Best Whiteboard Animation Software 2021- Doodle Maker

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Best Whiteboard Animation Software 2021- Doodle Maker

Topic: Best Whiteboard Animation Software 2021- Doodle Maker

Benefits of a Doodle Video:

Increases Traffic and Click Rates

Doodle videos have been proven to drastically traffic and click rates. It has been found out that people usually like to interact with doodle whiteboard videos as compared to other traditional videos. Read more about Best Whiteboard Animation Software 2021- Doodle Maker.

Also, a customized viewing experience can be given to the viewers by providing them with a highly interactive video. This will not only improve your video quality but will also help in building an interactive audience base.

Higher Conversion Rates

In a recent study, t was found out that doodle videos are prone to increased conversion rates. And by increased conversion rates I mean up to 3X. Yes, you are reading it absolutely right three times the sale as compared to normal videos.

So if you are struggling to increase your sales you need just to create a doodle video and “Boom” your sales will shoot up high.

Don’t know how to create great doodle videos.

To create high-quality professional doodle videos you require to buy various software that can be pretty expensive. Also managing different software can be very difficult and will require time and money to learn how to use them effectively.

The Solution

Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar are digital entrepreneurs who have served more than 500,00 customers worldwide.

They have brought up an all in one solution to your problems regarding creating professional videos. They have named their doodle video creator ‘Doodle Maker’.

It is an all in one platform with Futuristic Artificial Intelligence technology that makes creating doodle videos a piece of cake. It has got some really cool additional features which cannot be fined in any other video platform.

To know more visit the official website.

Why Doodle Maker?

Doodle Maker is one of the most advanced software to make your marketing doodle videos. It uses cutting edge advanced Artificial Intelligence system to provide you with an effortless video creation experience.

It is capable of producing full HD 1080p videos of up to 15 minutes in length. Also, its feature of text to speech translation in 60 languages with over 160 male and female voices makes it even handier to make your videos versatile according to the audience.

Doodle Maker comes with a royalty-free image and music library worth 400$ completely free.

You can make your videos on three different boards: whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board. You can change the board by the new click and all the conversion work will be done by the infused artificial intelligence. Not only the color correction but also the image style conversion will be done automatically by the software.

No special qualification or skill set is required to use Doodle Maker. It is a platform made for every person who wants to improve in his or her field of interest. It is a fully automated software which makes the video creation experience seamless.

To Buy Doodle Maker Click Here.

Also, if you are not happy with the results of the product then there is a 30 days money-back guarantee proposal by the company. So if you don’t like it then you can get your full money back within 30 Days.

Additional features of Doodle Maker software:

  1. In-app voice recording
  2. Image to sketch conversion
  3. 300 plus ready-made templates
  4. AI Photo Background Remover
  5. Photo to sketch converter
  6. You can create both color and black and white videos
  7. Comes with unlimited cloud storage
  8. Prebuilt effects, animations, and transitions
  9. Point and click customization
  10. Free Commercial License

Make money using Doodle maker

Doodle maker comes with a free commercial license which means that you can sell your creations to clients and earn hefty profits from them. This unleashes infinite opportunities for you and your business. So this concludes the topic for Best Whiteboard Animation Software 2021- Doodle Maker.

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