How To Start Losing Weight India 2021 Just In A Week

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How To Start Losing Weight Just In A Week

Topic: How To Start Losing Weight India 2021 Just In A Week

As the world is surviving through a Pandemic outbreak for over a year now. It forces peoples to stay at home for their safety, work from home has been introduced by several companies for the safety of their employees and these steps have literally slowed down the virus outbreak.

But, because of that all of us are mostly spending our days at home with very little physical activity which is causing all of us to gain extra weight which could be good for some but not for everyone. As with extra weight, we are also compromising on our immunity which can affect our body while fighting the virus in this outbreak. Read more about How To Start Losing Weight India 2021 Just In A Week.

So, It should be our best interest to look after ours and our family’s health. As the title says “ How to start losing weight just in a week”  and I am not lying you can easily lose 5kg just in a week with proper diet and exercise but it is not recommended and neither will I suggest you go through that torture.

I will briefly explain to you how to start your weight loss journey with fewer efforts. And I promise, Just following these steps you will definitely start losing weight just in a week.

Before we start I really want to clear a doubt that goes around on the Internet quite frequently is “What is the difference between Weight loss or Fat loss?” So, for that let understand What is Weight and What is Fat. The weight is simply a number of all the combined mass of our body parts, bones, hairs, everything on our body.

And for fat in simple terms, they are the energy reserves that our body uses when our body could not produce more energy through Glucose in our body. Diet and exercises are the things that gonna help us to use reserved fat rather than Glucose.

 NOTE:- As you can see, Losing Fat or Weight somewhat same But, If you are taking Good Diet and Proper exercise than in 1st week your weight will definitely be going to decrease but in the second week you will gain that weight again, and It is only because now you have gained some muscle mass which is a very good thing and it is a sign that your Diet and Exercise are paying off.

But, If you are having any doubt that it is not muscle mass but Fat then, follow these simple steps to make sure:

How To Start Losing Weight India 2021 Just In A Week

1.     Weigh yourself daily, Whenever you got up in the morning, Without eating Without Drinking. And write it down somewhere for further analysis.

2.     Start taking your body pictures the very day you start Dieting and Doing Exercises. And compare them to the previous ones.

3.     Measure your Forearms, Biceps, Legs after the end of the week.

4.     Measure your Body Fat by Fat checker tool or By Body Fat Calculator online by giving it Correct Credentials.

5.     At the end of Every week, Find the Average of the weights you have written down and Compare to the previous week’s result.

 If you make sure of doing these things You will get to see your muscle gain results. And that will definitely put a smile on your face.

Now, Our Goal is How to start losing weight just in a week, And for that please follow these steps with proper dedication for good results.       

1. Eat Wholesome Food

First, Wholesome Foods are simply defined as the food which is close to their source and not being processed in factory-like Sweet potatoes, Homemade Curd, Fresh Fruits, and Vegetables.  Eating packed food and processed will only help you to gain weight. So, avoid them completely.

2. Eat-in Calorie Deficit

Every food has Calories and for weight loss, we have to eat in a slight calorie deficit. Now, on Google search for a calorie calculator and give it your age, weight, and height. It will show you your maintenance Calorie, if you eat in your maintenance calories you will neither gain weight nor lose technically. So, for example, my maintenance calorie is 2400 so, for weight loss we will only eat 2300 or 2250 calories.

But, Maintenance calorie by Calculator is not always correct so for that always weigh yourself first thing in the morning and if you lose weight in that week, then the maintenance calorie is correct if you gain weight then simply reduced the Maintenance Calorie and ate in a calorie deficit. Download myfitnesspal app to calculate the calorie of your food and for homemade food weigh down the ingredients and put it on the app it will tell you their calories.

Now, How many macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats) should you eat in your diet. Remember, In weight loss or Muscle building your protein intake is very essential So, whatever your body weight is multiply it with 2 like 2x(body weight in kg)= Protein you should eat.

If your protein goal is 144gms per day and you ain’t able to hit your goal just try to eat at least 120gms per day less than that won’t help to build proper muscle. As for Carbs and Fats that just doesn’t matter that much if you are filling your protein goals. Just, eat Carbs less than 100gms at a time and you are good to go. And these things will be taken care of by the app so not to worry just hit your protein goal.

For Gym Goers, Eat more Carbs 1hr before the workout and Eat more Protein after the workout, As Carbs give you the energy to lift weights, and Protein on other hand helps to repair and strengthen your muscles.

