How to keep laptop cool while gaming

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How to keep laptop cool while gaming

Topic : How to keep laptop cool while gaming

Imagine a situation where you are playing your favourite game, at a crucial moment, when you are about to kill the the second last enemy, your laptop shuts down. Read more about How to keep laptop cool while gaming

How would you feel ! It sucks right !

Most of gamers must have faced this situation. This is a common problem, and it can happen to anyone at anytime.

There could be multiple causes because of which laptops behave absurd or shuts down abruptly. The one reason which we are going to discuss here is Laptop Heating Up and how to keep them cool.

Top Reasons of Overheating in Laptops

There are various reasons because of which your Gaming Laptop may get heat up. We will discuss top 5 reasons.

1. Room Temperature:

Like humans, machines also need some breathing space. If someone will put you in a closed room, where there is no ventilation, then you will feel cluster-phobic.  You will feel breathlessness. Similarly if you are continuously playing in your laptop in a closed room, where there is no proper ventilation or AC available then it is going to overheat in very less time.

So try to play/keep your laptop inside a cool room.

2. Continuous Charging

Many of us has a habit to keep the charger connected with the laptop even though it is fully charged. We want to make sure that the laptop does not get discharged while we are playing game. But that is not how the it works. Overcharging damages the battery as well as reduces the longevity of the laptop.

Overcharging is one the crucial reason for overheating of your laptop.

3. Dirty Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are very instrumental to keep your laptop cool. So they need to be cleaned regularly and in proper intervals. If you are not cleaning it regularly then definitely dirt is going to be piled up over it. Then it becomes very difficult for the fan to function properly. As a result it will heat up your laptop. So always try to keep your laptop and exhaust fan dirt free.

4. Not Using Proper Desk

Many people has a practice to keep the laptop over their lap and working on it. It is a very wrong practice. It is not only harmful for your health but also reduces the lifespan of the laptop. Always try to use a proper desk or lap desk which has an even surface while working or playing games on your laptop. If you keep it over your bed cushion or at an uneven place then the exhaust fans will not able get the airflow. As a result it overheats.

5. No Proper Hardware

Always buy a Gaming laptop as per games requirement with proper hardware. If you play very heavy lifting games which requires high volume RAM and Processor, then you will have to spent extra bucks on that. Without proper hardware and supportive Operating System, it is not going to work properly. Your game may hang frequently. Not using proper hardwares is also one of the major reasons why laptops overheat.

Now since we already have discussed about the various reasons of Laptop Overheating, Let us see how to prevent this or how can we keep the laptop cool.

How to Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming

Overheating is the measure reason because of which the lifespan of Gaming Laptops is reduced. It also damages the expensive hardwares pre-maturely. That is why it is advisable to maintain the temperature of your laptop while gaming.

1. Keep The Room Cool

If you are a professional gamer, if you are making money out of your online game, then you should definitely consider to design a proper workplace for your gaming. Install a good quality AC inside your room. If not AC then try to be inside a well ventilated room with proper lighting. This will definitely keep your laptop cool.

2. Use Laptop Cooler

It might sound funny, that coolers are also manufactured for laptops, but it is true. People use these accessories to keep their gaming console cool. They will not cost much and believe me they are of real help.

3. Check Thermal Paste Regularly

Like we use coolants for car AC, similarly thermal pastes are used in gaming console. These are basically used to improve the heat transfer between the Central Processing Unit, GPU, and the heat sink. As a result your laptop remains cool while playing games. Keep an eye on this paste. Over time its effectiveness reduces gradually. Professional gamers like to change their thermal paste in every 6-12 months. 

4. Take Rest and Give Rest

There are certain games which are very much resource intense. Although you take care of every other aspect, they are going to produce lot of heat. Thus after a certain amount of gaming session you need to take some time-off as well as give your laptop some rest. This way all the hardwares will be cool down.

5. No Multitasking

Try not to multitask on your gaming laptop especially while playing a game. If any other processes are running then stop them or kill them. Killing a process is very easy. If you are using a Windows laptop then go to your task manager, find running processes other than your game, select it and kill it. If you are using a MacBook, then similar process can be followed by following activity monitor screen.

Final Words !

We hope at the end of this article, you must have got a fair idea about how to keep laptop cool while gaming. We have tried to explain the reasons behind laptop overheating and how can you prevent. Hope the solution helps. If you still have any question, ask them in the comment section. So this concludes the topic How to keep laptop cool while gaming.

Cheers !

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