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Topic- How to embed video in Email | White Label Email videos pro

Marketo’s brilliant strategy and effective use of video in email have increased their clicks by 144%. If a user does not watch the full video on your website, just send the video so that they can watch it at their leisure from their email browser.

This best white label email video pro comes with 22,000 email subscriptions with an educated membership video for hotels on PortBoy

PortBoy Hotels won the video email marketing game when they politely requested their viewers to subscribe to their communications. A video within your email increased your open rates by 28%, increased clicks by 11%, and resulted in 22,000 subscriptions.

Teamwork makes the dream work – campaign 1,200 videos. 189% increase in email CTR for igloo software

Igloo’s software sent a bold message to the world about their team culture and the provision of a digital workplace. This how to embed video in email campaign, consisting of 200 videos, was sent by email to users around the world in 90 days. This established his authority worldwide and doubled his email clicks.


Why we use this..

Time saving

No need to exchange ideas; Copy writing; Worry about source footage or pictures and layout and graphics – making your own videos can be a huge waste of time. Now just choose a template and you will be ready in seconds.

No technical skills required

If you can point and click your mouse, this is something you can do yourself in minutes. It is so easy and so fast that you will love using it.

Save money

Professional designer or production company is not required to pay. You do not have to hire a tech wise to optimize your footage. Instead, save that money and add it to your earnings.

The most popular niches included

Video templates covering all videos, from food to fitness, to real estate, you can create videos for any local business.

Professional branding for companies

Just add your customer’s brand message, logo, call to action and voila! – Your own studio-quality video is ready to reach millions.

Video glasses designed for you

With the help of how to embed video in email you can create in seconds are tailor-made for use on popular websites, landing pages and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Telegram, WhatsApp and others …

Optimized for mobile advertising

More than 80% of social media users use social media on mobile devices. This is why each video template is optimized for the mobile viewing experience.

No need to hire a designer or incredible freelancers

Gone are the days of outsourcing video production to expensive designers and contractors, who charge an arm and a leg for a few minutes of footage.

 In-depth monitoring and analysis

Deeper tracking of recipients’ engagement with your video email

Find out how your audience contacts and responds to your video email campaigns in real time.

Beginner friendly

Beginner friendly video editor that you can use to connect to text, call to action, image, sound … etc. Export as a new video to use for your video and in your video email campaign

Take full control of your video email

When your customers click on your email video, you choose the necessary action in your campaign.

Open the video, so that your recipients can watch the entire video with the sound, or put a URL on the sales page to redirect them, opt-in page, or whatever you want.

Customize video length

Customize Your Email Video Length

Video playback loop

Enable or disable loop playback with only 1 click

Video download

Enable or disable the video download button in your email to make it easier for your users to download the video and watch it later with sound

Sophisticated interface

Our intuitive user interface understands your commands and needs and works to help you make a profit easily.

Optimized for best results

Our beta testers ensure that you get the best from the software. Everything you access on this platform is customized to help you succeed.

Professional tutorial

Expert tips, tricks, and other resources help you profit like never before.

Step by step training

Video resources with procedures will help you get started immediately

24 hours support

For any concerns or questions, our support team is just a message or call away.

Better experience

We believe in growing with each passing day. We issue automatic updates to improve your experience.

100% hosted in the cloud

You never have to download or install anything! Email Video Pro can be accessed from any device, operating system and browser of your choice.

Commercial rights included


Sell ​​Your Email Video Marketing Campaign For The Best Price Without Hassle!

Frequently Asked Question Answer

Q. What makes it better than other reseller products?

A. Other reseller products on the market do not allow you to change your logo and other markings. This means that you can make some profit, but you cannot build a sustainable business and brand for yourself. This white label license allows you to sell pro email videos with your email logo and branding.

Q. Is this a monthly fee application?

A. Email Video Pro Whitelabel is currently offered only through this offer with no monthly fee. For the price listed above you will get the complete facility of everything you see here today.

Q. Is there a money-back guarantee policy?

So! As you can see on our page, we have a 14 day money back guarantee. Just contact us and we will refund your money immediately.

Q. Does it work for Mac and PC?

A. Email Video Pro Reseller is 100% cloud-based, so it works in any browser with an internet connection, although we recommend using Google Chrome.

Q. Will I get a free update?

So! You get 100% free automatic updates. Whenever a new update arrives, since everything is stored in the cloud, it will be instantly updated, hands-free

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