Best Wireless Home Theatre System Introduction and Types

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Best Wireless Home Theatre System Introduction and Types

Topic : Best Wireless Home Theatre System Introduction and Types

What is a Wireless Home Theatre System?

The answer may be known by all but the definition Is quite confusing at times- People have entirely different ideas on what it is. As the name suggests it’s a miniature version of the System used in theatres. It is a high-quality sound system. There is a huge difference in the sound quality between a standard speaker and in the home theatre system. Good sound quality is what makes watching things on television more interesting and extensive. So having a wireless Home theatre system will make watching things on TV more enjoyable. Read more about Best Wireless Home Theatre System Introduction and Types.

Wireless home theatre system uses use a variety of Radio Frequency system to transmit the sound output from the system to the surrounding.

 A wireless system can use:

·         Bluetooth technology.

·         Variations of Wi-Fi.

Wireless technologies are growing at a rapid rate and the advancements of such technologies every product is being produced with the latest wireless technology.

Being totally immersed in the movie or the music that you are listening to is the best feeling one can have so enjoying such good music in standard quality won’t be much fun as much enjoying it in the Highest Sound quality will give.

How many speakers are required for the best sound quality?

As a rule, more speakers more fun. A home theatre-like experience can be received from a few speakers but to have an authentic experience of the miniature theatre one may require at least 5 speakers. In the 5 speaker combination, one speaker will be in the centre, two on the left and two on the right and a subwoofer. The speaker in the centre will deliver most of the dialogues and the rest of the sound will be distributed in the rest of the speakers which will give an experience of the sound coming from all the directions.

 What do the channels mean?

Numbers like 5.1, 7.1 are usually mentioned on the Wireless Home theatre systems which refer to the number of outputs the audio can be channelled through i.e. the number of speakers a wireless home theatre system uses. For a 5.1 wireless home theatre system the number of speakers used are 5 and 0.1 represents whether the system uses a subwoofer or not. Some wireless home theatre system uses the numbering as 5.1.2. Here the .2 shows that there are 2 Dolby Atmos Speakers being used. So to get a theatre-like experience use a wireless home theatre system with 5 speakers or the 7 speakers wireless home theatre system will give a full cinema sound system at home.

Different types of Wireless Home Theatre Systems

A.      2.1 Wireless Home Theatre Systems

These systems have their focus on the bass. Such wireless home theatre system uses 2 front speakers and a subwoofer which increases the bass power. They are a good choice for only the sound quality but not an ideal choice for the surround sound.

B.      3.1 Wireless Home Theatre Systems

These systems have a pair of front speakers a centre speaker and a subwoofer which makes it appear like the dialogues are coming from the centre of the screen.

C.      5.1 Wireless Home Theatre Systems

These are the widely used Wireless Home Theatre Systems. These speakers strike a perfect balance between the price and the high sound quality. These systems provide 1 speaker at the centre, 2 to the left and 2 speakers to the right with a subwoofer for a perfect theatre-like experience. So this concludes the topic for Best Wireless Home Theatre System Introduction and Types.

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