Best Sleeping Pillow Review India 2021

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Best Sleeping Pillow Review India 2021

Topic – Best Sleeping Pillow Review India 2021

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Hello, I’m Kiran from, and today we’re going to take a look at the Wakefit Sleeping Pillow is considered to be one of the Best Sleeping Pillow Review India 2021, which is voted as Best Sleeping Pillow India 2020. Wakefit is a company that designs mattresses and bedding with overnight recovery in mind. Whether you’re a gym rat or a nine-to-five whose daily exercise is chasing down the morning bus, Wakefit products aim to help rejuvenate your body as you sleep. Read more about Best Sleeping Pillow Review India 2021.

But does it work? And is this pillow the right choice for you? Let’s put it to Test and find out! If you find these blogs helpful, let us know by liking this blog. Now, let’s get started! The Wakefit Pillow comes in two sizes, queen, and king. I’ve spent some time with this queen here, which measures 25 inches by 15.75 inches. The pillow is fairly light, weighing about five pounds. The cover is made of bear’s Double Ice Fabric which is a polyester knit that is designed to stay cool throughout the night.

On either end of the pillow are mesh side panels that allow air to freely flow through the pillow to keep you and it cool. Inside the pillow, you will find a single piece of Loft-X Hybrid Foam, which is a combination of aerated latex and polyfoam. To clean the pillow, the cover can be washed and dried in a machine, though the foam core is spot clean only.

At first touch, I thought the cover definitely lives up to its name. It is cool to the touch, and pretty slippery. It felt so slick that I thought it might fall out of my hands like a melting ice cube or something. Though once dressed in a pillowcase, the slickness is no longer an issue. When I first laid on this pillow, I thought that it felt like a marshmallow, soft and puffy, but also supportive enough to where I didn’t feel like I was sinking all the way through. I’d say my head sunk in about 50%, and it would slowly compress a little bit more if I remained in one position for a long enough time.

I found it very conforming tomy head, neck, and shoulders. In addition to being conforming, the Bear Pillow is also responsive. The pillow springs back to full shape as soon as weight lets up off it. This responsiveness also adds balance support to couple with the conforming aspects. While the pillow feels soft to me, lightweight sleepers may find it feels a bit firmer.

So overall, while searching for Best Sleeping Pillow Review India 2021, we’ll call this Wakefit a medium pillow in terms of firmness. I measured the loft of the pillow but this level of loft worked well for me while sleeping on my side and back, but it was a little too high for my taste when sleeping on my stomach. It’s possible lighter back sleepers will prefer less loft, as well.

Speaking of switching positions, I found it a breeze due to the responsive nature of this pillow. Combination sleepers should appreciate this feature, ’cause I sure did. The lightweight of the pillow also makes it easy to move and adjust throughout the night adding another perk for restless sleepers. Being a single piece of responsive foam, this pillow is not very moldable. Whenever I would squeeze cuddle the pillow, it would bounce back to shape as soon as I moved or adjusted.

So, pillow huggers and cuddlers beware, this pillow puts up a fight, a Wakefit fight. The good news is that it does not sag and it does not need to be fluffed. Having spent a few nights with the pillow, I did find that it trapped some heat, but it was fairly minimal. It felt noticeable cooler than other conforming pillows that I’ve tested.

The latex blend in the foam and the mesh end caps in the cover do promote good airflow. When you squeeze the pillow, any heat-accumulating is able to escape out of the end mesh. This is definitely a highlight of the pillow. Overall, this is a super comfortable foamy pillow that is nice and light to move around and cuddle with. As a constantly shifting combination sleeper, I enjoyed the lightweight and responsiveness of the pillow.

The outside has an interesting texture, on this best Best Sleeping Pillow Review India 2021, but once a pillow slip is put over it, it’s easy to get used to. So who’s this pillow good for? We found the Wakefit Pillow to be an ideal choice for back and side sleepers of all weights. The balance of conforming and support at its five-inch loft should work well for those sleepers and combination sleepers will definitely appreciate the responsiveness of the Wakefit Pillow.

Stomach sleepers of any size will likely find the five-inch loft too great, and it causes them some neck pain. All in all, if you’re looking for a cool foam pillow, this is a good all-arounder. For up-to-date pricing and exclusive discounts, check the link given below, or visit Thanks for reading our Best Sleeping Pillow Review India 2020. Please give us a like if you found this helpful. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or would like a personalized recommendation. We always love hearing from you. Sleep well, everyone. This concludes the topic for Best Sleeping Pillow Review India 2021.

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