March 30, 2021

Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite Gaming Mouse

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Hi everyone. Today we’re taking a look at two brand new mice from Corsair: the Scimitar RGB Elite, and the Dark Core RGB Pro. Both of these new mice are upgrades of previous models from Corsair, with some new features. Let’s take a look at the features each model offers, to help you decide which one might be right for you.

Corsair has been making the Scimitar since 2015, and the mouse is distinguished by the panel of 12 programmable side buttons. It has 17 buttons total, which makes it appealing for button-hungry games like MMOs. The side button panel, which Corsair calls the “Key Slider” is even adjustable and can be moved slightly forward or backward, to put the buttons in easy reach of your thumb.

The Scimitar RGB Elite has full RGB lighting, of course, controllable through Corsair’s iCUE software. The coloured lights are featured in the Corsair logo under the palm, on the scroll wheel, on the numbered side buttons, and along the side in the form of the DPI indicator light. The mouse has an 18,000 DPI optical PixArt PMW3391 and Omron switches rated for50 million clicks. It’s built for performance and durability, and that extends to its flexible braided cable.

Scimitar is an easy option to recommend if you need a lot of buttons. It’s a good all-around gaming mouse from a company with a good reputation in the gaming mouse field, but if you aren’t going to take advantage of those side buttons, then you’re probably going to be better off considering a different option like maybe, the Dark Core RGB Pro! Corsair has been making mice in the Dark Core line since 2018.

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The Dark Core RGB Pro refines the original version by adding more traditional and easy-to-use side buttons, along with some new RGB lighting accents. The most exciting thing about the Dark Core is that it can be used wirelessly – either using Corsair’s Slipstream wireless connection or Bluetooth, if your computer already has Bluetooth connectivity built-in. To use the Slipstream connection, you’ll need to plug in the small dongle that’s included with the mouse.

Or you can always use the nice braided cable that comes with the mouse, and use it in wired mode. That’s also how you plug in and charge the battery for wireless functionality. This mouse also has an 18,000 DPI optical sensor, though this one is optimized for wireless mice. It has “hyper-polling technology” up to 2,000 Hz, which means that information is travelling from the mouse to your PC up to 2,000 times every second.

That’s actually even faster than the wired Scimitar RGB Elite, which has a still-impressive polling rate of 1,000 Hz. The Dark Core RGB Pro is a great choice for gamers who like thumb rests since it has a generous one. It also has a swappable attachment for the right side of the mouse body to provide a fingertip rest, which makes this mouse a great option for gamers with large hands or grips that can lead to finger drag. The Dark Core RGB Pro also has an MSRP of $79.99, the same as the Scimitar RGB Elite.

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So which of Corsair’s new mice is better for you? It really comes down to which feature you value more: wireless functionality or a whole bunch of side buttons. Wireless performance in gaming peripherals has come a long way in the past few years, to the point where high-performance mice like the Dark Core RGB Pro can offer performance that’s basically indistinguishable from a wired model. You might still have concerns about a wireless gaming mouse if you’re a pro gamer with a ton of money on the line, but for most players, in most circumstances, the Dark Core RGB Pro offers all upside, no downside.

Being free from wires feel fantastic and can eliminate cord drag and make you more agile if you’re combining the mouse with a laptop since you won’t have to worry about your cord getting in the way. However, if you’re an MMO player, an RTS fiend, or maybe just somebody who loves programmable buttons so you can have a whole world of macros at your fingertips well the Scimitar RGB Elite is going to be your baby.

There are very few mice on the market to offer this much pure functionality, so if you want seventeen buttons on your gaming mouse, you probably want a Corsair Scimitar. Which of these two mice would you pick? We’ll have a poll popping up in the corner of the screen right about now. Vote in that poll and make your voice heard and then let us know what you think in the comments below.

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