Can I Do Online Surveys From Home?

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Can I Do Online Surveys From Home?

Yes, You Can.

For many years, recognized paid surveys have been the secret preserve of a select group of people wishing to earn extra money, including internet marketers. Today, however, men and women employed in full time jobs, stay-at-home moms and dads, and anyone in need of additional money, can earn reasonably appreciable amounts of cash by simply doing online survey jobs from home.

If you count yourself among any of the groups of people mentioned above, here is what you should know. With the exception of a few illegitimate entities, the number of large, legitimate corporations and businesses – in dire need of people to conduct paid surveys on their behalf – now runs into the thousands. So, by sparing just a little extra time and effort, internet users will discover that companies offering legitimate survey jobs from home can provide them with a steady source of recurring income.

The most appealing factor about paid online projects is that they can be conducted from home by just about anyone who owns a computer, or even from a cyber cafe or public library. One noteworthy organization – considered the India’s best source for legitimate online income – is the ‘Awwro’. This survey panel  is one of the highest paying survey sites in India and pays up to $5 per survey. Awwro sends consistently high paying surveys to it’s members and is also one of only a few reliable survey panels in the niche market of online surveys.

Companies for whom Awwro works primarily require unbiased feedback from the general public on the products and services they market. Some companies seek candid assessments from specific demographic groups, usually defined as their ‘potential’ or ‘core’ targets. However, other companies are not particularly concerned about receiving positive or negative feedback from any demographic groups, provided it has a high degree of accuracy.

Paid internet-based surveys have their origins way back, when people received mailings from the ‘Nielsen’ company inviting comments on TV ratings. Subsequently, several companies emulated Nielsen’s pioneering exercise. They recognized that it could be used as an effective medium to offer people a product sample or service for free, in exchange for a mere 15-40 minutes of their time to complete online surveys

In order to determine whether or not a site offering paid surveys from home jobs is legitimate, the best way to do so is by visiting, or recognized sites which feature customer complaints.


Remember, Awwro only sends online surveys to it’s registered members based on DOI confirmation.

Paid internet-based surveys are safe, extremely easy to do, and lots of fun. So, go ahead and enter this exciting and lucrative world by joining Awwro here and start earning extra cash from the comfort of your home. How about today? Well, the sooner … the better for you.

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