June 11, 2021

Electronic Gadgets Make The People Weak Or Strong

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In the current world, nobody can live without electronic gadgets. From small children to elders, everyone is a victim of electronic gadgets. Today in this article we will discuss these things only. Today you will get the answer to that question which you were thinking about for so long. Electronic gadgets make people weak or strong. Well, this question is very difficult to answer. We will try to give you the best answer for this. First of all, let us discuss can Electronics Gadgets Really Make People Weak Or Strong

Can Electronics Gadgets Really Make People Weak Or Strong

Many people think that banning technology can increase focus and productivity. But did you know that technology is the way to success? If this technology can be used with some discipline and effort then it changes you and your position.

Well if we talk about electronic gadgets making people weak, the answer is partial yes. Excessive use of mobiles, tablets, TVs, computers, and laptops can cause mental and physical damage to people.

If we talk about electronic gadgets making people strong, the answer is yes. Electronic gadgets help us a lot. Anything you don’t know then you can search it online and you will get the answer.

Now we have shortly explained that Electronic Gadgets Make The People Weak Or Strong. In the rest of the article we have covered What is Electronics Gadgets?, Positive Effect Of Electronic Gadgets On People, Negative Effect Of Electronic Gadgets On People and at last we have made the conclusion so that you get the final answer.

What are Electronics Gadgets?

Electronic gadgets are appliances that are based on technology that connects people personally and professionally. Some examples of electronic gadgets are calculators, smartphones, TV, digital cameras, etc.

These are examples of electronic gadgets that use technology to connect us with the world.

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Positive Effect Of Electronic Gadgets On People

Increasing sense and imagination

If children younger than preschool age use electronic devices then it helps them a lot it increases their sense and imagination power. It develops the skill of listening, learning, and speech.

Build innovative thinking

Playing games on electronic gadgets helps children to develop analytical skills. These devices can be powerful tools for children to develop life skills also, these are the normal part of modern childhood.

They make us more efficient

Electronic gadgets make people more efficient as some decades ago, calling someone is a very difficult task for people but now the invention of mobile phones is very helpful for all of us.

Negative Effect Of Electronic Gadgets On People

Causes hearing problems

Everyone uses earbuds, earphones, or headphones to listen to music, various types of videos, etc, at a very high volume for better sound quality. These things are very common in youngsters but nowadays children are also very addicted to these things.

Everyone knows that they may become deaf after hearing music at a very high volume but no one understands how big a problem this is. There are many tiny hair cells present in the ear that may be destroyed after hearing a loud noise.

This is a very common problem in electronic gadgets.


Electronics gadgets can make people blind. Without blinking your eyes, if you stay on the phone or laptop, or PC for a long time then your eyes dry and it irritates you, this is not good for your eyes.

Gadgets can cause problems in the retina and there may be a situation of vision loss. If you maintain the distance between your device and your eyes then there may be a lesser chance of vision loss.

Cause back pain

Constant sitting in the wrong position can cause back pain. This is a common problem for all people. While working on the PC or laptop or just scrolling your phone, if you sit in the wrong position then it causes a problem.

Causes sleep disorders

Nowadays children are so much addicted to their mobile phones, laptops, PC and many more. They spent the whole night on their mobile by chatting or scrolling on social media and many more. It impacts directly on your sleep. Smartphones, tablets, and TVs can emit blue light that can contribute to poor sleep. Doctors recommend cut off-screen time 1 hour before bed.


So, till now we have seen that this is right to say that electronic gadgets make people weak or strong both are right at their places. If you are a parent then you have to take care of your child, you have to teach them to live without electronic gadgets, and with them too. All the people should come to live with and without electronic gadgets also, nothing should be allowed to dominate the human being.

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