How to pick a back-to-school backpack in 2021

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How to pick a back-to-school backpack in 2021

Topic : How to pick a back-to-school backpack in 2021

For students to haul around their textbooks as a backpack but all of that weight can cause some pretty serious issues if it’s not worn correctly. Read more about How to pick a back-to-school backpack in 2021.

so we all I mean I still bring a backpack to work every day, it seems like it’s carried over from my school days.

what is the most important thing that recommends to parents in terms of kind of purchasing a backpack for their kids?


Most  Important  tips to choose a backpack

What should Parents be looking for in a book bag for their children? There’s probably a couple of things I’ll number ones just kind of like anything you wear, it’s got a fit properly and so finding the right size backpack is super important.

you know this is my daughter Julia’s backpack and if you know she puts it on here you can kind of see, how would this fit on her?


Right Size Distribution

This fits pretty good, you want to find a backpack that kind of will turn you this way since you know the top of it should sit just below her.

The top of her shoulders there and then hit down right below above her buttocks there just above the hips you’ll see backpack set up too high or way down below and those are too big you want to.


Maybe even find a backpack that has a nice wide padded strap a padded back it has multiple compartments to help distribute weight and then this one doesn’t have one but a waist strap or even a chest strap can really help secure the backpack and distribute the weight more evenly to help prevent strain on the back neck and shoulders.


it’s safe to do these things but is it cooler like a wig or kids at school wearing it really low are really high and like are, you know do you feel the pressure to maybe do it differently sometimes.

how heavy is your backpack with all my snow pants and all my snow gear it gets pretty heavy that it does in the summer?

it’s not that heavy, yeah it is that I mean i was talking to you both before we started about this idea my daughter will hook on stuff dan hold right there is some advice that’s a very practical thing, that you encourage people to do the right to try and keep the weight lower.

Weight Distribution

absolutely you know the general rule of thumb for kids you want to keep that backpack the weight of the backpack to about ten to fifteen percent of the kid’s body weight.

so Julie is about 80 pounds so her backpack should only contain about 8 to 12 pounds of weight, so even those little kids you know kindergartners 40 50 pounds they should only have about five to seven pounds in their backpack.

so those things add up quite quickly and so trying to limit what’s in their backpack is really really important, so just keeping it to what they need to bring to school.

it’s really important removing things like toys or things that are stuffed animals in their magazines, anything that like laptops trying to remove those out of the backpack to do to keep the weight low.

and also if they’re bringing clothes maybe they can keep the clothes snow pants shoes at school that can also help decrease the weight.

if they bring water bottles you know to leave them empty and they can fill them up at school.


Material Distribution

I know one of the things that you should be trendy when I went to school is the one-shoulder bags and we went to target.

I mean I found this sweet minions backpack but I could not find any of those guys yes are they just not around anymore?  though they are around backpacks are much better because they distribute weight better.

you can use both straps to distribute the weight more evenly you want to make sure your kids doing that exactly and the one shoulder is very popular but it also tempted content a lean or arch back and can really hurt their backs.

oh and the shoulder bags the messenger bags you know it distributes weight on one part of the shoulder so it tends to be uneven so it’s a little bit more strain on kids.

well, good luck with the new school year to thank you for coming.

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