Car Seat for Babies Buying Advice and Guide Children 2021

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Car Seat for Babies Buying Advice and Guide India 2021

Topic : Car Seat for Babies Buying Advice and Guide Children 2021

Choosing the Right Car Seat

Choosing the right car seat can often be very confusing as not only do you have to ensure the right size car seat for your child, but the car seat you choose is also a perfect fit for your car. is. Choosing a car seat, which scores highly on the many test reports available, is all very well but choosing a car seat that fits your car properly is probably the more important feature for your chilled safety. is. read more about Car Seat for Babies Buying Advice and Guide Children 2021.

If you are in any doubt about which car seat is right for your car, consult the web site of the car seat manufacturers as many leading manufacturers like Britax, Maxicocci and Renoluxville have the Fit Finder Guide which it Indicates which of their car seats are most suitable for their model of car.

  • Choosing a car seat that is suitable for the weight and height of your children.
  • Group 0+ baby carrier
  • Group 0: For infants up to 10 kg (22 lb) from birth to 7–9 months.
  • Group 0+: up to 13 kg (29 lbs) for children from birth to 12-15 months.
  • Group 0+ baby carrier

This group of car seats can be used in the front or rear of the car, but CANNOT cannot be used in the front passenger seat when there is a passenger airbag. It is safer to put them backwards. Rear-facing seats provide more protection to the baby’s head, neck, and spine than front-facing seats.

Babies should be in the back seat of the car and should not be placed on the front seat until they weigh at least 9 kg. Babies should be placed on the back seat as much as possible. Once your child is above the maximum weight for a rear-facing seat or above the seat above their head, they should be moved to the front seat. This is not important if their knees are bent over the seat, provided they are still within the weight limit of the seat.

The convenience factor with this step of the car seat is that most models will have a carry handle that will enable you to easily remove and carry the baby and is particularly handy without removing them from the car seat if the child is asleep. Is and may fit into the same pushchair. A travel system.

Group 0+ and 1 car seats

Suitable for infants up to 18 kg, birth to about 4 years.

Ideal car seats if you do not have to continuously drive from car to car or car to house. They are a very large seat designed to protect your child from a newborn for 4 years. The car seat is used at the rear when using a child up to 9kgs. Once the child reaches 9 to 13 kg of weight, the car seat can be used forwards. Baby will not have to face until they are 13 kg. It is important to check that this style of child car seat is compatible with your vehicle when fitted front and rear. You should never leave the child without sleeping in any car.

9 + Car Seat for Babies India Comfortable for your Child 2021

Front child seat

Group 1: For children weighing 9–18 kg (20–40 lb) from about 9 months – 4 years.

Once a child overtakes the rear seat, the best option is to use the Group 1 seat with the integral, large area of ​​harness to help reduce the risk of injury when an accident occurs. The bottom attachment between the legs will also prevent the child from slipping further down. They can be used in the front or rear of the car, but it is safer to keep them at the rear, especially if the front airbag is there. Once again it is safest to place children on this type of car seat until they push it forward.

Take your child to the booster seat once they have exceeded the maximum weight for the child seat or the top of their head is higher than the top of the seat. If you intend to use this car seat between two cars, please make sure that the model of car seat purchased is suitable for both cars. It may be easier to buy every two seats that fully fit the car than to buy one seat, which does not require great care to follow the car’s belt routings and tighten well. They can also be car specific for perfect fitting and do not fit the child seat in each car.

With this in mind, perhaps ISOFIX fitting car seats are worth checking out. It is a system that aims to make fitting child seats quick and simple. All new cars are manufactured with ISOFIX points, allowing ISOFIX child seats to be plugged into ISOFIX points only in the car. This is a very useful development as many people find it difficult to fit child seats correctly and several surveys have found that a high proportion of child seats have not been adequately fitted. Most child seats are currently designed to fit using the car’s adult lap and a diagnostic seat belt (or sometimes, just a lap belt). However car seats, seat belts and their anchors vary dramatically between different models. Car seats vary in size, some seat belts are much shorter than others, the position of the anchor points vary so some are farther or have shorter stalks than others. All these factors make it almost impossible to make a child’s car seat that fits all cars and sometimes it is difficult to fit a child’s car seat correctly.

ISOFIX car seats are designed to solve all these problems. The ultimate objective is that any ISOFIX child car seat you purchase will fit your car by simply plugging it into the ISOFIX point. Another advantage of ISOFIX is that it will create a rigid link between the child seat and the car to provide an additional seat. It is important to ensure that any ISOFIX seats you use in the vehicle are approved for this. It is not the case right now that any ISOFIX seat will fit every car with ISOFIX points. To fit an ISOFIX seat in some cars you can use either a top teether kit or an ISOFIX car seat that has a drop down leg to stabilize the car seat to the floor of the car. Please ensure that your car is suitable for the seat you have chosen by consulting the relevant manufacturers web site.

Group 2 Child Car Seats: For children weighing 15-25kgs (33-55lbs), approximately 4 to 10 years.

If your child is over 25kgs weight, but height is less than 135cm, it is recommended that the child be on the seat. Most seats in Stage 2 have an adjustable height, allowing you to gradually change the back height as your child grows; It also changes the height and angle of the seat belt, keeping it constantly in the safest position. These seats do not have to be fitted for each car and usually all vehicles will be fitted without too many problems – sports car owners with bucket seats will need to choose a seat with a smaller base.

Group 1 and 2 Child Car Seats:

Suitable for children weighing 9–36kgs (20–80lbs) from 9 months to 12 years, or approximately 135cms.

The choice of car seats in this range is more than ever. The car seat will include a child harness up to 15-18kgs then the harness can be removed and the child seat can be used with an adult car seat belt with an adjuster or seat belt guide so that the belt is rubbed on the chill neck. Is not. The rest of the height behind these seats will also be adjustable with some width with adjustment.

Group 3 Child Car Seats:

Generally 22kgs (48lbs) or suitable for children above 6 years.

This child seat increases the height of the child so that they can use the adult seat belt in the correct position.


There is no child seat survival evidence to comply with the legal requirements of ECE R44 as the harness system is not fully child proof. Harnesses should be adjusted quickly and correctly with children encouraged to sit within the car seat harness.

If the child’s seat is involved in an accident or has suffered any damage it should be replaced immediately. No damage is always visible on the car seat such as a harness that is designed to help stretch to protect the internal organs from damage. This can only happen once with any further effect so that there is no further stretch and thus the child is hurt.

This is why you should never use a second hand car seat.

If you allow your child to eat and drink on the car seat, please make sure you keep the chin car seat buckle as clean as any food or drink that finds its way, causing buckles and harness To prevent it from working properly. So this concludes the topic for Car Seat for Babies Buying Advice and Guide Children 2021.

9 + Car Seat for Babies India Comfortable for your Child 2021

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