Exercises – How to Get Bigger Buttocks at Home

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Get Bigger Buttocks With Exercises at Home

You want to know what are the 7 exercises to get bigger buttocks at home effectively, then stay and learn. In addition to the exercise routine, to achieve results it will be essential to protect our nutrition and consume 2 liters of water daily.

If you want to have excellent glutes, there are excellent practices outside or inside the gym that can help you. In this article, you will learn the most effective exercises to ratify the buttocks and find excellent results in terms of weeks.

The flaccidity of the buttocks is an attractive inconvenience that requires, in the first instance, effort, and in the second, perseverance to correct it. With regular exercises, you can get the figure you want.

Exercises to get bigger buttocks quickly

It is exact to take into account, before starting with the exercises to get bigger buttocks, that the back must be straight at all times, in this way you will take care of it and avoid inconveniences. What should work is the thigh region and not the waist.

If you feel jerks or bad in the lumbar or hips, then it means that you are doing the exercise badly. Rearrange the position and start again. As much as you want to have firm buttocks, you do not have to neglect your back or cause injuries.

The exercises can be carried out both in the gym and in your living room; The important thing is that you are rigorous with the routine, that you repeat it at least three times a week, and that you eat healthier. It’s no use trying so hard if you eat some food later. And don’t forget to drink at least 2 liters. of water a day, whether you exercise or not.

Get Bigger Buttocks With Exercises at Home

The special exercises to get bigger buttocks are described below

1. Squats Exercises

Without a doubt, they are the most popular to get bigger buttocks, thighs, and legs. There is talk of the infallible exercise in some routine. You can do it with different varieties, using a barbell with weights, with dumbbells, or simply the weight of your body to create resistance.

  • Standing, divide your legs until you are shoulder-width apart. If you use dumbbells, they have the possibility of being at the sides of the body (one in each hand) or with the arms stretched to the sides (at shoulder height). If you use a weight bar, pass it behind your head and support it with your shoulders.
  • Bend your knees to lower your body. Try to keep the thighs parallel to the ground and the imaginary knee line does not exceed the balls of the feet.
  • Maintain this position for a few seconds, then return to the starting position. The movement must be slow and slow.

2. Half squat or lunge Exercises

It belongs to the simplest varieties of the previous exercises. The position is the same and you can also use your body, the barbell, or the dumbbells for resistance.

  • Feet shoulder-width apart. Instead of lowering towards the ground, what you have to do is offer a step forward with one foot, the truly exaggerated that you achieve without losing your stability.
  • Keep your shoulders above your hips. The leg that was left behind must also be bent from the knee so that it touches the ground.
  • The front knee should not exceed the line of the ball of the foot. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Trade and fulfill the same proportion of positions with each one.


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3. Hip extension

For this exercise, you have to be lying on a gym bench (or you can do it on your bed), and the hips have to be in the radical, with the feet hanging down.

  • Raise both legs simultaneously, using strength with the thigh and gluteal muscles. They have to be at the height of the hips.
  • Maintain this position and alternate as if you were kicking to swim, but in the air. When one leg is closer to the chest, the other is at hip level; they come together in the middle of the movement.

4. Elevations

Stand in front of a strong and tall bench or chair to be able to bend one knee at a 90 ° angle and stand on it.

  • Place your right foot on the bench and raise your body using the force of your thigh and gluteal muscles.
  • Stretch as much as you can, the initiative is that the leg is completely straight. The left leg should not touch the bench, but it can stand on tiptoe.
  • Hold the position for a few seconds and descend slowly. Repeat five times with that leg before switching.

5. Glute pressure

Place your knees, elbows, and forearms on the floor. The knees at the hips. The elbows line straight with the shoulders.

  • You have to tighten your stomach and align your back well. At this point lift your left leg until your knee is at hip level, flexed.
  • Squeeze your glutes for three seconds and lower yourself to the starting position. Do 15 reps before moving to the other leg.

6. Kicks: exercises for sagging glutes

Begin the exercise in the same position as the previous one, resting elbows, knees, and forearms on the floor. Squeeze your stomach.

  • Raise your right leg to hip height, bending your knee. The kicks can be carried out both upwards (as if the sole of the foot touched the ceiling), or backward, stretching the leg so that it is straight.
  • In some of the situations, you have to hold it for a few seconds. Do eight reps and switch legs. To give the exercise more resistance, you can use ankle weights.

7. Pelvic lift

Lie on your back on a mat and place the soles of your feet on the floor, bending your knees. The arms to the sides of the body.

  • Raise your pelvis toward the ceiling, applying pressure with your buttocks or thighs. Your back should be diagonal to the ground.
  • Hold the position for a few seconds and return to the starting position, without touching the mat with the buttocks.
  • Do ten repetitions, rest, and go back to starting. A variant of this exercise is to place a round weight on your abdomen.

Try all of them and you will start to know the results immediately.

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