3. Workout at least 3 times a week

The workout is important for both Weight gain and Weight loss. When you do exercise your body becomes active and blood circulations increase which helps in Build muscle and eventually you lose weight because of Fat loss.

You can definitely use your body weight for workouts like Push-ups, Pull-ups, Abs exercises. But, at a point for further growth, you have to hit the Gym. Because, when you lift a weight you strengthen Your muscles, Your testosterone increases, You gain more confidence, your metabolism shoots which all help in loose Fat.

For the home workout, I would suggest buying a Resistance Band with it you can Train more efficiently and Can train Different muscle Groups like Biceps, Triceps, Back, Thighs, and Shoulder. And do it regularly with some Cardio and Abs exercise like Running, Cycling, or Walking up to you for at least 30mins. Do Cardio and Abs on alternate days after the workout.

For GYM goers, At the beginning tries for a GYM in your locality with less fee because for the first two months we only want to get a feel of weights and to form a habit to lift weights in the correct posture. In the first month try to go GYM daily with two days of rest(Days are up to you) and If you can’t go GYM daily try to 3 days at least. You will do a Full-Body workout in which you gonna train 3 body parts a day.

Exercises are up to you or whatever your trainer has told you to do Just as I say You just need to form a habit so don’t lift more heavyweights in these months otherwise, you will hurt yourself. Go to the GYM on alternate days like Mon-Rest-Wed-Rest-Fri-Rest. And after the workout, Do some Cardio and Abs just to have a good shape while building muscles.

After 2 months, I highly recommend switching to a Good GYM in your locality which has a Good trainer and Where the machines give good Pumps in muscles and increase your GYM going frequency. And after that follow your intuition or what part of muscle your trainer is telling you to train. But train a muscle group at least 2 times a week

4. Rest your body properly

For proper weight loss, Fat loss, or Muscle building, Rest is as important as Proper diet and Exercise. Don’t ignore this. Your body needs rest to repair your tissues, muscles and your brain needs rest too after a tiring day.

Sleep at least 8-9 hrs at night for a Good and Fresh Morning. And by practicing this you can easily boost your immunity and Testosterone.

Now for Muscle Rest, After training a muscle it will need at least 48hrs to repair the muscle tissue. So, If you train your chest then for the next two days don’t do any exercise that uses your chest muscle, It will slow the muscle repairing in that muscle part, or in the worst case you can even tear your muscles. So, avoid these mistakes.

Summary of How To Start Losing Weight India 2021 Just In A Week.

1.   Make a properly balanced diet in a calorie deficit.

2.   Eat wholesome and homemade food in your diet.

3.   Eat less at night like only 2 roti is enough.

4.   Try to eat whole fruits rather than having juice, Because in juice fruits lose many Fibres that are essential for our body.

5.   Avoid sugar and any product that contains sugar. Only consume 60g of sugar a day if you can’t stay without it. AVOID USING ANY KIND OF SUGARFREE PRODUCT, It will make things worse.

6.Prefer Ghee over Oil to make your Meal.

7.   Follow a proper workout pattern for good muscle build.

8.   Before going for Heavyweights, Correct your Lifting postures with Lightweights.

9.   Train one muscle group at least two times a week. You can do Either Full-Body or Push-Pull-Legs.

10.    Do Cardio and Abs exercises for a Good Physique.

11. Sleep at least 8 to 9 hrs at night.

12.   After training a Muscle give it a rest for at least 2 days.

13. Build a Good and Sustainable Sleep Pattern for Fresh Mornings.

Tips For How to start losing weight just in a week

1.   Eat more carbs(Banana, Oatmeal, or Pre-workout) before the GYM.

2.   Eat more protein (Eggs, Chicken, Soya chunks, Paneer) after GYM.

3.   Drink Black Coffee without Sugar, It will rush your metabolism to burn more fat and will give extra energy. Don’t drink it after 2 PM, It will disturb your Sleep Pattern.

4.   Eat at least 20g of Protein with every meal.

5.   Eat Banana on an Empty stomach if you want to lose weight.

6.   Drink at least 3L of water a day.

7.   Add juice to your meals.

8.   Drink at least 600ml of water during the workout.

9.   Replace Processed sugar with Unprocessed organic sugar(Shakar).

10.   Replace Salt with Rock Salt(Sindha Namak)

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So this concludes the topic for How To Start Losing Weight India 2021 Just In A Week.

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