Best Wired earphones under 500 in India 2021

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Best Wired earphones under 500 in India 2020 | Boult audio X1 earphones review

Topic : best wired earphones under 500 in India 2020 | boult audio X1 earphones review

Hi Friends, if you are looking for a best earphones under 500 rs, then you are at the right place, because in this post i am going to review the best earphones under 500, which i purchased from amazon on 17th October 2020 and the name of that earphone is Boult Audio X1 wired earphones.

I personally liked the overall performance of this earphone, which is quite good. Now lets discuss the features of this earphone in detail.

Key Features

  1. This wired earphone comes with a pair of Silicone tips and silicone wings.
  2. You will also get the extra two pairs of silicone tips and silicone wings of different size, you can change tips and wings according to your comfort.
  3.  This boult audio x1 wired earphone has inclined nozzles on which silicone tips are attached, these inclined nozzles aids in easy fit of earphone in your ears.
  4. This wired earphone consists of silicone wings gives you an extra advantage and helps you to fit the earphone in your ears comfortably.
  5. This boult audio x1 wired earphone consists of a microphone and multitasking button to recieve the calls.
  6. This wired earphone have a 3.5 mm audio jack and have a “L shaped” connector, provides you an comfortable gaming experience while playing games on your smartphone.
  7. This boult audio x1 wired earphone has a long enough black wire which is made up of rubber.

Guys i have also made a youtube video where i did the review and unboxing of this earphone in detail, which you can watch here.


Now lets find out the Pros and Cons of this Boult audio X1 wired earphone.

  • Excellent Sound quality.
  • ​Comes with extra two pairs of silicone tips and silicone wings of different sizes, hence no worry about the size issue.
  • ​Provides Full comfort while listening to the audio.
  • ​Good wire quality.
  • ​Silicone wings makes this earphone comfortable and easy to fit in your ears.
  • ​Overall performance is good.

According to my personal experience I found only one drawback in this earphone and that is, it’s not easy to wrap this earphone. Therefore you cannot carry this earphone anywhere in your pocket easily.


Guys with these features in this price range, I do not think that you can get a best earphones under 500 anywhere in comparison to boult audio x1 wired earphone. You can definitely go with this earphone.


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