September 1, 2021

Best Ro UV Water Purifier in India 2021

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Are you looking for the best RO UV water purifier in India 2021? No one denies the fact that pure and clean water is one of the main compounds that really plays an important role in human survival and offers a healthy lifestyle.

Water Infection & Diseases?

Impure water consumption really makes you sick and you may be suffering from any disease like Urinary tract infection (UTI), headache, vomiting, skin rashes, fever, etc.

What is UV & RO water purifier?

UV water purifier:

Ultraviolet water purifier smartly works with normal tap water & operated by electricity. Uv water purifier kills all the germs and viruses, but their bodies may be remaining in the water. The water purifier is unable to remove dissolved salts from water. The UV only works in clean water only.

RO Water Purifier

Reverse Osmosis water purifier prevents the growth of bacteria & viruses in water and offers you clean and 100% safe water. The RO water purifier successfully removes dissolved salts from water and they are capable to change pure water from impure water. They also require electricity for work.


Benefits of Ro UV Water Purifier

  • Offers effective water purification
  • Improve water saving
  • Helps in improve immunity
  • Prevent infection
  • Remove pathogen and bacteria
  • Regualte body metabolism
  • Improve digestive system
  • Prevent water borne diseases
  • Remove heavy metals

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Review: KENT Grand (11119) Wall-Mountable RO + UF + TDS + UV

KENT Grand (11119) is a wall mountable RO water purifier that comes with some advanced technology that allows you to offer 100% safe and pure drinking water. This water purifier is packed with a water filter with active copper & mineral guard technology.


  • The KENT water RO purifier is made in India product and it is manufactured by KENT, KENT RO SYSTEM LTD.
  • There is no doubt it is one the best RO water purifier for home use in India That comes in the dimension of 39 x 25.5 x 53.5 cm & its net weight is 7.5 Kg.
  • This water purifier comes in white color and its model number is 11119. This product comes in the Home & Kitchen category.

Features :

  1. Offers Water 100% Pure
  2. Mineral RO Technology
  3. Retains Essential Minerals
  4. UV LED in Storage Tank
  5. High Storage and Purification Capacity
  6. Water Level Indicator
  7. Wall-mountable design
  8. Suitable for all types of water
  9. Easy to set up & use

1. Offers Water 100% Pure:

The Kent water RO purifier offers you 100% safe & pure water after following multiple purification processes RO+UF+TDS that ensures you it perfectly removes the dissolved impurities, chemicals, salts & kills viruses & bacteria, so you can able to avail the benefit of 100% pure water for drinking.

2. Mineral RO Technology:

This RO purifier technology offers you tasty drinking water with minerals. This mineral RO technology removes any type of odor and smell from the water and converts any type of water into tasty drinking water with minerals and there is no doubt it is 100% safe and pure than any other water purifier.

3. Retains Essential Minerals

The inbuilt TDS controller really plays an important role in retaining essential natural minerals in purified water, so you can avail yourself of the benefit of tasty drinking water with minerals and a great way of prevent from any kind of water-borne disease.

4. UV LED in Storage Tank

This Kent water RO purifier comes with a UV LED in the storage tank that ensures it purifies the water in the storage tank in real time for a long period, so you can avail yourself the benefit of pure and mineral-rich water for daily drinking use.

5. High Storage and Purification Capacity:

One of the amazing things about this water RO purifier is that it has high storage & great purification capacity than any other water purification. This water RO purifier comes with a capacity to purify 20 liters per hour and it can easily manage to store 8 liters of water, which ensures that you can 24X7 drinking water supply.

6. Water Level Indicator :

There is no doubt KENT water is an advanced water purifier that offers you a water level indicator, so you can easily track how much-purified water is remaining in the water storage tank and if you found that the water level of purified water is low then you may switch on the machine, so you can never face the drinking water issue.

7. Wall-Mountable Design:

This RO water purifier is ideal for use for small offices and homes. You can easily set up it anywhere, due to its wall-mountable design, it can be easily mounted on any wall, so there is no issue if you have a small size place or big, it very easily fulfills your all domestic purpose.

8. Suitable for all types of water :

This RO water purifier is capable of suitable for the purification of all types of tap water, brackish & municipal water supply.

9. Easy To Set Up & Use:

This is a state-of-the-art & futuristic water purifier water RO purifier comes with easy installation and it is very convenient to use.



  • Multiple purifications
  • TDS control system
  • UV LED in the storage tank
  • Wall-mountable design
  • Water level indicator
  • 20 liters per hour purification capacity
  • Suitable for purification
  • Ideal for homes
  • 1 Year Warranty + 3 Years Extended Service Free


  • Service quality needs improvement


Thanks for reading, I hope after going through the above review of  KENT Grand (11119) Wall-Mountable RO is found useful and you have a good idea about why this is one of the best RO water purifier in India that is ideal for home and small office use.

Make sure you remember few important things before buying the best RO water purifier in India, so you may not face any difficulty later. Water storage, purification process, mineral retain technology, build quality, remove impurities capacity, services, installation, warranty are some important points you must remember.

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