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Bluehost Review

Topic : Bluehost Review

Blue Host is one of the renowned Hosting companies around the World. It offers WordPress to recommended Hosting Providers. It has 24/7 Customer support for all his plans which gives a variety of offers in Hosting plans. In the last 2 years, I have tested a lot of other Companies but a real smile comes with the experience of Bluehost. All the bloggers and other companies using BlueHost Hosting plans because it is cheaper and affordable as well. Here is my reviews about Bluehost and the reasons are:-

Reason 1-Excellent Customer Service

There is nothing more infuriating than having bad customer service at your hosting company. I have been with other Hosting previously, and my experience with them was horrific. Traumatizing even. I used to submit support tickets and then not hear back for 2 days. Then I had to submit another support ticket to follow up on the existing support ticket. And again no reply for 2 days. It was making me incredibly angry. You will get support 24/7 every day without downtime. You can get support live by phone or chat. Read more about Bluehost Review.

Reason 2 – Excellent  Loading Times

As I have mentioned, I have been with other hosting companies, including HostGator, Siteground, FatCow, Namecheap Hosting, GoDaddy Hosting, and a couple of smaller ones. Bluehost load times have always been the fastest and I have never experienced any unusual slowness of websites.

I haven’t personally done any sort of time loading comparison, I can just say that my HostGator shared hosting sites sometimes took 4-5 seconds to even start loading. With Bluehost, it’s always been instant, really fast.

Reason 3 – Get Instant Phone Support

I don’t like to call my hosting provider very often. I have only done it a few times. But there could be people out there who would like to call up instead of chat or tickets.

So I can’t categorically say that phone support is ALWAYS instant, but in the 2 or 3 times that I had to call, they did indeed pick up instantly.


Reason 4- Many Features


They offer a lot of extra features for your website. As a user, you always like the extra features for your website. Often the 3-second delay can cost you a lot of traffic for your website


Reason 5-Affordable pricing

I put this at the very bottom because honestly, price isn’t the biggest factor when choosing your hosting provider. The most important things are customer support and website loading speed.

They offer the Best pricing and affordable Hosting plans in the industry. From beginners to establish Companies all are using Bluehost because

Of its affordable pricing reach. It offers 2.95$/ month with a starting price which is easily gettable for everyone. The Plus Hosting plan is 5.95$ /month which is highly recommendable. However, its renewable charges are a bit higher than the average but it hardly matters because starting is very important. They offer affordable starter plans that fit any budget requirements.

And Bluehost is not expensive by any means – they are extremely affordable, and still very close to being one of the cheapest companies.


Conclusion –Bluehost Is the Perfect Choice

Well, there you go. As you can probably tell, I really love Bluehost. And I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. They have a selection of plans which can grow with you… I started with a cheap shared hosting plan and now I am running a VPS (Cloud) account because I have so many websites. But it’s totally scalable and you can start out with a standard shared account and then go up when you need to. So this concludes the topic for Bluehost Review

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