat for long hours comfort. It also has a pneumatic hydraulic adjuster so that you can adjust your height up to 5 inches.

This ergonomically designed chair has an internal frame material of Wood and the upholstery cover is made of synthetic Leatherette.

The heavy duty chrome Base provides a sturdy framework for the chair.

Cellebell High Back Chair has an adjustable lumbar support that is critical feature for people with lower back pain. Also, recline feature helps you tilt the back according to your need, thus giving you a comfortable working angle.

It can tilt between 105°-120° easily with a lever. The Chair can take a maximum weight of 110 kg and has a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Our Recommendation:

This is highly recommended chair for lower back pain and an economical version for Indian users.

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How does lower back pain occur?

It is important to understand where does the lower back pain originate from. Your spine can be divided into different levels and at each level a different type of strain is applied. This decides what type of pain you suffer from.

The lumbar or lower back region takes the weight of your entire upper body. It undergoes a lot of strain over your lifetime and is  highly susceptible to injury. The lower back region starts from Level 3(L3) and goes up to level 5(L5).

Strain between L3-L4 causes a shooting pain through your thigh. Further, strain in the L4-L5 level causes sciatic pain that affects the calves and the lower back. At the L5 and below, is the sacroiliac joint which absorbs shock from the upper body.

How to buy the best office chairs brand for lower back pain in India 2020?

There are many factors to look into before buying the best office chair for you. Here are some features you need to look at when deciding to buy an office chair.

Good Recline Support

Your chair must have a good recline support so that it can bear the weight of your back. This is especially needed if you work in a relining position to attend meetings or take phone calls.

The chair should be able to offer the same support when reclined as it does in an upright position. Check if the recline support changes when you switch to different angles. If yes, then you need a new office chair.

Adjustable lumbar support

Very few office chairs in India have a lumbar support. And even if they do, it may not be adjustable. This is the biggest cause of lower back problems since your lumbar(lower back) area does get the required support.

Having an adjustable lumbar support for your chair helps to adjust the amount of pressure to be applied on your back

Good backrest

A good backrest can go a long way in helping you lower your back pain issues. If you can get a movable backrest that moves as you move, it would certainly be great. This is especially good if you engage in a lot of moving activities when sitting at work.

Moreover, the backrest needs to be flexible in taking the shape of your back and give the necessary support.

You can also look to add additional support to your back with a back rest. Here are some great backrest support available in India.

  1. Grin Health Memory Foam Back Rest
  2. Grin Health Sit Right
  3. Fovera Orthopedic Cushion
  4. Ortholwala Lumbar Support

Type of material

Finally, you need to consider the type of material being used. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Upholstered material provides great cushioning but can be less breathable.

Nowadays, cushions are being replaced by stretchable fabrics that provide flexibility and support your back well.

Overall Adjust ability

Apart from lumbar support, a good office chair for back pain relief must be highly flexible in terms of adjusting the seat height, armrest and back. The better the adjustability, the greater support in relieving pain.


The best office chairs are highly durable and long lasting. They parts that move and do not break easily due to wear and tear.

A lot depends on the brand of chair you buy. Look for well established and reputed brands that offer longer warranties. This means that they have built chairs that last.

Buying a good office chair should be a one time investment, so choose a good brand.

What is the right sitting posture to work?

Everyone has a different style of sitting and working. And hence, people have different postures that they are most comfortable with.

You need to understand which posture you mostly sit in. Do you sit upright or slouch? Do you lean in front toward the screen or recline back?

Having the right sitting posture is important in relieving back pain.

Nowadays, a lot of chairs are ergonomically designed to help you achieve the correct sitting posture that helps reduce back ailments.

A good sitting posture aligns your back and reduces the strain on muscles, joints and other parts of your body. This helps in avoiding upper and lower back pain.

Avoid sitting in these postures to stop back pain

We are inherently wired to sit the right posture for our back and our body. However, with the advent of technology and poor habits, we have changed our naturally right position. This has led to incorrect body postures leading to back ailments.

Here are some common mistakes we make while sitting that we should definitely avoid.

  1. Looking down at a screen causes your head to tilt forward. This pushes your head down, thereby adding a lot of strain on your neck. This in turn puts pressure on your upper back resulting in upper back pain. Avoid tilting your head down by adjusting your chair height such that your eye line is the same as your screen.
  2. Your shoulders should be upright and inline with your body. If they are rolled forward, then you have the wrong posture. This can result in a lot of lower back problems.
  3. Leaning forward is another posture you need to avoid. If you lean forward when sitting, you put a lot of stress on your lower back. Sitting for long hours in this position without support can cause lower back pain.
  4. If you work with your hands and arms away from your body, this could cause a lot of stress to your back. Keep your elbows and arms as close to your body as possible. This helps maintain a correct sitting posture.
  5. Sitting for long hours at a stretch can also result in back pain even if it is the right posture. It is ideal to take a break every 25-30 minutes so that the strain on your back relieved and you can work more productively.

Other products that will help get rid of lower back pain

 Apart from getting the best office chairs brand for lower back pain in India 2020, there are also some other aids to look at that can help in solving back related problems. You can use these along with your existing chair as well.

1. A Standing Desk

A Standing desk helps keep your position up right when work and distributes your body weight from the lumbar area to your legs. This helps reduce back pain. Other than that, it is also a great way to burn calories.

You can use a combination of sitting and standing positions to help reduce lower back pain. Here are some standing desks you can buy.

  1. Portronics Standing Desk
  2. Rife Height Adjustable Standing Desk

2. Use a back rest

Backrest made from memory foam or other materials give an added cushioning to your body. You can check out more here.

  1. Grin Health Memory Foam Back Rest
  2. Grin Health Sit Right
  3. Fovera Orthopedic Cushion
  4. Ortholwala Lumbar Support

3. Get a Keyboard Tray

A Key board tray really helps in bringing your arms closer to your body. This way your posture stays in check and chances of getting lower back pain are reduced. 


As more and more office spaces are shifting towards home, having a great office chair for home use is going to become even more important.

Therefore,  it would be wise to invest in a good brand of office chair that is long lasting and durable. Look at what chair suits you the best and pick an office chair that is highly flexible.

Although, we have listed the top 6office chairs for lower back pain, we would recommend the Herman Miller the best office chair brand for lower back pain in India in 2020. It has all the flexible features of an ergonomic office chair and comes with a 12 year warranty. This is one of the highest warranties. Even though the upfront cost is high, the long term benefits of the Herman Miller Chair shows high value for money.

Let us know which is your favorite office chair during this work form home for lower back pain in the comments below. So this concludes the topic for best office chairs brand for lower back pain in India 2020.

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