Best traffic generator tools 2021

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Best traffic generator tools

Topic : Best traffic generator tools 2021

The click-through rate is one of the essential factors one should consider in a website. CTR is crucial because the search engine like google ranking is based on CTR and the content’s engagement. Most SEO management authorities consider CTR as the number one factor for search engine ranking. Getting organic visitors is quite challenging, as many websites compete for the same keywords as you’re. They are using the same tool for keyword searches, blog posts, posting engaging content on Facebook, etc. 

One needs to increase the click-through rate naturally by outrunning their competitor. That’s where the SERP Empire CTR tool can helpful. Read more about Best traffic generator tools 2021 

What is the SERP Empire tool?

Best traffic generator tools 2021 Before starting with the review, it’s crucial to understand what the SERP Empire tool is? It is an automatic tool that drives organic traffic to your website. This organic traffic increases the CTR in Google. The SERP Empire’s primary purpose is to generate organic traffic and CTR on your website in Google. Your website may end up ranking on the third or fourth page of the search result; it will typically rank you on the first or second page, which ultimately drives more traffic to your website. 

Salient features of SERP Empire

        The platform of the SERP Empire is relatively easy for the user, which makes this platform user-friendly. All the necessary tools are available on quick access. 

        One can quickly generate a new campaign, not only that one can stop or delete the old drive.

        Understandable dashboard

        SERP Empire comes with a feature known as Geotagging; this allows its user to put the ranking of their website on a specific geographical area. This helps them to target their audience to a particular section of people. 


Pricing Of SERP Empire

SERP Empire gives a free trial for a limited period of 15 days; after that, to use a particular specific tool, one needs to pay for those specific tools.


SERP Empire comes with four different plans; for the Basic project, one needs to pay $59 per month, allowing 100 organic search visits daily. 


Other than the basic plan, there are three more different standard, professional and agency plans, which come for $129/month, $299/month, and $499/month, respectively.


How to begin with the SERP Empire tool?

Best traffic generator tools 2021 As earlier mentioned, their platform is relatively easy to use. Making a campaign using SERP Empire is relatively easy. Firstly one needs to create a customized campaign. Then make a list of websites you’re willing to improve the SERP ranking. And don’t forget to mention those keywords for which one will receive the organic traffic.


Once you’re done with those, the tool will Search the keyword to increase your CTR. and then the website will jump to the ranking, which ultimately brings more organic traffic to your website.


Geotargeted feature

Someone might want to increase traffic in a specific geographical region. This feature is useful for those who own a website for local shops or online stores that want to sell a particular product to a particular section of people who live in a particular geographical area. With the feature of geotargeted, one can target an audience in one specific country.


Affordable traffic

Best traffic generator tools 2021 Earlier, we have discussed that this tool generates automated traffic, which makes it quite affordable you know very well that sites that use real people charges per dollar for each click, which makes it a bit expensive. So SERP Empire provides 50 to 100 click for 1$ for each website daily, making it affordable to use, and this tool provides 20 times more traffic than those sites that charge per dollar for each click.


For a starter, this tool provides 20 times more traffic than the usual one, and not only they allow one to target people of a specific geographical area, all this at the price of $59. Furthermore, they guarantee 100 searches a day and once they visit, and the website will stay for at least 1min. One can generate more organic traffic by signing up for the SERP service.


Unlimited capacity

The thing about this feature is there is no limit on the capacity. With the help of the SERP Empire, there is no limit for the ability because of their automated traffic. One can start their campaign right away and ensure that there will be enough traffic they seek no matter how big or small the campaign is.


Customer support

Best traffic generator tools 2021 Even though this tool uses automated traffic, you will get help from a real person if you need it. SERP Empire uses a natural person to solve the problem of their users. It offers 24/7 expert service to its user. If they cannot deliver what they promised, they can claim their money back because it provides a 100% money-back guarantee.


Error-free organic traffic generation

A site that uses real people for traffic generation remains a possibility of mistakes, but there is no such possibility when it comes down to automated traffic. 


Benefits of using SERP Empire


        Customizable campaign

        Comes with Geotargeted feature

        Affordable organic traffic

        Comes with unlimited capacity

        Have great customer service

        Error-free organic traffic generation


Some of the Drawbacks 

       ●        The plans of the SERP Empire can be a bit expensive for some websites or blogs.

        To use this, one needs to install a CTR boost tool.

        Nothing is guaranteed; there is the slightest chance of getting no traffic at all, as the SERP Empire has promised. 



SERP Empire is a great and simple web tool. One needs to choose the plan, create the necessary campaign, and assign the keyword, which will generate traffic. Once you’re done with this, the bot will configure things and start generating automated traffic. This SERP Empire is beneficial for small websites and eCommerce platforms. This tool does provide many great features that help one to create more traffic to your website.  We also provided you some general insight into the SERP Empire and also provided you the reason why one should this tool which generates automated traffic. So this concludes the topic for Best traffic generator tools 2021.

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