Best tempered glass pc case – TUF GT501 Mid-Tower Case Review 2021

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Topic: – Best tempered glass pc case – TUF GT501 Mid-Tower Case Review 2021


In this blog, we are going to take a look at the ASUSGT501 TUF Gaming case, which is a surprise coming from ASUS, they don’t make a lot of cases and this case stands out not just as a ‘Nice attempt’ by ASUS, but a ‘Great High-end case in general that you can practically consider buying’. 


So let’s check out what makes it so unique. The case looks very unique and stands out from other cases with the current trend of going with tempered glass all over the place. You have this textured metal front which looks amazing.


It looks like something different. It comes with a 4-millimetre tempered glass, and it is very easy to remove as you can unscrew the screws with your hands, and the tempered glass itself also doesn’t need to have any holes for the screws, which makes it tougher. 


On top, you have unique handles that ASUS says support up to 30 KGs and I did test it by lifting a completely built system, and they are very strong indeed, and this is also very useful for moving the case around when you are building your system. 


You can also flatten the handles if you don’t like them sticking out on top, and you can also just remove them if you don’t like the look, but I think it loses its uniqueness if you remove them. 


It comes with 3120mm RGB fans in the front, and it also comes with a little controller which you can use to control the RGB, but you can also plug the RGB header into your motherboard and sync it with your system. 


You can also remove the metal fascia on the front and access the fans, and it also comes with a magnetic dust filter which you can easily place or remove. You also have a 140mm fan at the rear which is pretty great to have pre-installed. 


On the front, and the top, you have support for up to 3 120mm fans or a 360 mm radiator, and even on the rear, you can use a 140mm fan or radiator. 


The airflow is great with its size, and even if you don’t install any extra fans, the 4 pre-installed fans will be more than enough for most cases. It comes with a PSU shroud, which you can remove, and I am not going to read out the specs, you can see that it is a very spacious full-sized tower that supports up to E-ATX motherboards. 


You have 3 2.5 inch SSD drive bays internally, and you have 2 3.5 inches hard drive bays hidden under the PSU shroud and you also have two of them at the backside of the motherboard mount, and you can of course also use SSD instead of HDDs, so you have lots of space to mount different kinds of hard drives here. 


You have the option of vertically mounting a GPU with this case, but if you are going to use an air-cooled card, its distance from the panel will block the airflow, but for using a liquid-cooled card vertically, this is an amazing feature to have. 


You can also use something like the Cooler Master vertical mount, but for that, you will have to cut these pieces out from the PCIe slots, which is not a difficult process. On the front, you have a satisfying power button, along with 2 USB 3.0 ports, and the headphone and microphone jacks. 


Other cases in this price range may come with USB Type C ports, but I have never used them. On the backside, you have plenty of space for cable management, so you can be lazy like me, but you also many points for Velcro straps and zip ties for a more civilized way of managing the cables. 


You have the same screw mounting system as the tempered glass and this panel also gets pushed in instead of getting slid in, so that also makes it easier to push in the mess of cables that people like me don’t feel ashamed of. 


You find another dust filter under the case for the PSU, and speaking of PSU, The removable PSU shroud also has a removable lid on the front so it won’t interfere with water cooling reservoirs but one improvement that ASUS could have made is that the hole on the PSU shroud that allows for the GPU power cables to pass through is a little towards the left side.


If you are planning to use higher-end GPUs which are 30 centimetres in length. I was still able to route the cables in a way that looks good, but they should have made this longer because people are mostly going to use the higher end GPUs with this. 


So ASUS has taken the classic formula on PC cases and put it on steroids. They have then added some extra features that add practicality, and have also made some design choices that make this case stand out from the crowd in a good way. 


The only slightly odd thing I feel is that the price segment of 97$ to 179 US Dollar is generally the budget for the highest end builds, like the 5000 Dollar PC that Linus gave away recently.


And I do think that this case is worth its price tag with its quality, and the features it offers, but if you are looking to build a TUF themed PC like me, then you will have to choose some components that aren’t in the flagship lineup of ASUS. 


And while ASUS does have a ROG branded case, I think that even the people building high-end PCs generally are not shopping in that price segments. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a great case that I can recommend very easily for a high-end PC, and this is a great choice, not just for fans of ASUS products, but anyone who values having a very practical well built, and spacious case which also looks great. 



So this concludes the topic for the best-tempered glass pc case – TUF GT501 Mid-Tower Case Review 2021. Let me know what your budget for a case is when you are building a high-end PC.

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