Buying Guide For Best TV Online In India 2021

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Buying Guide For Best TV Online In India 2021

Topic : Buying Guide For Best TV Online In India 2021

Buying a TV is a decision you make for the long term. We know that you want to make a wise decision so that you don’t regret it later. A well-informed decision means, the chances of regretting or feeling unsatisfied later is minimum. Therefore, we are presenting the Top 6 things you should know before buying a TV. Check out our Buying Guide For TV below. Read mote about Buying Guide For Best TV Online In India 2021

Buying Guide For TV – Buying Guide For Best TV Online In India 2021


Buying Guide For TV India 2020

People fancy big screens today. However, you should know what screen size is perfect for you. You should look for a screen size according to the size of the room, or the distance between the TV and your sitting place. If the TV is too big or too close, you will not be able to see it clearly. Add to that the neck movements you will have to make. On the other hand, if the TV is too small then you will not be able to see the details.

3-6 24″
4-8 32″
5-10 40″-43″
6-12 49″
8-13 55″
10 & Above 63″ Above


Any buying guide for TV will include ‘display’ as one of the factors. There are various display types that define the quality of the picture on your TV. Older display types like LCD and Plasma are outdated. Modern TVs will have either LED, OLED, or QLED display types. OLED and QLED are better as compared to LED displays. You will get far better a viewing angle in both the display types as compared to the LED display. However, LED TV with an IPS panel can solve this problem and you will get a better viewing angle.

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There are primarily three resolutions available.

  • HD Ready: 720P
  • Full HD: 1020P
  • UHD/ 4K : 2160P
TIP: Higher the resolution, the clearer the picture quality.


The most ‘smart TV’ comes with an Android operating system, layered with a user interface designed by TV companies. These are with base Android OS but not ‘google certified’. But there are many companies that produce Google Certified Android TVs. These are considered the best as you can access a wide variety of apps from the google play store. Other than Android and Google Certified Android OS, many brands have their own OS like Tizen, Web OS, etc. These operating systems are also good as they also have all the popular apps on them.


All Smart TVs come with RAM and internal storage space. As in mobile devices, the higher the RAM, the smoother the TV performance. For most uses, a 2GB RAM is sufficient. As far as storage memory is concerned, it depends on how much content and apps you want to store on your TV. Mostly, content can be used in external storage. If you fancy many apps, 8GB of storage memory should be enough.

Connectivity: All TV has a variety of connectivity options like HDMI, USB, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. An HDMI port will be required for your set-top box and if you have a CC TV camera to be used then you would need an HDMI port for that too. USB ports are required for flash drives, camera, internet dongle, etc. Bluetooth can be used to connect external speakers or headphones. Therefore, you must first check what all ports you need and select the TV accordingly. The number of ports varies from brand to brand.


One of the most important factors in our buying guide for TV is Sound. Buying a TV is like a buying experience. You expect great video and sound quality. You must check for the sound output. Sound output is measure in Watts. More the watts more the sound. However, the quality of sound can be determined by the technology your TV uses. Some TVs come with Dolby Digital or DTS Premium. Some come with Harman Kardon.Tip: Higher the Watts, higher the sound. So this concludes the topic for Buying Guide For Best TV Online In India 2021.

TIP: Higher the Watts, higher the sound.


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