September 1, 2021

How phygital will transform your sales?

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Phygital experience – a perfect blend of phygital and digital is the new normal way of shopping online by customers. During the initial phase of covid wave, industries struggled to create an online user experience that would drive them sales. Demand generation for multiple products had declined.

Thanks to online shopping, this sustained business’ growth and sales.

However, companies with premium products couldn’t satisfy consumers with just pictures of the products and failed in delivering a user-friendly demo when demanded by a customer.

Then, evolved, phygital experience!

A new way to virtually shop online, especially curated for premium categories.

What did it have that a normal online shopping experience did not offer?

It had augmented reality, 3D product views, end-to-end customer journey, payment methods, query resolutions, instant feedback and much more.

Phygital: The Future Strategy to your Sales Approach

When B2C struggled with selling their premium products online, a new solution – phygital solved all the technical woes and gave users a friendly experience. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) after taking demos from phygital experience was usually 9 out of 10 based on our internal surveys. This gave a new direction to the point of contact sales and this strategy succeeded as the months passed by.

Users loved how they could see a product online, take an online demo, schedule a call and ultimately, make a purchasing decision.

Such informed decision making automatically improved the customer journey, satisfied them more than in a normal online shopping experience.

Try & Buy options gave users control in their hands to look and feel and then, purchase. Huge investments in technology were in demand in all industry segments to sell premium products.

Customer’s habits have now changed and they want a brand to build a long-lasting, personalized relationship across their omnichannel support. They appreciate quick response time by a demonstrator during query resolution and ease of transaction during a phygital process.

The End Goal for Phygital: Enhanced CX & Improved Sales Number

Kia recently inaugurated their first digital showroom in Mumbai in the first week of August 2020.

Not just the retail but also the automobile industry has paved a future-forward strategy for phygital customer experience. The high-end premium products are bound to apply this concept and enhance their user experience.

In the automobile industry, customers have started to search products online, check the product using phygital demos and purchase over the same online mode.

Brands have started using this strategy to leverage digital tools and Artificial Intelligence for an enhanced shopping experience. Let’s see how.

Better Communication

Phygital allows customers to have a conversation with the demonstrator during a live demo. This allows you to solve customer queries instantly. Not just this, organizations can take instant feedback from the customer. Understanding the customer’s needs becomes easy and you carry forward your sales pitch the right way. Customers can access demos basis their convenience and purchase process in real-time. Phygital experience is quite beneficial for premium products wherein the customers are quite reluctant to make a purchasing decision through online mode.

Right Product Portfolio

When you have the right knowledge about the customer profile, their previous transactions and maybe, a deep analysis of his likes and dislikes; it is obvious you will be able to pitch the right product and in the right manner. It may be possible that the customer may not be eligible to buy an offering for which you have scheduled the demo/interaction. However, due to a real-time conversation; you can pitch the customer another product, relevant to his needs. This will make your time and efforts more resourceful.

Technology-integrated Platforms

The use of augmented and virtual reality makes it possible for clients to observe the product from a closer view with intricate details. An environment with perfect lightning and network plays another role in improving customer satisfaction. The position of the camera and placement of other products also affects the customer view. Organizations might spend once while integrating such platforms but once the setup is done, the sales will break even very sooner. Training the employees for use of advanced technology is also important before you launch a phygital experience in your organization.

Feedback & Mechanism

Quality parameters such as response time, number of sales made, relevancy of customer, Net Promoter Score (NPS) , and Average Handle Time (AHT) can be designated based on a specific product. Timely measurement of these parameters will improve your operational efficiency. Furthermore, instant feedback to calculate the rating of the demonstrator will be effective in applying lean methodology and continuous improvements. It is important for your employees to be trained for such processes and maintain themselves. Since the demonstration would be video-based, taking care of employee appearance would add up to the customer experience.


Although we do understand that this approach may not be possible for organizations in the first go, test and trial methods through a prototype approach may be the right strategy. Phygital customer experience may be the go-to strategy to make customers shop through live stream shopping. Such virtual shopping experiences are 10X effective in terms of improving customer satisfaction scores.

Phygital commerce and automobile have already started using this strategy for enhancing their customer journeys. Also, consumer insights that you can gain during such a process can lead you to form a basis for future-forward growth strategies. You can even try and test a new product segment once the setup is done. In case, you are short of funds and do not want to invest your cost in phygital setup, opt for an outsourcing partner who can help you to breakeven even faster.

Outsourcing your phygital services to a company with proven capabilities can move you ahead in the competitive landscape. Remember, this customer experience is effective for the premium segment, requires extensive training, and can provide you a first-mover advantage with relevant sales pitches. Pay close attention to your requirements and map them basis customer expectations. 

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