Do Non Stick Pans Causes Cancer

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Do Non Stick Pans Causes Cancer

Topic : Do Non Stick Pans Causes Cancer

Cooking pots and pans are essential need of every kitchen. While if talk about cookware non stick pots and pans are well known and very useful because of their non stick coating feature. 

Beside some benefits of non stick pans here is bit concern of using non stick pan is safe for health or not?

Well answer is YES! there are minimum chances of cancer but if you follow our guide you can almost neglect risk factors.

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How To Minimize The Health Risks By Using Non Stick Pans In Safe Ways


·         Don’t use pans that are damaged or scratched

·         Avoid high heat, always cook on medium heat. Cooking on medium heat also increases taste in food.

·         Avoid empty pans on a hot burner.

·         Non stick pans are safer to cook under 500F.

·         If you are in hurry and wants to cook fast then open windows as use exhaust fan.

·         Don’t wash your pans in dishwasher there are chances of scratching non stick coating. Well many brands claims that they are dishwasher safe but always prefer hand washing it will also increase life of pans as well.

·         Avoid using abrasive cleaning materials.

·         Always use well known brands that have good reputation in market.


These are the precautions that will help to reduce the health risks in cooking pots. But if you want to remain in safe side and never compromise with your health you can alternative of non stick pans.

Here Are Other Options

We all know non stick pans are widely used because of their non stick cooking behavior and there are variety of pans available in the market for specific cooking tasks such as best non stick pan for eggs, fishes, meat etc. But if you are health conscious you have following options to choose.

Stainless Steel:

Nickel free stainless steel cookware are completely safe to use and they have good conductive ability as well but problem is that at high heat food will stick to the surface otherwise it is best choice.


Coated copper is another option and good for health. You can cook anything whatever you want. Avoid heating at high temperature will prevent copper from leaching into your food. 

Clay Pots:

One of the safest pots in the universe, because of their ability to circulate steam throughout cooking. Which offers plenty of moisture that mean you can cook with less oil and fat. Only drawback of clay pot is you need to apply extra care if temperature changes quickly there is risk of cracking Therefore, when cooking in clay pot, you need to increase the temperature slowly and gradually.


Yes! non stick pans can cause cancer but chances are minimum. With extra care you can almost neglect the risk factors and can use non stick pans safely. You can also use alternative of non stick pans such as clay which safest cookware in the world or you can use Stainless steel, Copper.

Hope this little information will add great values in your health cook style. So this concludes the topic for Do Non Stick Pans Causes Cancer.

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