Best space heater India 2021 review buyer guide

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Best space heater India 2021 review buyer guide

Topic : Best space heater India 2021 review buyer guide

Best Space heater in India 2021-There are basically 3 types of heaters are available in the market which can handle your needs depends on your requirements.

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  1. Radiant heater(which consist of Quartz heater, halogen heater, and Carbon rod heater
  2. Fan heater&PTC heater
  3. OFR(oiled-filled heater)

Each of them have their own benefits and use it all depends on your needs while purchasing any heater for your room consider these 4 points Read more about Best space heater India 2021 review buyer guide


Body should be of good quality plastic or some better material, so that you would not get any shock.


Efficiency depends on the type of heater  so select them according to their features

Power consumption

If you need the best heater than you have to little compromise with this factor don’t worry about your electricity bill, this heater comes with thermostat which controls electricity consumption according to the outside temperature

Number one in our list is Radiant heater In these type of heater have Rod made of quartz, halogen, or carbon which produces heat and warm the surrounding.

 Warmex Gleam Carbon Heater

  • It comes with an Auto cut off technology which prevents it from overheating issues
  • It also have two heating position and shockproof body
  • And it comes with 1 year of warranty

These both type of heaters are not safe if you have kids  and pets in your house as their surface get heated up during operation so there may be the chances of skin burn.

 Fan Heater

Usha Heat Convector (812 T)

  • This heater is good for small room only
  • It comes with built-in stand  and 1-year warranty
  • It has 3 heating position and 2 fan position which helps you  to operate it on different temperatures.

Orpat OEH-1220 Fan Heater

  • This fan heater is good for small and medium-size room
  • In this heater you will get safety cut of which prevent it from overheating
  • It can only be operated on a 15A plug pin so do not use it with extension cord and lower Ampere plug pin
  • It comes with 1 year of warranty,


Amazon Brand – Solimo 2000-Watt Room Heater

  • It is also good for small and medium size room
  • It can be operated at 3 modes fan,warm, and hot mode
  • It can be use either horizontal or vertical
  • And it comes with 1 year of warranty

Fan heaters are quite safe options for children and pets And produce less suffocation and dryness in the room during operation


Oiled filled heaters Radiator Room Heater

  1. Morphy Richards  Oil Filled
  • It comes with 9 fins and a thermostat to maintain the desired temperature
  • It has auto cut off feature to prevent any damage from overheating
  • Castore wheels are provided for the smooth movement from one room to another.
  • And it comes with 2 years of warranty.


2.Havells OFR 11 Wave Fins 

  • It comes with HD320 grade oiled for better efficiency and thermostat for temperature control
  • It has 3 power setting so you can operate it on the desire power mode.
  • Castor wheels are provided for better mobility
  • And company gives you rear safety cover and 2 year  of warrant with product


At last, if you want a heater for this winter and your requirement is small and medium-size room then go with fan heater they are best, and if you have a requirement of large room and hall then PTC heater and OFR are best as they could make these job possible Warmer Gleam Carbon Heater. So this concludes the topic for Best space heater India 2021 review buyer guide.

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