January 4, 2021

How to Maximize Your Income with Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program – An Introduction

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Amazon is a popular online shop where you can buy not only books and music but also toys, electronics, cosmetics, tools, etc. Amazon also runs an affiliate program that you can use to promote their products and earn a commission. The beauty of this affiliate program is in the variety of products that you can promote. In the case, there is no product that is related to the content of your website you can definitely find a few books that are somehow connected with the topics of your pages.

Amazon runs different websites for the USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, India, and Japan. This means that you have to create an account with each Amazon website according to the countries you would like to target. This may seem complicated but it is not. If you are targeting the UK, France, Germany, Canada, or Japan then simply use the appropriate Amazon website.

The commission for Amazon affiliate products starts at 4% and increases with the number of monthly sales. If you direct visitors to the Amazon website via your Amazon affiliate link all products that will be ordered within 24 hours will be credited to your account. This means that you will get a commission also for items not directly advertised on your site.

Amazon offers various links, banners, and widgets to promote products. Product links are used for individual products you would like to promote. Links can be with images and/or text. Banner links can be used to promote a predetermined category of products. However, the greatest flexibility and customization offer widgets.

Gadgets are intuitive little applications that carry Amazon items to your site. Adding a gadget to the site is basic. You just need to add not many lines of code like for some other promoting program. Widgets can be used to display a few selected products in various ways: Carousel, Slideshow, Recommended Products, Product Clouds, Omakase, etc. Omakase and Product Cloud widgets automatically display products that are related to the page content. This means that don’t have to select any specific product–Amazon will do it for you.

Amazon associate program is an incredible method to adapt to any site. You can without much of a stretch supplement the substance with related items. In many cases, you can use Amazon and AdSense together on the same page. You only have to decide what is the priority. With proper page layout, you can have both types of ads without lowering conversion or CTR. Even if you are not targeting a specific market niche or product you can use Omakase widgets that automatically show related products.

A Few Reasons Why You Should Become An Amazon Affiliate

  • Amazon Is A Popular & Trusted Brand

In this day and age, 75% of people have either A. heard of amazon or, B. Purchased from amazon at some point in time. For the most part, most people who have used amazon in the past to make a purchase find themselves making more purchases through amazon at a later time. What most people experience is the seamless experience they receive when making purchases with Amazon and the inconvenience of having it delivered right to your door. Most people trust this process and spend a decent amount of money with them.

  • The Commission Rates

Amazon has commission rates of anything from 4% to 10% due to the qty you are selling and the volume you are selling. To some 4% may seem a little low for a commission however you get to choose which products you sell. So maybe you are carrying a book that is a hot seller and possibly it sales 100 copies per day of course the book’s retail value is only $10 so 4% of $10 doesn’t sound so interesting. However, at 100qty per day, that becomes a decent product and its 7 days per week and that is only one product you carry. Also to evaluate is that amazon also carries more expensive products, of course, they are cheaper than walking into a store but I mean valuable products in which that 4% could be a nice chunk of saying a $3,500 camera.

  • Most People Add A Bunch To Their Cart

Maybe your product was what fished the consumer in at first and then they are sent to amazons site for final purchase the nice thing is if they add more to their cart you get a commission for the total sale and amazon remembers your link to their cart for 72 hrs and gives you the commission even if they leave and come back to their cart for purchase. Holidays are a great time for being an affiliate and sales generally go through the roof and with the wide array of products you can choose to sell for Amazon.

There are so many reasons why to become an affiliate and if given the shot to set you up we can show you the ropes. Give one of our consultants a call today with any other questions you may have and let’s get you generating a side or main income right away.




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The Truth About Starting An Amazon Affiliate Program: What You Need To Know And Expect

Amazon is one of the main, world-celebrated, and best-believed brands with regards to internet shopping. The way that you can sell computerized and actual items as an associate, you can pick on what item you will have the option to give your best suggestions. Amazon has a huge number of items on the web and it appears to be that they have nearly all, everyone requires. To give you a thought on what being a successful Amazon offshoot is about, here are a few things you need to consider.

