How To Create A Business Account On PayPal (Guide) In 2021

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How To Create A Business Account On PayPal (Guide) In 2021

Topic : How To Create A Business Account On PayPal (Guide) In 2021

If you’re someone who sells products or services online, PayPal is an easy and secure way to accept payments for your work.

You can accept payments via a Personal account, creating a Business account is the best for those who are full-time digital services seller or any other creator (Digital marketer, Blogger, Freelancer).

PayPal business account is used to receive, and transfer money easily to the other country.

Creating a PayPal Business Account offers additional options and features that aren’t available on personal accounts, such as multiple methods of accepting payments.

In business accounts, the main feature is to accept payment and make payment.

If you want to set up your own PayPal business account, in this you will get an idea. It will only take a few minutes, to set up your PayPal Business Account.

Creating a PayPal Business Account for Free

1.) To Visit, and click Sign Up.

2.) First, we will open a personal account, and after that set up a Business account. Enter your Mobile Number

3.) After entering your mobile number, will get OPT, enter that OPT here.

4.) The next step is no enter your Email & Password.

5.) Enter your full name and other mentioned details. Click the check bot and Agree and create account

6.) The next step is to connect your Debit or Credit card to Paypal account

7.) After entering your card details click link card, and you will get a net banking notification to confirm. For that, they charge 2 rupees.

8.) Click go to your account, It directly takes you into your account dashboard.

click on get paid.

9.) On this, we are creating a PayPal Business Account, click to Upgrade.

10.) After submit they ask you to describe your business, enter all details of your business.


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