Best Zero Fat Air Fryer Healthy Electric Chip Fryer India 2021

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Best Zero Fat Air Fryer Healthy Electric Chip Fryer India 2021

Topic: Best Zero Fat Air Fryer Healthy Electric Chip Fryer India 2021

 Air Fryer Healthy zero fat air fryer

It’s time to update your traditional deep fat fryer to a healthier air fryer. Which will reduce fat by up to 85% compared to traditional deep fat frying. Choose a healthy zero fat air fryer for a healthy and fit life. There are so many air fryer exist in the market, but I have bring a very special digital air fryer of havells for you. Read more about the topic best zero fat air fryer healthy electric chip fryer India 2021.



◆ This air fryer comes with Aero Crisp technology, which keeps the air circulation in it.

◆ Its digital touch screen control panel makes it even easier to operate. It fries the food at 360 degrees.

◆ In this, you get 10 auto pre-set menu options.

◆ You can set its time and temperature according to the food.

◆ LED display

◆ Up to 200° C temperature range.

◆ You can set it up to 60 minutes on auto shut-off mode.

◆ It comes with a 2-year warranty.

◆ Its power is 1700 watts which makes heating of food quite quick.

◆ Bigger food basket in which you can make a dish for full family of 4-5 person easily.

◆ Safety lock

◆ Overheat protection 

◆ Pan capacity- 6.5L 


This air fryer is digital and havells manufactured it. It has a 5-liter basket space in which you can keep food comfortably. You can easily set it up to 200 degrees. You can easily make veg and non-veg dishes in it. You can make chicken, fish, sandwiches, french fries, chips, samosa, and other dishes in this air fryer. in case you devour less oil and want to hold your fitness better then this product is excellent for you and your own family.

You can easily wash its baskets with normal soap water or scrubber. And you can clean it with any plain cloth. Its basket is made of Teflon so that food does not stick. Often the handle of another air fryer or deep fryer gets very hot but the steel handle of this air fryer does not get hot while frying food, so you can operate it very comfortably. It is very light in weight, you can lift it and keep it anywhere.

In the beginning, you will have to give time to set its timer and temperature to get used to. But you can make very good dishes from it, which are delicious as well as healthy. On this air fryer you can toast, roast, fry, bake and grill the meals. Earlier than the usage of it for the primary time, make sure to preheat it two times for at least 10-15 minutes so that its plastic scent do no longer gets into your meals.

Is Air Fryer Really Healthier?

Air frying is more healthy than frying the food in oil. This reduces the amount of fat and oil in the food by up to 80 percent. Dishes made in air fryer are absolutely tasty and healthy. If you do not like to eat more oily then air frying is a more convenient way for you.

I hope you will found this information helpful. This concludes the topic best zero fat air fryer healthy electric chip fryer India 2021.

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