How To Choose The Best Digital Photo Frame For Your Smart Home

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How To Choose The Best Digital Photo Frame For Your Smart Home

Topic: How To Choose The Best Digital Photo Frame For Your Smart Home

We all are tied to our past. It is not only because it teaches us a lot, but our memorable moments with our loved ones really make it unforgettable. A cute smile hangs over our face whenever a shadow of a precious moment spent with our friends moves in our mind for a second too. Imagine how great and happy we feel at this moment.

But If you are a guy who has buried these precious moments in your cabinets, stores or beds. Yes, you read the right. Whenever we go for a trip or even have a shopping tour in the near market, we generally take photos or videos and share them on social media, but for how much time, does it really get the attention of others. Just for half-day or sometimes for 2 or 3 hours.

Just imagine how much happy would you feel if I would say that you can get these photos and videos always in front of your or your friend’s eye. And people keep on appreciating your photos or videos. Yes, this is possible.

You can do this with a Digital Photo Frame in your home. In this guide, I am not only going to tell you what a Digital Photo Frame is, But you will also, get a perfect guide that what to keep in mind before buying the best digital Photo Frame.

Digital Photo Frames

This is an electronic gadget or you can say a dedicated screen where you can showcase your precious moments in the form of photos and videos in slider form.

All you need to do is just ON the frame with a button on its back and load the images or videos to the frame through Pen Drive or Wi-Fi and BOOM! Yes, you have done.

Digital Photo Frames are an excellent alternative to traditional photo frames. You need not hassle with printing, binding and then choosing the appropriate border frames, just choose the best Digital Photo Frames with our guide showcase you precious moments within a few seconds.

Exclusive features like customized image transition with background music, motion sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity gives it a Must-use tag in your smart home. Undoubtedly, this gadget is a smart addition to your smart home really serves great value to you and your family.

I know, you were enthusiastically waiting for the right guidance on how to buy the best digital photo frame for your smart home. So these are the key points you need to consider…

  Connectivity Options Available

Firstly, check for various connectivity options that the frame serves. As I told you earlier, you need to get load your photos or videos to the frame. It can be done through SD card, USB Pen Drive or with Wi-Fi connectivity. It is an easy and convenient way to transfer the content to the frame using the SD Card or Pen Drive.

The higher the cost, the more feature you get in your frame. We know Wi-Fi is the most convenient way to get your photos loaded to the frame. Some frames (With Wi-Fi connectivity) have access to particular image websites from where you can easily download the images directly to your frame and don’t need to load it from any external source. As Wi-Fi serves more features, you may need to pay some extra.

PRO TIP: If you have a budget for a Wi-Fi Digital Frame, then you must go for this. But if you have not, don’t worry it is just a way to get the things done easily.

Screen Size

Most ideally, the size of digital frames varies from 3 x 5 to 10 x12 inches. Now, this is the point where you need to make the decision yourself. Because it purely depends upon the size of the room or hall where to want to place the frame. I mean choosing a small frame is best if it is to be placed on your work desk. Or as a part of your smart living room, you can go with a digital frame having a big screen size.

One more thing should be considered very strictly. And it is to determine the photo or video you want to showcase through the frame. Suppose having a photo of a 3-year-old cute baby in a large screen, it may not look better. And having a large mountain scenery on a small screen does not look great.

PRO TIP: Consider the space you are going to place the frame and the photo or video you want to showcase.

 Check In-built Features They Offer

Does a digital photo frame is limited to photos and videos? Absolutely Not! Yes, you read the right. There are so many functions which a single digital photo frame can do for you. Whether you want it shows you the time or date, or you can get it OFF automatically with Motion Sensor feature, Headphone jack and audio output, it features a lot of options, which you can perform easily.

They feature a clock, calendar, headphone jack support, image transition, background music, movie display, in-built memory can act as an advertisement machine which really ends with a lot of contentment and pleasure for you guys.

PRO TIP: A good the digital photo frame comes with various in-built features that you should check for before buying.

High Definition Resolution

A widescreen with the latest IPS material brings high definition resolution to display a vivid picture. IPS technology enables photos to be viewed from a variety of angles. Allows you to view your most cherished moments in high quality 1080p HD resolution with vivid, glowing colours. The resolution majorly depends upon the pixels. The higher the resolution, the better the gadget is. Thus the resolution of the frame is very much significant.

PRO TIP: Attempt to go for an HD the resolution frame that would be best for your special minute moments.

5Remote Control Feature with Motion Sensor

As like any other smart gadget, always check for remote control. You have full control over the frame with a remote in hand. Whether need to amend the contrasts or set the brightness as per your mood, do this with a remote control easily.

The motion sensor is another most exclusive feature they have. With energy-saving motion sensor design, when you approach the digital photo frame within a certain area, the electronic photo frame will automatically turn on, and when you are out of the range, the digital photo frame will into sleep mode.

PRO TIP: Remote control and motion sensor are two main features that you should look for which really makes it easy to use and energy saving.      

Finishing Words: I hope this guide would help you a lot to choose the best digital Photo Frame for your smart home. I know there are some more technical specs also that you need to keep in your mind like image, audio and video compatibility, the storage compatibility (SD card/Pen Drive supports up to what extent). But I have covered all the major points that would really make sense in your buying decision.

At last, I would like to say that It can be a great present for your wife, friend, parents and for your loved ones.

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