August 17, 2021

Coinswitch Kuber Review

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Welcome to Tecknote Today’s topic is Coinswitch Kuber Review is it a good app to buy cryptocurrency or not. so let’s start without wasting so much time.

What is Coinswitch Kuber

Coinswitch Kuber is a crypto-exchanging and trading app where you can buy and sell crypto easily.

You can buy almost all crypto currency with this app and you can also buy latest crypto release in market.

Cryptocurrency is also called asset in financial because it is an investment you make and depending upon market you receive your profit or loss.

Some of popular crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Litecoin and many more able to buy with coinswitch kuber app.

Is Buying Cryptocurrency with coinswitch kuber App is legal or not in India

Very simple answer to this question, yes you can buy assets and this is purely legal in India.

In 6th April 2018 the Supreme Court of India disallowed the ban on buying and trading crypto assets and now you can trade in it.

Do you think who blamed case on crypto trading in India?

It’s the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) as bitcoin and other currency will devast the Indian Banking System.

Is Coinswitch Kuber a Scam App

No, coinswitch kuber is a trusted app or trusted crypto exchanging app, this is not a scam app that stole and take your money.

I have tried this app; I have invested some amount on bitcoin and withdrawal it and received the amount in about 15 minutes.

Is There Any Hidden Charges Buying Cryptocurrency with Coinswitch Kuber

It’s a very tough question, the app developer says that they don’t charge any processing amount.

But in my opinion as I have used this app, I have noticed that the buying and selling price of cryptocurrency

Suddenly changes when we do transaction

But there are some problems while using coinswitch kuber app if you want to know then visit Coinswitch Kuber Review

there you will find many problems and you will know is it worth to use this app for crypto investment or not.

and there is an offer for you too if you download coinswitch kuber app with our refer link then you will get 50 rupees worth bitcoin absolutely free.

and you can withdraw that amount by adding more 50 rupees in your wallet and you will gain 50% profit on the spot.

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