As an Amazon partner, you will allude to items from another business site and give your proposals on why individuals should purchase these items. The best thing in being an offshoot is you simply need to sit back, give authentic and legitimate proposals, and there, you got yourself compensation. That is how simple the Amazon program works. You just need to direct possible customers to these commercial websites and once they make a purchase, you get a commission. So now you chose to be an Amazon subsidiary however what does it truly takes to be one? How might you become an Amazon offshoot? Follow these straightforward advances and advance up the online subsidiary advertising industry.

First and foremost, your website should be in agreement with the Amazon affiliate specifications. For instance, does your website cater to audiences that are interested in clothes, shoes, jewelry, books, DVDs, music, and any other products that Amazon provides? If your answer is yes, then you are one step closer to being an Amazon affiliate. What you need to do next is simply sign-up with Amazon. Their sign-up page is simple and user-friendly.

Make sure you complete the form and read the terms of agreement carefully before finishing your membership information for you not to do anything that the Amazon affiliate program prohibits and to save yourself from being forbidden from the program itself. After you finish completing the membership form for the affiliate program, wait for them to contact you as they review your website before giving you the “go signal”. As you finish their online form, make sure to have your own copy of the answers so as for you to never forget the important details like your email address and the password that you will be using once you have become a certified affiliate. Keep all the information in a safe place and make sure not to give this information to anyone.

Once your site has been given the “go signal” as you are now an Amazon affiliate, the next thing to do is to be familiar with how your Amazon affiliate page and links work. Be familiar with the design of your own page since this will be what you are going to use as an Amazon affiliate. Think of it like this: this page will be the reason how you are going to earn money as an Amazon affiliate.

As you familiarize yourself with your newly Amazon affiliate page, make sure to put them in places where your readers will instantly notice them – you want them to know that you are recommending them links that will best suit their interests, and of course, this is the main point on how you will be able to earn your percentage from your referral to Amazon’s products. It is better if you will be using images and links to attract readers and to make your website more presentable and professional in both ways.

Now that you are earning money as an affiliate, here are some pointers to consider; being an Amazon affiliate will not give you a million bucks and will not make you very rich as what you may be thinking of. Also, this job needs commitment, just like any other online marketing strategy known to man. Remember, the links that you will be posting and the referrals you will be getting will determine how much percentage you will be able to get from every recommendation you make — a simple task with a wonderful and self-rewarding result.

Last but not the least, never ever forget to have fun doing what you are doing. It is one of the key ingredients to success. Having fun while earning is one of the best rewarding feelings any online entrepreneur could ever have. All you need to do now is to sign-up, start recommending, and earn money as an Amazon affiliate!

Amazon Affiliate Program Rules and Requirements

Being an Amazon Associate may be a good way to monetize passion projects or make supplementary income from your brand. However, Amazon has rules for partners to follow, so it is ideal to know those before you dive in. Noncompliance may lead to being banned from the program.

The majority of the foundations are in situ for ethical promotion similarly as preventing associates from gaming the system. Here are a number of large ones to stay in mind:

  • You must disclose on your site or in your communication that you just could also be eligible to earn from your recommendations.
  • You must not make false or deceptive claims in your recommendations.
  • Avoid bearing on prices (with some exceptions) since prices frequently change.
  • Do not use Amazon affiliate links in offline promotions, eBooks, or email.
  • Do not use link shorteners on affiliate links.

Read Amazon’s full policy HERE

Amazon Affiliate Program – Fixed Standard Commission Income Rates

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

How do I become an affiliate on Amazon?

To be perceived as an affiliate on Amazon India’s affiliate program, you should give data about:

  • Basic details about yourself
  • Your website/app (What is the name of your app/website? What is it about?)
  • How you drive traffic to your site or app
  • Your phone number
  • Your preferred payment method

Visit HERE to become an associate now


Affiliate marketing with Amazon is an excellent way of making money at home.  However, it takes more than making a site, beginning a blog page, and sharing a couple of affiliate links. The stuff is for you to understand buyer needs, give related data, and organize assets to address those issues.

You can also become a successful Amazon Affiliate Marketer if you are serious about it. With dedication towards your objective, fundamental information, and the correct disposition, you can make a decent amount of cash.



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