Best Sales Funnel Builder Template Free USA 2020

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Best Sales Funnel Builder Template Free USA 2020

Topic: Best Sales Funnel Builder Template Free USA 2020

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What Is A Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel

A sales funnel comprises of each step an individual whether a customer, client, prospect takes that makes them a customer to you. Read more about Best Sales Funnel Builder Template Free USA 2020. A funnel is a simple way that helps marketers or salesperson convert cold prospects into hot leads. In other words, it is a visual representation of a prospect’s journey from the initial contact to the actual transaction they do.

The Steps In A Sales Funnel

Based on the different approaches, marketing, and sales strategies, there are majorly three different parts in a funnel.


1.Awareness & Discovery

This is the initial stage in the journey where the potential customer has a specific problem for which they are seeking information, though they have still not figured out what the actual problem is. The prospect can feel the symptoms but cannot name the problem they are actually facing. This is why they look for solutions and sources they can trust. Eg-Why am I not able to be more productive at work?

At this top level of the funnel, prospects want to feel that they know enough about the topic. This way they can share their problems and ask questions at the right time. Prospects are looking for content that helps them anyway like blogs, videos, etc. Here comes the role of salesperson wherein they can ask the prospect the required questions evaluating the lead quality and take it further to the next level.

2.Finding Solutions

Now the prospects are aware of the problems they have and are further looking for relevant solutions. At this stage, the leads are looking for clear answers to their problems like How do I become more productive at work? The leads still might not be able to judge your company or your products but they are still looking for different solutions available.

They are still not sure what exactly they want but are looking for relevant solutions. Here, leads are now high quality. By asking the right questions, you will have clarity about whether your product or service is the right solution to their problem or not.

3.Making An Informed Purchasing Decision

At this level of the sales funnel, the prospects know all about the problems they are going through and the solutions that are a perfect fit for them. Now, they are ready to choose the right products or services to buy. Their question now be like-Who actually improved their productivity, which in turn can help me increase my productivity? This way the prospect will be able to make wise decisions that are a perfect solution to the problems they have.

Bonus Tip:-

As a marketer or a salesperson you can create FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages that already cover the objections, questions that your prospect might have, so you can provide them the solution that brings in more trust and confidence in you and your company, products or services.

You made an offer to the prospects, considered as high quality, and covers all the objections, taking care of the negotiations. Now, the transaction happens and the prospect turns into your customer.

But Why Do You Need A Sales Funnel? Why Is It Important?

The sales funnel displays the way a prospect takes. So a sales funnel is a mandate for you if you want to understand your customer behavior deeply. That way it can help you strategize and do further optimizations possible. Without understanding your sales funnel, there is no way you can improve it and make it easy for your prospects and for yourself to get more conversions out of it.

Best Sales Funnel Builder

Now, building a sales funnel can be hectic especially if you are not from a technical background. It requires a lot of time and hard work. Here I have something for you. What if I say you do not need to be a programmer, a coder, or do not need any technical skills and can build your sales funnel, and that too free for a lifetime?

Yes, you read that right. I got to know about this best sales funnel builder which you can start creating from today, just simply drag and drop and you are good to go to get more and more conversions soon. Now, it is time for action. Remember only action takers win it big time. So this concludes the topic for Best Sales Funnel Builder Template Free USA 2020.

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