Eight Limbs of Yoga – An Ultimate Guides To Control Diabetes & High Blood Pressure – Sagar Raghvani

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Eight Limbs of Yoga – An Ultimate Guides To Control Diabetes & High Blood Pressure – Sagar Raghvani

If you have attempted to practice yoga for any reason whatsoever at any point in your life, you need this book.

If you want to understand the principles of  yoga and how they can be implemented in your everyday life, then you need this book.You should read this book because it contains all you need to know about the eight limbs of yoga.

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The book was carefully written in a simple language that will enable people who are not conversant with yoga to understand yoga.

Who needs this book?

Anybody needs this book.

Everyone needs this book; women, men, children, youth, older people, yoga instructors, and anyone interested in having a healthy life.

I wrote this book out of a desire to help people achieve their health goals. I firmly believe that yoga can help you achieve your health goals and give you some mind-blowing results.

I remember a friend of mine who reluctantly began the practice of yoga about a decade ago. He was reluctant because he has heard a lot about the relaxation technique and its many benefits, but didn’t consider it as true. With much persuasion on my part and a few other friends, he found the courage to give yoga a try. Since then, yoga has helped him cope with and also recover from anxiety, insomnia,depression, and some other illnesses.For most people, the story is similar.Usually, the physical aspect of yoga, called hatha yoga, is the first entry point. It’s the point where you experience the ‘yoga high,’resulting from a right blend of intentional breathing, mindful body movements, and conscious awareness.

Any good addict should naturally want more of such, isn’t it?

Well, maybe.

But as you go further in yoga practice, you would come to realize that physical yoga is just a little part and a tip of the iceberg, when compared with the other experiences that other yoga practices can offer you.

You will discover that beyond the physical, is a whole new way to experience what yoga truly is. You will begin to see it as a system, a discipline, and a pattern for emotional and mental mastery.

This yoga pattern is commonly referred to as the Eight fold Path, or the Eight Limbs of Yoga was created many centuries ago. It aims to help us clear any ripples in our minds, maintain mental calmness, and enable us to experience life to the full and as it should be.For specifics, the asanas- the yoga poses tend to focus more on your body, while the Eight fold path focuses more on altering a suffering state by taming your senses.

If you can be disciplined enough to practice these eight limbs of yoga, you have very high chances of experiencing the following in your life:

  • You will experience a more profound sense of reasoning,understanding, intuition and insight.
  • You will experience a great sense of internal calmness irrespective of your external circumstances.
  • You will also experience a much higher level of resilience and inner strength.As you read further in this book, you will understand that the eight limbs of yoga emphasize the fundamental teaching of yoga.


According to Patanjali, the basic of yoga is ‘he cessation of the turnings of the thought and that when thought ceases,the spirit stands in its true identity as an observer to the world. ‘Several thousands of years ago, a sage called Patanjali, was the individual who first systemized and summarized the whole idea, psychology, and philosophy of yoga. In his piece, he outlined how anyone can experience total psychological transformation through yoga disciplines .

Though an ancient text, it comprises a hundred and ninety-five little pearls of wisdom that can be a guide for creating a life of purpose and meaning. His teachings constitute what is generally known today as classical yoga.Of the one hundred and ninety-five pearls of wisdom outlined, thirty one unveiled the eight limbs of yoga, which can also be called the ‘ashtanga yoga’.

==> Read Full Book From Here: Eight Limbs of Yoga – An Ultimate Guides To Control Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

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